Greetings to all!


My name is Altaira, and I am so happy to finally be here with you. My delay was not due to a recent awakening, quite the contrary....I have known for sometime who I am. delay was in part due to not finding that Ashtar Command Crew was on-line! LOL!

My awakening happened back in 1988 during a time of having lucid dreams of being on board a large Space Craft and being trained in healing with energy work. I had no prior knowledge to fall back on and when asked to go to an area that had much UFO activity for a meeting with a lady named Michaela Allora....I jumped at the chance to find out what was going on.

A.A. Michael, told me through Michaela, that my lucid dreams were in fact my awakening and that I was the Daughter of Commander Ashtar.

This was just the beginning and I was to learn all that I could. Then I found the 11:11 group which helped also. I was then introduced to my Reiki Master and took instruction on how to activate the healing energy. Since then I took my second degree Instruction also.

Things started to change rapidly from then on. My marriage broke down.... I was introduced shortly after my separation to a fella that I had seen in my dreams. We started our life together and moved from the area. Still learning and helping out others as much as I can. I am! Ready for the next phase of this journey and wanting to learn much more!

Much Peace, Love and Blessings to you all.....

 Altaira, daughter of Ashtar

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  • Hello Altaira :) You seem like a really wise soul, I hope that you will enjoy your stay here and know that you are always loved and supported. Blessings dear sister <3

    • Thank you Ogdoo!

      I've read a few of your comments before on are a wise soul also! Wish I had been so wise in my youth.


      Peace, love, light and many Blessings be with you brother!


      Altaira XO

      • You warm my heart :) Thank you so much!

        • :)

  • Thanks Gailene. I'm just feeling my way through on this journey, and I do put my foot in my mouth from time to time. Bear with me dear. I just felt he was coming on a little harsh for a newcomer to the site. If something like this happened to me back when I first joined the crew, I'm not sure I'd still be here. Just tell him to go easy next time he comes across a newcomer. Sorry to have offended you and Peter.

  • Peter. Read what she said. She said Ashtar, not Ashtar Sheran. And who are you to say she is not who she feels in her heart she is? I have been a goddess and I have been a pauper -- in this lifetime.

    • Thank you Bonnie!

      I have been an Egyptian Princess.... my attitude is still the same today as it was back then. My ego did not inflate bigger than my head....I treated the lowest with respect and love. Something that my mother and sisters at that time couldn't abide. For my loving efforts I was done away with after my father died.

      It truly doesn't matter what we call ourselves or who we have been before...what matters is how well we are learning our lessons here and perfecting ourselves.

      • Hello Altaira, and welcome. I do have a question for you. You wrote, "I treated the lowest with love and respect". That sounds admirable, but can you please tell me who is "the lowest"? I have yet to meet anyone who is lower or higher than me. This may be a personal problem, but I am open to all reasonings.

        Star Flower
        • Hello Star Flower,

          Thank you for the welcome!

          During a past life I lived in Egypt. I was a Pharaoh's youngest daughter. There was a certain expectation on how a young daughter of the Pharaoh should act...considering my Father's position and our elevated family status.


          The Pharaoh's daughter was NOT suppose to play with the children from the market place, because they were of a lower class. I DID!


          Pharaoh's daughter was NOT suppose to help others like slaves or anyone beneath our social status. I DID!


          Today in modern society, there are some members who think the lowest are those who have a genetic anomaly such as Down syndrome for instance.  Some members of society think that these children should have been aborted, euthanized at birth or at the very least institutionalized.  They should be kept out of sight and out of mind because they will never amount to anything or contribute to the society. 


          I don't agree with these types of folks. I happen to believe that every person has value. I also believe that no one is higher or lower than myself. We are all one and equal. I believed this back in my life as a Pharaoh's daughter and I believe it today in the 21st Century.




  • LOL! Your Mama is a very wise woman indeed! is the if only I could remember the darn question!

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