Dear friends, it is a new year and it comes with more possibilities for you. We know that many of you desire to connect with us on a more individual basis.
We were asked tonight what we could do to facilitate this, and we are sending the energy of connection to you. It is coming from us to you, for we heartily endorse an individual connection with all of you.
You don't have to go through this channel or any other one in order to have a heart to heart connection with us. You can do this on your own.
Please drop your defenses and stand there undisguised. Reveal yourself and uncover your heart, for it is through the heart that you will link with us.
It is not a new connection, dear friends. You have all been connected with us in the past. So what you are doing now Is merely picking up the tendrils of communication that you let drop as you came into this life.
Every connection with us is valid, but some of you have your own ideas of how it should look. Those of you who can feel energy, fervently want to see us and those of you who can see us actually want to hear us. And so on and on it goes.
We would like you to recognize your own gifts and strengths. And understand, dear friends, that we will use those strengths in order to connect with you.
What you need to do first is to drop all of your preconceptions, for some of you expect your communication with us to sound as clear as your cell phone. But oh, that is very seldom the case.
Some of you will think a thought that is your thought and then think another thought and that would be ours and then another thought that you think would be yours and then we would fill in. In this way, we could have a lovely conversation. But you really need to acknowledge that the thought in your mind is from us. Yes, this is a subtle form of communication and one that often displeases you, for you want it all to be in black and white for you.
You want irrefutable proof that you are communicating. Well, it doesn’t actually work that way. Even those of you who can hear us, will often hear a voice that is thready and small. It may take a while for you to amp up the volume.
Those of you who can feel our presence are often the most confused of all, for you may just feel a pressure in your heart and get a feeling of love and empathy. You may even feel an ecstasy of love, yes, this is a form of communication for it is our introduction to you.
Do not put limits on the ways that you can communicate with us. One other way that this channel likes to do it is to sit quietly, unhinge the mind and then invite us to speak through her voice. She will start off with a greeting and then in that way, we can hook onto the voice and thus what she speaks becomes what we are saying. And although she is not really 100% aware of what she is saying as she speaks it, she finds it interesting to listen in.
This type of communication must be recorded though, for the memory of what was said aloud by the channel will fade quite quickly and seem as just a dream. The thoughts vanish and the memory fades along with the message that was given.
So you see, there is a process of learning attached to any sort of communication with us and in this way you will all discover your own ways. Be patient and loving with yourself as you proceed.
And lastly, we haven’t even mentioned the most popular way to connect and that is to first have the intention to communicate; then to meditate and unhinge the mind and begin writing or typing whatever occurs to you to write. No it won’t come with a clap of thunder, but after you have written a bit in this way; a way that makes you suspect that you are writing your very own words, you will eventually come to understand that you are actually writing universal truths.
So you see, dear friends, there are many ways to begin communication with us or perhaps with any of your other higher frequency guide friends.
For yes, not everyone is a match for the Arcturian frequencies. You may have better luck with your own guides.
Yes, we call them friends, for your guides are your friends brought forward to this life. They are here to help you and since they are some of the beings who are closest to you, you might start your connection to the higher realms through them. They very well may be the easiest way for you to connect.
As you begin, ask for the easiest and clearest guide for you to channel. Perhaps they are eagerly awaiting this moment with you. So once again we repeat, there are no rules!
Stop believing you have made mistakes in your prior communication attempts with higher beings and start believing now that anything is possible, for, dear friends, anything is possible in today’s energies.
Some of you will eventually find out that all forms of these communications are possible for you, so never limit yourself to one once something starts to work for you.
We are your Arcturians friends, reaching out to you in so many ways.
How we love you.

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