Here is a video of the latest crop circle. Manton Drove, nr Marlborough, Wiltshire. Reported 2nd June.

The maker of this video claims it is telling us a satellite will go down and may affect cell phones or internet. When I saw this video I immediately though of a prediction from Joseph Tittel as follows:

‎58: A satellite or two run into several issues, one may even be destroyed completely. This causes worry and confusion when it interferes and causes an outage in something like television or cell phones. This could be from Solar Storms. One has to be replaced and a new one is sent up. When the new, or repaired, satellite goes up they run into more issues due to their rushing getting it up and running. Patience would be very beneficial beforehand.


Are they telling us this is going to occur or something else? What's your thought?


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  • I apologize for the late response, internet connection ran out just as i was about to post the picture, it does seem confirmable that the date in fact is sept 26 2012.  If you will notice the date sept 26 is a very tight allowance, i would estimate that 3 days either way from that date would render the alignment inconceivable, as mercury passes to quickly in its swing to allow that arrangement for more than that, as the next moment where it would come into alignment with the circle depiction would leave the other planets out of sync.  I am posting the picture here.


    here is the hyperlink for the source of the orbital arrangements. orbital arrangements 2012

    • Good post! I wonder whats in store for us on sept 26th....

      • I have no clue, though it must be interesting as i have never seen a crop circle that so directly pointed out something like this.  It would be nice to know of any other crop circles in the area or that occurred on the same day or a few days before/after.  Perhaps they would further describe what is being referred to.

  • I agree with Adonai here. I believe its the planets orbits and i think whoever made that vid is reachin for it lol....

  • I sincerely hope this is appropriate to post here. I was thinking that it could help us brainstorm and see what this latest crop circle might mean (when you take the messages that we've received so far about these and add them up.) If it's not okay to post here please feel free to delete this. Warm regards :) 


    2) Will the god Quazalcoatl return?  If you have time this is WONDERFULLY informative series as well. 

    If you guys have time to watch these and share your thoughts with us that would be fantastic. I'm so intrigued and excited to hear your thoughts in connection with this latest crop circle. Namaste.

    Read more:…
  • mmm has anyone ever thought that the crop circles are also done by the govt to communicate with them

  • Just found this on Galactic free press site

    Crop Circle Reported 6~2~12 Thanks to Annie

    Polar Clock
    We believe the formation reported on 2nd June 2012 resembles a polar clock. It is a kind of clock showing not only the time, but also the date.
    When you compare pictures 1 and 2, you can see that the formation tells the following time and date: 19:43:53 on Saturday, 4th August 2012. This date is Actually President Obama's Birthday.


    I found this interesting, that the date on the polar clock  is 4 8 2012…or  > 12 20 2012< !  = 8 This number offers no half-measures  -  it is either personal limitation or spiritual freedom.
    8 is the ‘power’ number which needs always to be used for the good of mankind.  The task of the 8 is great – and when awakened and developed, is the ‘Master Energy’ working for humanity.

  • 8114206896?profile=originalOk here is the planetary alignment chart for this year and the overlay of what looks to be almost exactly the crop circle,

    Notice the alignment of Sept 26 2012

    As well notice the inversion of the chart, its as though the solar system is being viewed from below or what we would term the South Pole.

    • Well Neptune more or less lines up with the 6th ring.  And honestly Pluto pretty well lines up with the 5th ring and considering that Pluto and Neptune periodically switch positions in order from the sun, the issue of their ordering may not be a serious issue.  However since Pluto spends a great deal more time as the outer planet than what Neptune does, it could be worth considering why they place Pluto before Neptune in ordering.  Perhaps to mark a significant historical event which occurred while Neptune was simultaneously the outer planet of the two....  I am about to Post an updated picture showing the alignments overlayed with the crop circle, this one shall include the relative positions of Neptune and Pluto.

      Of Interest is the fact of the 4 inner planets and the outer 2 planets being signified.  I guess to signify what they may recognize as the Solar System Proper.

    • September 26 is my bday :-)
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