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Joke of the Century;Bitter nuke promises: Nobel Peace laureate Obama spending billions on US nuclear arsenal

Beyond ludicrous-

Barack Obama’s vision of a nuclear-free world seems to be unraveling at an alarming rate. In 2009 he won the Nobel Peace Prize for his commitment for nuclear disarmament. Five years on, the US’s nuclear arsenal sees a $355 billion investment.

The plan is to spend this vast sum over the next decade to try and upgrade the country’s nuclear deterrent, even though the final cost could turn out to be over $1 trillion. Despite the vast sums of money that will need to be spent, Obama's policy has plenty of backers at home, a report by the New York Times showed.

“While we still have weapons, the most important thing is to make sure they are safe, secure and reliable,” said Daniel Poneman, the US Deputy Energy Secretary. The improvements, he said, have reassured the US’s allies. “It’s important to our extended deterrent.”

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Aren't we all tired of being LIED to?

The joke is on everyone, especially the fools who were fooled into believing in Obama....LOL

Spending billions on nuclear weapons is not something a clear sighted president would seek to do....Obviously, he is a tool of the dark, only and nothing more....I repeat this continually on ACC, as so many here have been lulled by the Obamanoid visions of orwellian doublethink and doublespeak....

War is peace.....!!

Truth is lies...!!

well stated. the lies are more and more obvious for the many who are becoming aware of life on earth, and it's many psychopaths who somehow got to rule others by lie after lie and of the power of money means creditable status for us to bow and respect , it's amazing when it looks like what it is, without all of fluff dressings of being of pure heart, when it is the exact opposite being told to all of us.  

blessings to all of us for we are all one

rsolor:  Yes, people are tired of the lies, but more and more people are Waking Up everyday.  I think we have reached a TIPPING POINT.

Well Barry, I'm extremely delighted to correct a common error made by many, that assumes that Sheldan Nidle is an "avid supporter" of Obama...In actuality, Shel is far from that, and has NEVER mentioned the name of Barak Obama on ANY of his weekly GFL/SH updates....


Indeed, if you seek to visit Shel's illustrious website and our official conduit for GFL updates, you may try the search engine and type in "Obama," to see what you get....You will find ZILCH mention of Obama, in contrast to fake websites, with fake GFL reps, such as Suzanne Ward, Beth Trutwin, Mike Quinsey, et al....


This genuine PAOWEB GFL website is unique in not mentioning the slighest defference for Obama...He is not mentioned, as he is simply a tool of the dark cabal and nothing more significant, as the fake regular update websites alude to..


Unlike Shel, it's a fraction of my GFL telepath logistics job, to shine light on the Obama fraud, in my particular online supporting role....I'm not a provider of official updates, but will fill in the gaps of knowledge, insights and info, when necessary....I'm permitted to expose the fakery surrounding Obama and will.


So expect more exposure of Obama fakery....The GFL takes particular interest in countering the vast disinfo campaign that Obama is used for, with some in CIA psyops, even attempting to link him with the GFL....He is not a "Sirian Councillor," or other twaddle suggested by some, such as Beth Trutwin...


The genuine GFL updates do not mention Obama at all....for the reasons given...Check out the link and search for confirmation...

He was NEVER EVER mentioned on a single genuine GFL update, going back to the commencement of his tenure as president...That may surprise some...


"Has anyone noticed that the value of the American dollar is going down fast since July"

No, it's been quite steady at 0,79EUR since last time I checked (3 years ago).

"I received $100 donation for my site in June and paid only a few dollars exchange from Australia and just received $60 recently and paid $10 exchange."

Then it's time for you to get a better bank because the one you have now is ripping you off.
Choose one of the bigger banks instead. Many of them don't even charge for exchange, especially if you open a business-account with them instead of just a private account.

"They want to spend of the bombs and a nuclear war will destroy us all"

No it won't, you've already claimed that the nukes have been disarmed by Thor and his gang and those words stand until the "Val-collective" says otherwise, in concert. ;)

That picture is certainly not like O'Bama below... You know Moslems wear robes and a hood, my goodness! LOL 


Well, since Russia are doing the very same with their nuclear arsenal it'd be rather naive to expect Obama to drop his. Especially now when Russia seems to do everything they can to get WW3 rolling (the baltic sea incidents), where they fly their fully armed military jets with their transponders turned off, risking collission with commercial airliners.

If a nuclear disarmament is going to be anywhere close to reality, all capable countries must dispose of their weapons at the same time, in consensus, and that won't happen anytime soon. ;)

one question: 

WHO HAS MILITARY BASES AROUND THE WORLD on foreign soil, surrounding the world nations with military force.


I have yet to see the Russians setting up military bases in Korea, Europe, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Afghanistan, or using drones that reveal an 85% death count of individuals not considered to be enemy combatants while trying to kill an enemy combatant.

But oh, Putin is such an international murderer. Nothing like Obama.

Both Russia and the US have military bases around the world. The only difference between the two are that Russia value secrecy while the US value visibility. Russia see strength as a deterant in keeping their military intstallations secret while the US use visibility as a deterant. They're like two sides of the same coin. :)

ACUTE OBSERVER: PLEASE DISPLAY LOCATIONS OF RUSSIA'S MILITARY BASES (which fly Russian flags, like the U.S. does at their bases) AROUND THE WORLD.  And please don't tell us you can't because of "secrecy," because any idiot (especially if they work for the government) can state "trust me."

"The definition of a gold mine is a h*** in the ground and someone saying there is gold there." 

- Mark Twain



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