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Just a comment and a suggestion, seeing what you all think.

I have noticed a lot lately there have been a lot of political stuff, intel stuff, conspiracies and stuff of the mundane and dualistic world we live in posted in Spirituality in General.  It is my suggestion that it might be nice to have a category called "Politics around the World, Published Questionable Postings from Questionable Sources, and Just Plain Bullcrap, Down and Dirty".  It seems that a lot of stuff about world leaders and presidents and leaders and Pope's misdoings etc. and there is a lot of scuttlebutt and back and forth between strongly opinioned members with political views etc.  It does not seem very spiritual at all...That is why I am thinking if we had a category where members could go at each other's throats and all posts that cause division and strife be contained in a particular category, that would be helpful for all those who do not want to listen to the name callling and character besmirching and assignation of each other and all the hate and discontent rhetoric.  We could all just skip that category if we do not feel like hearing it or reading it. Just a suggestion.....I am not being sarcastic I just thought that it would not interfere with people's right to post anything that they want, it would just contain the hatefulness factor to one place in particular and  not have it in the Spirituality in General, which I feel should be containing spiritual stuff and not inhouse free for alls and mudslinging.

What do you think members? Ben?  Comment anyone?

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I feel that your bringing this topic out in the open, and all this discussion, will cerrainly have an effect on future "bashing bouts"... but we shall see. Sometimes I think some folks just feel more "alive" when they get they're adrenaline pumping with heated conversations... or they just enjoy the "drama" of being in a "heated exchange".

The thing with pictures is that they do indeed say more than a thousand words, but the problem with it is that they say a thousand different words to a thousand different people, so every time you try to communicate something through a picture, you end up getting through to 1 person while 999 other will get it wrong. :)

That's why it is sooooo important for a lightworker to know how to express him/herself with words.

Words make out the difference between information and propaganda. :)

I agree with you about the graphics...Now I see that what one person may think that something is funny, another person may take offence....I think that one thing I cannot be accused of is not knowing how to express myself with words.  I do acknowledge that probably a lot of times I over use words, but that is how my mind thinks and then I write what my mind is thinking, lol.  I am glad at least that people got past Beavis and Butthead to at least read what I was trying to say, and even then there was a lot of variations on what people THOUGHT I was saying that I was not...But I love a good discussion and we all managed to get through it without a catfight or name calling so I say that it has been EPIC!

Thanks for the post! =)
And I´ve read all of your comments...

*Diversity In Unity At Its Best*

You are all wonderful, holding the Energy for this website/community and it´s Daily Readers/visitors.

Everything I do, I do with Intent. 


i so agree with you.  on any site, fighters, bullies, ruin sites for everyone else.  this gets back to creating the best

communicating site ever.  flaws help design the real sites to come.

I think that this is an awesome idea. Unfortunately, some of the people here would not support it because it would take away their ability to politicize this forum and to post this hateful crud in front of a large audience. I for one though, totally support your idea 100%

Thanks Ripcord. It makes me feel better to know that some members get what I was saying.

No there should not be a dedicated section for hostility, that encourages that kind of behavior.

Yes there should be a section for 'world going ons'. Though I would worry that it would just be another largely ignored section. Didn't the "spirituality in general" section used to be called "general discussion"?

Do you understand why people get more worked up in those kinds of topics? It's a freaky nerve wracking thing to think that nutty people like the ones they report on are the ones running our Earth(and running it into the ground).

Well it seems at the time of my posting the Alternative Media, World Events & News section is there already.

I appreciate that they didn't use the name you suggested for it. Goodness.

LOL 9Ball, my names suggestions were supposed to be a joke, I was being kind of sarcastic, I was not for a moment serious about any of the half baked names I came up with, I was trying to get a chuckle but bring awareness to the horrible squabbling that goes on daily here.  I was trying to point out of the hateful treatment that some people are heaping on others here and how, (in my opinion) it is really not good behaviors to encourage or tolerate...although my point has been frequently overlooked or smoothed over by people saying that a blind eye should be turned to the negative behaviors that go on here on a daily basis. I certainly do understand why people get wound up about politics, channelings and philosophies but it is my position that differences of opinions do not need to sink to potshots at each, insults, baiting, and just being insulting and rude and bully tactics.  I had hoped that maybe people could be at least be civil to one another on a spiritual group, but concensus seems to be that it is something that should just be overlooked and not addressed, which kind of makes me sad.     

Hi just joining the conversation.  I am back for the second time. I left because I could not stand the b******* that was going on and i said I was leaving. Boy! I then found out how cruel people can be. They really got stuck into me for saying I was leaving.

I was already depressed when I posted and even more after.  I was in a bad way. But I managed to get through it.

There was no moderator to come to my rescue and do something about the haters so my question is, is there someone who actually takes some form of action against these idiots who call themselves Lightworkers?  or is it a free for all?

I think they should be sent off to their own private "b**** session" area away from newbies who think this is a great site and everyone is "lovie dovie:.  But really if people can't at least be tolerate of each other then what is the point?

Welcome back to the conversation, I see you got a taste of the exact behaviors that I was trying to address..this is a.pretty hurtful place often.  From what I see the hatefulness and bullying is pretty much permitted to continue so that is why I jokingly suggested an ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK section for the bullies to hang out and bully each other, lol.  I agree with what you say that the site seems to be a free for all often and in my opinion it is too bad....I am so glad you came back to the discussion and that you understand what I was trying to convey.  I am sorry that people jumped on your happens to me too, and it is not a nice feeling.

Thanks Marique for your light!

I see this topic has really taken off since I posted. But I have had another thought.

Ben put this site together, I had been with Ben on a previous "something or rather" I can't

even remember what it was about. But he put it together and I think he should be the one to curb the bullies.

People need to be at the very LEAST CIVIL with each other, and the ones that can't be should really be ex-commuticated from the site. But it looks to me that Ben just takes no responsibility for how people on his site behave.  Are you there Ben to comment?  Love and Light! Ivor.



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