Hi Friends,

It appears there is another wave of people leaving the site, and I want to say right off the bat, the following is not directed at this wave of people but at the entire site, though this did prompt me to share how I have felt about this. I have seen a lot of wonderful people leave over the last year or more, some of whom were very close friends, and I can think of many very good, even practical reasons to do so. I can see serious issues with the energies, personalities, and technologies at work here, but I am not going to address that right now, I can later if it is wanted. Several friends have told me almost verbatim it was because "the site does not serve love and light". I agree completely that it doesn't, but I would like to say, with all respect and love to the people who feel this way, that I do not believe the creation serves "love and light" either, at least not in the way that this term is commonly used.

I do understand very well why people do not want to expose themselves to "dark" energies, there are very real consequences in that for "body" and "soul", no matter how much "spirit" might argue that everything is one. I want to point out also that there seems to be a massive split between the "spirit" perspective, that understands all things are one, and the "body/soul" perspective, which understands duality and has to live with its consequences ("karma"). My feeling is that these two "less dense polarities" badly need to be reconnected so that they can deeply understand each other: The journey toward "ascension" can not leave behind the body perspective or it looses its context. Just as, of course, the journey of life can not ignore the spiritual truth of total oneness, or it becomes a slavery to living.

I often see people espousing the non-dualistic perspective and then turning right around and pooh-poohing anything that is remotely negative feeling. Personally, I think "hypocrisy" is natural and part of the learning process, but again I want to restate: I do not believe the universe is "love and light" in the exclusion of that which is "lack of love and light", for better words. It looks to me, rather, that the universal energy holds a "deep acceptance" for all beings and all creation, no matter what their resonance, polarity, actions, etc. The feeling I have received is almost like longing, for a vast "pulling together" of everything, perhaps comparable to the opposite of the scientific theories of universe expansion, if it were possible for one person to feel something like that. Of course I could be mistaken in my understanding of this and any other thing, but I've learned that feelings are a great doorway, and to trust them.

I suppose what I would like to express is, if people walk away from this space here hoping to escape from that which is not their idea of love and light, I am concerned that they are likely to be very disappointed and end up having to face it anyway. I would like to pose an extreme example: What if all the light-workers were to leave this planet because it is a very dark place to live? What would become of it, and what would become of them? Would there really be anywhere in the universe they could go that would remain forever untouched by some aspect of negativity? And, even if they were to find such a place, how long would it be until they would need to connect with the rest of creation again?

So again, I very much respect and understand anyone's decision to leave this space, and again there are very good reasons for this from the body/soul perspective, which II feel must be respected and understood. But, I would like to ask everyone to consider how they might help "move darkness into the light" in the other areas of their lives, if that is really what they want to do, instead of trying to cut it off, run away from it, or destroy it because it is unpleasant or triggering. Please do not forget that everything is indeed one, even though we certainly can not always act that way in our physical or even spiritual lives. Please consider that any reasonable opportunity we have to integrate disconnected fragments - through the infinite compassion, strength, and deep understanding we are all capable of - is one more step toward the all realizing the all of the all.

Thank You, Love, and Blessings1

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    • Has anyone else felt a drastic energy shift here since ones left? I have in mind a particular one, but, I won't name names. I'll just say that this particular one I am thinking of had, to me, a very oppressive, dominating energy, and, to me, the energy feels much Lighter now.
  • Well written! I'm new here and ego-wise very judgmental. I recognize that and have learned just to let it be and refrain from judgment in a journey towards awakening. In the first place, I believe anyone who has 'made the journey' to Earth is very brave. Those who identify with Light are courageous and all are One in my perception. All judgment of others, to me, is self-judgment and we just have to learn to let it be, absorb it and watch what happens. We turn all over to the One, shake ourselves a few times, laugh it up and continue on in Love. I have little idea of what I speak, because in a dream, Who knows. I like you.
  • What is going on, on the AC site? Can you explain what the reasons are, as I am relatively new
    to this sit. It seems there are some conflicts that have been going on for some time?
    as an observer it seems that there is an opportunity to look at some of the issues that are
    being discussed and look for the insights that can lead to new growth, as you stated in your

    Blessings Atlanmu
    • Hi Atlanmu

      LOL! I'm imagining how it seems to a newcomer here. I don't know who your comment is addressed to but ... it's a little crazy here right now. It will settle down soon enough. It would seem that individually and collectively there's a lot of stuff coming to the surface for clearing.

      I've read all of Watts' books but had never heard his voice - thanks for that.
  • I am surrounded by the pure white light of good intentions
    • Nice Art :) Good energies! :-D
    • Thank you.....blessed One !
  • I think it is funny how a web site can manipulate peoples lives.
    I can not imagine how people live outside of it if they already have problems here.
    Their day by day life must be hell. Here you do not see the other person,you do not hear their tone of voice
    you can click them of...so what is the big deal?
    I have had discucions with let's say Pathfinder ...so what... he always ends up leaving...so what...
    This now is a clear example of those who are against the so called dark are the ones who have the most problems with it
    and at the end they have to let go. I just keep being me dark or no dark.
    It is the same with the doom theories...some need them to be somebody others hate them and still others do not asociate with them. I am aware of everything negative but why should i fight it? When we have learned that where you put your atention things grow. They fight the dark...untill when? Eternity ? There seems to be a mix-up on what dark is.
    Also not one soul has been dark free, how can one recognise the dark unless you have it in you.
    Like the saying goes, "you need to be a thief to know one"

    I have been deep and far still i know almost nothing, at least i am aware of it. This is why i teach myself to be honest, non judgemental, open, and every day i chek on myself to be shure i still am moving with those thoughts into my day.
    It has made me humble al the lessons i learn, and it is a pitty some lightworkers think they have all the answers and are more light than others, this is linear thinking in action for none of us is in front of the other. we are all on the same boat, but on diferent levels still we are all souls and darkness is just a passage that was alowed to be for the experience of it. This is why judging has no meaning, this has been said over and over by al avatars and space brothers.

    To leave this site with words about the darkness here etc etc is judgemental and leaves a bad taste in the mouth of those who stay behind.
    One could say my words are judging to, and i am shure they are in some way. For i am still part-taking in this illusion for now, meanwhile i am opening my eyes and waking up.
    When i meet a so called dark person i do not run or attack this person i go inside myself and find that part of me who is that dark person, i then talk and understand the why of this person. This in turn gives me the ability to see the light in this dark person and trigger it, or if to dark i'll just plant a litlle light seed in there, And let it grow.
    we are not here to change others into being us...we are them and they are us already.
    • Very wise words, Cedric, and I totally agree with you. Esu/Jesus/Sananda (by whatever label you know Him) was not known to run from the "dark" brotherhood, for he knew he was pure Light and Love and that it would always be victorious. He, just like we do, always had a choice, but, he stuck to his challenges.....he ran from nothing and no one.
    • Expressed well, Cedic. While it may be comforting to be around only those of “love and light,” for most of us, it’s simply not realistic to “sing to the choir” 24/7. Nor is this ideal for any real growth or expansion of consciousness. The opportunity to express love, exercise our hard-won abilities and talents, and Shine our Light gives all of us the greatest benefit where there IS “dark” (aka inexperienced inner selves expressing faulty thought processes in physical reality). Learning is eternal, but it will not always be eternally learning by contrast.
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