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I'm a vegetarian and I eat this way because I only want to eat things that are alive. I meditate daily, and I'm working on being more telepathic. I believe we all are connected through our collective consciousness and I'm trying to wake up more completely to our special gifts. I believe we are in a game right now and this is a test. We will be ascending (some of us sooner than others) and I'm preparing for that. I want to be a better person and give more to others. My main interest is researching so I can illuminate myself and others. I love to learn! I do like to learn about our adversary, I admit, but I don't delve into dark areas of research.

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I have learned a lot from Dieter Braun (Indian In the Machine.) I adore David Icke a lot, but sometimes lately I think he's wrong about some things. I really like Miguel Ruiz as well.

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  • I am honored to meet you.  Namaste'

  • Thank you Meesh!  Love and peace

  • Yes i love to learn, Knowledge is power!

  • Thank you for your presence Meesh!  I noticed how fast your Illuminati post got buried by some nervous hand...I really enjoyed reading hidden hand's explanations...but I know the truth is that they seek immortality and it is our blood they feed on like vampires, they are dependent on us because they have not activated their heart energies to attain self sustained immortality.  They know love is the only way to true immortality...I guess we are all learning love together.  Love and peace

  • I use a free program called sqirlz morph. Google it and search for sqirlz morph tutorial as well. 

  • Ah i believe your right. I skimmed through your page and seen illuminati vids. I may have judged the book by its cover. *slaps my own forehead*  Have a good day my friend.  :D

  • 8114146897?profile=original8114162866?profile=original8114050684?profile=original8114001699?profile=originalStay blessed Meesh!

  • Hey meesh good day indeed to you too (",)

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"Thanks, Rickie, for the answer to my question about how to make morphing videos earlier. Have a great night. Incidentally, I'll be back with some responses to the questions that you have posted above. I think I may be able to help you connect some…"
Jun 8, 2012
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"I sincerely hope this is appropriate to post here. I was thinking that it could help us brainstorm and see what this latest crop circle might mean (when you take the messages that we've received so far about these and add them up.) If it's not okay…"
Jun 8, 2012
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""Each occult group had its own distinct beliefs and origins. The DHvSS (1912) worshipped the German mountain goddess Isias and the Schwarz Stein (black stone). The Thule Gesellschaft (1917) believed in the hollow earth theory and derived its name…"
Jun 8, 2012

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