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It's time to start separating beliefs from truth. I see basically everyone spout out something like they know it's the truth, when it's only a belief at best. And I've been there too, I've made that mistake. Where I would think my beliefs are true, because they make sense to me. But as we grow further in integrity, we come to realize that, they were simply beliefs. Unless we truly know something, or present something that is clearly demonstratable, they exist as a belief, an opinion, an idea.

And I've seen in my life, and on this site, and according to my research into history...that conflicting belief systems are source of alot of conflict that doesn't need to happen. Like on this site even, people get trashed, and insulted, and made to feel low, because they simply hold a different belief system than someone else. And egos like to think their beliefs are true. And anyone who doesn't share that belief, in some way, must be wrong.

I think to stay in true integrity, we need to acknowledge to ourselves...that our beliefs are just beliefs, prone to changes, prone to mistakes. And most of our beliefs are gleaned from second hand information at best. The only thing we TRULY know, is what we discover and come to understand within us, what we can clearly demonstrate is real and true, and what we experience and observe. Everything else, exists as a belief system, that may not be true.

And in order to stay true, and stay real, and stay in integrity...we need to acknowledge that. If we don't truly KNOW something....we need to acknowledge that this is just my opinion...and other people have a right to have a different opinion. It's okay to have beliefs, and opinions...most things are a belief system. I have many things that I believe based on years of research. Do I know what I believe is true, no. My beliefs are my beliefs. My knowing is knowing. And there's a difference and we need to be able to distinguish the difference. I think that would end alot of conflict, not just on this site, but in the world....and it would allow people to have true freedom of speech and expression, without other people jumping on them saying they're wrong.

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Here I am.
For the past 10 years I have been regularly communicating with my wife, who has passed. We customarily have two-to-three-hour sessions (readings), during which I ask questions that I've accumulated since the last reading, or have been asked in my spiritual chat room. Because of my information source, where some answers have been provided by archangels and notable world personalities, authors and scientists, I cannot help but accept their answers as pure truth. Even at that, others seem unable to change their beliefs in light of the provided truths. At one point I changed the name of the spiritual chat room to THE WAY IT IS! -- and nobody came! One notable world personality visited one of my monthly readings to tell me one thing: "It's hard to be a leader!"

I agree John, I mean, I'll be honest, a lot of times I receive downloads and I have no idea if they are True. I mean, in my opinion, we are all experimenting here, doing the best we can, especially those of us who are starseeds. We are coming in with new information, and a lot of times that is very hard to process, I think sometimes people might think, oh that person is a starseed, they must be ultra-enlightened, and have no problems, not the case. In fact, being an starseed, indigo, hybrid, or whatever, even just trying to work with this material, is really tough man. I mean, we are dealing with a lot of belief systems, that hold ideas that people have held to for a long, long time, you come and try to break that apart, and people are obviously going to feel a little jaded I think.

But thats what we are here to do, BREAK APART outmoulded beliefs, and then create a new reality, that is how I look at it, I will continue to hold unconditional love for all, as was asked of me during this time, speak with respect, allow others to view things the way they do, I have a tremendous responsibility to do so, and I have committed in heart to doing so, so I love all others here, and respect their right to speak their Truth.


Very interesting discussion! I have been thinking of these things myself. There are a lot of people getting very angry and defensive coming from fear of not being totally sure of whether they are right or wrong when they are faced with an argument that challanges thier belief. It's pretty universal or atleast very common that people do not want to be told that they are wrong or even hear a contradictory opinion or belief which implies that one's own would be wrong or false if the contradictory one is true. So I think for the sake of truth, I agree with John Jancar that it is important to make a distinction between beliefs and knowingness. 

For example: I do not know that there is an Ashtar command that truely exists and that there is a Galactic Federation or even UFO's for I have not had experience of any of these. But if I had to vote whether I believe it or not and if my life depended upon it, I think I would say that I belive that they do exist. Knowing that I have a belief which is not a knowingness I don't think I would be hurt or too much or bothered if someone would laugh in my face for believing in space people.

But the real question is: How do I stay peaceful when someone tells me I am wrong or disagree with me? I think one way is to admit to oneself that most of the ideas I have in my mind are just that and not truths that I know for a fact in the same degree as the truth of these words on my computer screen.

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