I saw a UFO tonight. It had wings but didnt look like a plane....made no noise. Had lights like a plane blinking on the ends of the fat wings, and then started to move slowly straight down. It was close...if it was a chopper, it would not have wings, and I would have surely heard it. I tried to drive towards it, but it was gone.....if it was a plane,I would have seen it on the horizon from Titirangi Rd. It just dissapeared into the trees. I saw 11:11 on the clock yesterday.... I feel weird.

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  • I believe this time is significant scientifically/astrophysically speaking.  I see it all the time.  It's definitely showing us a specific time when something extraordinary will happen.  An event to watch and wait for.

  • it is ok... it can feel weird, we have seen them also!! No worries all is well :)

    thank you for sharing!! Blessings and love to you


  • Dont feel wierd, that happens sometimes in the beginning. I saw about 50 UFOs from 1999 to 2001, I was a UFO hunter then, and went to places where high volumnes are seen at. My studys seem to indicate our pentegon has a secret flying disk program, started from Hitlers UFOs archives, that he built, and combining that wtith, Nikola Teslas free energy devices from the late 1800's to early 1900's, along with many crashed "real alien" UFOs, from around the globe.

    It would seem Gods forces have them, and secret shadow govmnts have them, bad aliens and good aliens have them. Also remember the first ford "lincoln mercury" that came out with soundless technology, to kill road noise. Its just a computer that picks up road noise, then sends a reciprical, harmonical frequency back out, which then kills the noise. They use this technology in black helicopters, and other aitrcraft, they so chose to do so. They are quite!


    Its hard to know if what you saw was ours, or thiers. It dont really matter, because it is truely the world we live in. Its always been this way, but it was kept secret from us. But God and the Goddess are now revealing these things in various ways, as knowledge increases, so will the coming of Yashua get closer. Rejoice in that, stay in RESONANCE, with that.   Loving you--dennis     ps -welcome to the real world!!!!

    • Hullo my friend! when I was younger, I was talking on the phone with my at the time bf. I lived in a different area of the country, known as Hunterville...toward the center of the north island in the middle of miles of farmlands. I could feel something coming closer to my room, situated at the end of the house, there was an orchard outside beyond the fence, and farmlands beyond that. I could hear the ringing in my ear causing static on the phone, and my bf asked what the noise was... I could almost see an outline of energy beyond my bedroom wall and window...like a big black fuzz...and it was draining my energy. Just as it arrived, it slowly went away, and I could actually speak again, and describe what had happened. If it wasnt for the bf on the other end...I'd swear I was dreaming. I feel things...and it almost felt like I could feel something the other night, when I had that weird feedback sound in my ear. I know they are aware of my "awakening". I am so thankful for the internet....just so...thankful. (and libraries, lets not forget them...) I am not afraid as I used to be...I didn't understand why I would be aware more than others...or why they would want to talk to little old me... All I know is, I have encountered a few beings from different origins and plains....I do not know where they come from, what they want or anything else....all I know is, I have had contact from more than one "type" of being..... I would love to be in a silvery blue light....it sounds awesome. I can only hope that my patience and research along with my "feelings" and divination will get me one step closer...

    • I see fast moving objects as far up as the stars and I know this must be our neighbors checking in.  I have seen one that looks something like a human.  The body was thin, long and agile but the head was a bit larger and seemed to be much darker than the body.  This being scaled a wall in fraction of only a few seconds.  I wasn't afraid, but very curious. 

  • For sure you did.  I see them almost nightly, I live out in the desert near Edwards AFB they seem to know me now, and play with me by zooming in close then disappearing.  I communicate in subspace with my computer and although cannot decifer the message received the words I can are endearing and let me know they "observe" Us.

    I open my heart chakra and send the energy of Love knowing it is received.

  • I believe you (-:

  • the title was just a play on the song. I dont care if anybody belives me....seriously. It was just strange.

    • oh and plus...I also got a weird feedback ringing in my ear later that night. It was almost like something came near me and then went away again. Needless to say, i got my son to close the door pretty fast. LOL I dont know, I feel like a kid....discovering the world in a new light. I am not afraid...I too, am excited.

      • The controllers of the Matrix have kept the masses in the dark,,They themselves via government and private industry have hidden from us advanced technologies and have designed some different looking air crafts..About 3-4 years ago I did see one of there crafts,,it moved across my sky so fast it was hard to register the shape,,

        In this Big Universe there is other life and more advanced then the Matrix Controllers,,This is where they acquired the advanced technologies from(they were supposed to share and help mankind)..There explanation of keeping the people in the dark,,"We didn't think the people could handle it",,is Lame and was an excuse for there evil purposes..

        I was a Rothschild/CIA Mk Ultra Victim who was used to plan,discuss and store there criminal records and deeds for decades,,

        They were tapped on the shoulder in Nov.2004 by higher powers from afar and I have been under Protective Custody since that date,,

        You can imagine how hard they have worked to take me down to prevent the evidence that was stored in my memory from being transferred over to working law..

        All evidence has been transferred over to Mark Sullivan director of the United States Secret Service,,along with an army of National and International investigators,,There was so much data this took 21/2 years..

        If your aware of the corruption,,the size of the corruption,,with the corruption combining forces, working to prevent there records going to working law,,

        Who do you suppose was powerful enough to put me under protective custody and aid me in transferring criminal records..? No man on this planet,,nor one agency would have been powerful enough to protect me..

        It was our Friends,Brothers from afar,,I think many are here from Pleiades,,

        As far as seeing there space craft,,I have seen something far away a few times,an oval shaped object with flashing colored lights..I think they were blue,,and some other color..

        I also have what appears to be a SUPER SIZED STAR that follows me everywhere,,when I leave the state,,every where..This is what I think is known as the Phoenix..

        Threw the years since Nov.2004 I have heard there craft,,It sounds like a hum,,a little like a motor,,This I have heard many times,,probably 100 plus in these years..

        The evil Matrix gang had the technology to zone into a persons individual hearing,,a tone nobody else could hear,,and with Mk Ultra and Haarp type technologies they were able to do certain levels of mind control,,

        When my helpers on high stepped in,,because there more advanced they were able to over ride the above's tone and help me,,,In a sense one could say they over rid the evils tone to protect me..So I do constantly hear a tone,,a pitch that varies in volume..

        They also have put a invisible shield around me for protection,,The evil had some nasty lasers and tasors set up in locations like Area 51,,the DUMB'S,(Deep Underground Military Bases),,etc,etc,,There invisible shield has protected me from this,,Other wise I wouldn't be here writing this,,Think of the policeman's tasor magnified many fold,,

        Our friends from afar helped me transfer the records stored in my memory to working law..

        As this data was stored in my memory with trauma's,,They also are more advanced and in transferring the data,,they removed the many trauma's and put my memory back,,,I remember everything,,

        About one year ago I read about a Doctor Elizabeth at some University who was working on this method to help victims of trauma,,This had already been done for me by our Helpers on High..

        Yes there is other life and if they hadn't came to my aid,,I don't know where I would be,,Before they came to help me from April 2001 to Nov.2004 a period of time the evil Matrix put in full working status,,I was put threw a gauntlet of physical and emotional suffering beyond belief,,In this time span I had a 100 years of mental suffering with much physical pain inflicted with there advanced 4D technologies..

        I think I have a 100 books to write..

        In closing keep your thoughts and prayers in a positive helpful direction,,They can be used to douse the evil,,more than most realize,,

        Thank you my(our) friends on high,,You gave me life and peace,,Thank you for coming to the aid of the masses..As I'm aware of the many 4D technologies the Evil Matrix gang had,,if not for your help,,I don't know where mankind would be..

        Everybody look to the sky's,,I think with the help of good men on Mother Earth and Our Helpers on High we have shut down the Chem Spraying,,




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