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Just a comment and a suggestion, seeing what you all think.

I have noticed a lot lately there have been a lot of political stuff, intel stuff, conspiracies and stuff of the mundane and dualistic world we live in posted in Spirituality in General.  It is my suggestion that it might be nice to have a category called "Politics around the World, Published Questionable Postings from Questionable Sources, and Just Plain Bullcrap, Down and Dirty".  It seems that a lot of stuff about world leaders and presidents and leaders and Pope's misdoings etc. and there is a lot of scuttlebutt and back and forth between strongly opinioned members with political views etc.  It does not seem very spiritual at all...That is why I am thinking if we had a category where members could go at each other's throats and all posts that cause division and strife be contained in a particular category, that would be helpful for all those who do not want to listen to the name callling and character besmirching and assignation of each other and all the hate and discontent rhetoric.  We could all just skip that category if we do not feel like hearing it or reading it. Just a suggestion.....I am not being sarcastic I just thought that it would not interfere with people's right to post anything that they want, it would just contain the hatefulness factor to one place in particular and  not have it in the Spirituality in General, which I feel should be containing spiritual stuff and not inhouse free for alls and mudslinging.

What do you think members? Ben?  Comment anyone?

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I'd like to see such category so all those cut~throat trolls can have a free fall at name calling, and moderator/ben can delete them and get rid of them for once and all................what'ya think about that Ben ?

I think troll is a greatly overused word actually.  Just because someone does not agree with what one posts or comments does not make them a troll.  I have been labeled a troll many a time because I have some very deep opinions that may not jive with the majority, and I always treat people with respect when I disagree, so I therefore am not troll, LOL. (just thinking out loud, sorry, haha)  I believe as Ben does that everyone is entitled to their own point of view and that if someone posts something it is because they want discussion of what is posted. It would be a pretty boring site if everyone thought alike.  I think the best approach would be to inform people that they can disagree without hateful comments and bashings.  Ben is a very tolerant person because he believes that people should be able to be themselves and express their opinions and that censure is not all that desirable if at all possible.  I think we as members and adults all should be respectful of each other even when we disagree.  I truly believe that everyone here wants for people to not be controlled and in strife any more.  It is up to each member to set an example for others of the kind of world we wish to manifest; one of peace, love, honor, and respect.  Everyone needs to step up to the plate and behave in a way that promotes love and not division.  No two people think alike or have identical opinions, and I am glad.  Guess we all should just behave nice at the sandbox and this post is an attempt at bringing this to attention.  The ones that typically argue and get heated are impassioned with their beliefs and get carried away, I do not consider them trolls, more like people who need to brush up on their civility skills.  And I also realize that if someone dumps on someone all the time that of course one wants to stick up for themselves and I totally understand that...been in that position where everyone was dumping on me.  I just think that we can disagree without all the name calling and bating, bashing etc.

my comment was about all those who are agressive here with name calling  ...................and I use the word troll to secribe such individuals. such folk dont belong here.

I get ya....guess we all have our definitions of troll...Every time I hear that word used it makes me laugh....sorry....I posted a picture of what comes to mind to me, but maybe the Beavis and Butt head one is more appropriate, hahaha

Thanks Nancy for your reply, I feel better now.  I truly was not trying to be offensive and I thought that I had offended you and that made me feel sad.  But maybe in the future though I might be more aware of what graphics I use.

oops, Nancy, looks like the graphic you mentioned in your comment has been erased.

I hope the two graphics I posted here did not offend you and that you do not find what I have shared offensive.  I did not wish to offend anyone.  I was making fun of behaviors and labels, I hope that you understood that...If you find them offensive then I can remove them if you feel it detracts from the message I was trying to get across.  I often like to use a little humor with my messages sometimes so I do not sound preachy and blunt, and as an eye catcher...Certainly hope you are not thinking I am a troll or a cabal pawn or a bully that can't voice an argument, because of my funny graphics?

It's interesting... how everyone has their own perspectives and feelings on so many different subjects... I think this is a good thing. The key I see to help us all "get along" would be to practice more patience and tolerance for others with differing views... and to be as respectful as possible, when disagreeing. One good practice I'd suggest is to reread your messages before sending and see if you can "tone down" the wording... if appropriate.

People also clearly have different views on the appropriate use of imagery as well. The ones you have chosen here do have a seemingly "sinister" vibe to them to me, and I can understand how they would be offensive to many... even though they do support your points, they could be interpreted similar to curse-words, or worse, to some others. For me they don't appear humorous at all... they seem to instead promote chaos, and may be actually working against your main points, in some peoples eyes. I can understand from your words that this is not your intention, but just something to consider.

Thank you for bringing this important and relevant message out into the open, Marique.

Wow, never thought that using these graphics were going to be offensive.  I don't know how to delete them so maybe people can forgive me for not anticipating that it was going to make people angry.  That was certainly not my intention.  My apologies to Nancy and you for being offensive to you.  Lesson learned, not everyone has the same sense of humor as myself.  Anyone know how to delete graphics after the post has been posted????

People also NEED to understand that this is the internet, ergo it's darn near impossible to express true emotion, so many will take what's written in the wrong context causing whatever to spiral down to the pits of hell.

Take what I just wrote as an example. It can be taken that I was being rather stern, even obnoxious. That being said; I was not, not at all. In fact I was merely pointing out a fundamental truth that many either forget or totally miss entirely. I'm also not calling you out, just replying to the topic really and figured your post was just as appropriate as any.

personally, before anyone answers to, or responds to anything, you say, it is a fact, opinion [has no facts in], or spiritual revelation. government, one who thinks Neglect is a policy will not be allowed to be in government.  self correct, or impeached. more allowing politicians to lie.  ........and there should be the idea to not merely say "he is a creep", as this says nothing; instead, "he is for apartheid in Israel for instance." is saying something.

I vote for them having their own suggestion yet!



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