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Due to work in business, I was unable to respond to Nancy A's comments before comments were closed and would like to reply.  Nancy A said:

I lost track of Peter and Darryl, but it's my impression that their encounter ended with each losing interest and backing away. Peter has many admirers who think he is sincere, and that he sincerely apologized for shortcomings. Darryl insisted he was right, but got tired of saying it. He was mad at me for awhile, can't recall why, but rejoined my Friend list. I like both for their interest in what we all want, peace on earth. Any who think that's a trivial pursuit, will not last long, here. Ben notices, when things get out of hand.

And this:

Sorry. I was wrong. Darryl is still interested in saying he was right. It's an image thing. I looked at his history of the argument last year. Seems they disagreed about Greg Giles, who pleaded, finally, that dark entities were misinforming him, causing him to channel what THEY wanted him to say!

The carry-over was bitterness, between Greg's admirers and those who wanted Greg to leave the ACC, which Greg did, deeply embarrassed at having been exposed. Peter apologized for faults Darryl exposed in him, refusing to be run off along with Greg. A bitter chapter in ACC history, a turnoff for many who witnessed it. Peter's humility won the day. It's not something we need to further review. Time for Darryl to forgive & forget?

Your choice Darryl. What do you have to lose? Still your friend, Nancy A. 

I only commented to respond to what Devi said so the truth be known.  To Devi:  No problem.  I hope things get better soon.  If you need any help, just ask.  :)

To Nancy:  Don't get me wrong, I'm still your friend and I know your heart is in the right place, but sometimes you get confused when your trying to explain things:

I was never mad at you.  You were sending emails to all on your friends list and none of it pertained to me personally and was filling my inbox.  I asked you, when you sending your emails in bulk, click the button off my name and I won't receive it.  Next, on a post, I see you mention that I requested to be off your friends list.  This was cleared up long ago, but I guess you forgot.

I am not claiming to be right nor is it an image thing.  All the info is in my profile page and posts.  People can look at it and judge for themselves.

Greg Giles was NEVER a channel.  I exposed him too many times to mention.  The "apology" Greg posted was also an alibi.  His blog site was about to be shut down and Greg needed an excuse for his "messages".

As for Peter K.... as I explained in my response, I exposed him too many times since he followed me here at the Ashtar Command.  Again, people can review my profile and posts.  Twice, we had a chat to clear the air.  The first, he lied, the second was a blog post with only our comments with links to his actions so he could explain them.  He up and left in the middle of the discussion.  Peter K. even accused me of hacking into the Ashtar Command website and changing the dates of his comments because I proved when and where he started to attack me and he could not.  He actually posted that I changed it!!  Unbelievable!  :D  

As I mentioned last year, I now have too many people and work to take care of to waste my time on the computer, typing on an online forum all day long.  I do not have the time anymore like I used to.  My responsibilities are growing every week.

Nancy, your a sweetheart and a dear, but can you please let it go and leave it be?  Peter K. was over and done with last year and his followers are gone.  If he wants to post quotes and have people thank him and post pictures, go for it.  I can sense very high (light) vibrational energies and very low (dark) vibrational energies.  Peter K.'s pic is emitting very low energies.  There is definitely something not right.   There is something that needs to be cleansed or there are other factors involved.  Take it as you see fit or disregard it.  Your choice.  A psychic reading would confirm it.

Again, not really much of a discussion, just needed to respond because comments were closed.

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  • ....Zzzzz....

  • Lol! Nice work, Chris!
  • No. it's not even about that. It's about common sense.

  • marduk has many names around folklore, that does not mean negative in certain , religious terms. many stories were made to be negative for blind disciples, especially for those ages in the future. fear of unknown has many negatives...................................

  • No it's not that. Some people have legitimate mental problems. And sometimes it's not always easy to recognize.


    And sometimes people drink too much wine when posting on the internet.

  • respect , sometimes is silent if necessary........................

    • no. sometimes people are dumbfounded and not sure what to say next

  • Relax. She can't read a third eye from her butthole. It's only a ploy. don't read too much into it.

  • simply put, you continue to negate this guys actions.............................

    let it go, he had moved into pages past and blessing your awakening; so bless him for that learning process of awakening he helped you with......................

  • only venom I see is you spitting it over something that was in the past, gone, done with. thats why we call it past............................@merkabah

This reply was deleted.

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