Again some participant is bringing corrupt BLACK LIVES MATTER and so must be banned ..leave sports as it should be.. bringing any other propaganda into sports must not be tolerated..sports is for compitation and enjoyment only 

Now see @

She should be kicked out and banned for life however she can perform her sport for corrupt George Soros the black lives matter funder   ..that is the right place for her 

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  • KK, I don't know why you don't understand sports and stadiums. Let me explain it for you:

    There are two types of stadiums. There are PRIVATE stadiums and PUBLIC stadiums. In both these stadiums, non of your provisions of what is, or is not allowed in it apply! In a public stadium, like in any other public place, e.g along a road, the FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION applies. That is a fundamental human right. In a private stadium, on the other hand, it is the owners of the stadiums that decides what is or is not allowed in the stadium. You cannot go into another person's house and demand, for intance, that 'people must not watch CNN news propaganda while eating', lol!

    In whichever case, your provisions are null and void! Build your own stadium and make your own rules!
    • Btw what you will realize is that your 'no propaganda' stadium will not function!!! Ask how do teams pay players millions of money a week? The answer is that all these 'propagandas' littering around the stadiums are the ones that sponsors the games (paying the players etc). Your stadium will not afford top most players, who demand huge salaries, and therefore no one will come to your stadium! It will be a village stadium where you can only afford to pay bozos to play! Your stadium will be empty and so you will make zero money out of it!!
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