I understand this is a choice, so I guess I should do something rather than just complain. But, the constant barrage of noise and all the screaming is just starting to get me down. Right now there is some high pitched alarm or something that is piercing my being and it really hurts. Unfortunately its not an alarm, and no one is going to shut it off, that's just the buzz of this crappy town. I wish I lived in a tall tree in a vast forest, with no electricity, no buzz that only serves to disorient me. I really don't like this place.

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  • Has anyone been in touch with Dear Melody Dove!  She is very missed and I want to know that she is all right and that we are all here for her if she has need.

  • Uploaded by bobdecker166 on Mar 3, 2010

    http://bobdecker.net/CDs_and_Downloads.html If you like this music click on the link to order a full length download! The Schumann resonance is the pulse of the magnetic field of the earth. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schumann_resonances Isochronic tones are a form of brainwave entrainment that does not require headphones to enjoy.

    You should try to find some peace in the sounds you are hearing. Pay attention to them, because like the sprouts they start talking to you...I understand headaches, but a lot of that can be attributed to caffeine intake, or hydration levels, or in women - water retention. Relax the muscles in your face - especially the jaw. Have someone put their hands on your head who will use no roughness.

    I spent some bucks on WEIGHTED Chakra Tuning Forks. They really have been helping me, even though I'm not doing it on any regular schedule. In fact, I have no other schedules than the ones of the people in my personal life - and they need attention too. It's tough, but it's supposed to be. I laid out my past for the world to see on my profile. That's not where I am in my life now, and I want that to be really clear. I am doing what I consider to be... communication in a new - Ha! new... form. My friend Snowball sends me mental pictures of whats on her mind. I have to translate. I'm just a dumb American in the fact I am monolingual... and in a language that is totally messed up and at times backwards or opposite or twisted in some way from how MANY other people process information. People speak differently no matter where you are in the world, but there is one thing that absolutely stands out: Nonverbal communication. We have all been training in some form of mental telepathy since before birth. I'm just messing around with the Gates Technology and transforming it to the Atari 2600 version of what I'm really thinking... which is close to all the images I've been sharing. Some may not get it. Some may want to read a little too deep into what amounts to nonverbal communication. Can you send mental images to others?

    I noticed a ringing in my ears, and have subsequently been told in not so many terms that I'm experiencing tinnitus, or at least a light form of it. I can hear this (now these) sound(s) no matter which direction I turn my head. If I pay close attention to this noise - very high pitched shrilling sound that can drill deep into a headache and turn that thing into a physical nightmare - I noticed it was actually two sounds, one in each ear. Once I've got a lock on that, the third sound becomes clear. Fluttering, deep, pulsing...I can feel it in my chest. Meditation at this point, and I notice I'm naturally sitting up straight. Tingling all around my head. My forehead itches, and has some serious dry skin that I must be getting some kind of benefit from because it's totally pissing me off. But I can feel it - right there behind my forehead, and it almost feels like I'm an inch outside myself.

    This video is about the closest thing to that third sound I hear. As it turns out, its the frequency of our Mother Earth. Is she speaking to me? Or is that just the conduit of energy that I'm bathing myself in? I can sense the speed of thoughts of other drivers on the road. I either have to speed up, or slow down MY thoughts and I can match theirs - viola! they want that lane, or they can't balance on one foot when they are outside their car... or if they left their glasses home and can't see shit. There is a lot of truth in my personal experiences, and I wouldn't change them for the world. There is certainly a LOT more to my story, and if anyone is curious... I'll take the time to explain. I am moving forward. I have people that I hold dear in my heart that want nothing to do with me. It should be easy. With time... and asking yourself the right questions, it is easy. One day you wake up and its there.

    Read more: http://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/forum/topics/i-live-in-hell-the-co...

  • Same issue going on in NC.. There is the Alien Telepathic Link..and Satan calls it The Hive..

    • It's such a shame.  Now the water all around here is ruined with oil and toxic chemicals.  Then what they can manage to get back out, which is only around 40%, they evaporate into the air.  I can't allow myself to think of it too much, as I'm not able to cope with it.  I just keep saying, "the earth is changing",....'It's going to be ok, etc, etc. So hard to stay positive sometimes.


      • Hi Kathy, it is the dark ones who are destroying all of the water and our beauty on the planet.  They will soon be gone and all will be cleansed and restored.  I know how you are feeling.  What keeps me going is the fact that we are in the last months of this life.  I now try to think ahead and it isn't going to be so long that we have to hang on.  I am glad you are here and are open to all that is happening around us.  Please always remember to call on me here when you need to talk.  I usually check in at least once a day.   Blessings to you and stay strong, My Dear Friend!8116154460?profile=original

  • 8114190665?profile=originalI call this "The Road to Agartha".

  • 8114193695?profile=original

  • 8114189472?profile=original8114189493?profile=originalDear Melody Dove Love, I have been feeling exactly as you describe for many years now.  I live in the foothills, but every single noise that is not from nature, anything manmade, the sound of trucks, cars, people talking out in the road, racoons chasing and killing cats or smaller creatures.  I can barely get any rest to ground myself.  I have been so extremely sensitive to anything manmade for years of my life. Bright lights, doorbells ringing, telephones ringing, car doors slamming.  I usually hybernate during the daytime and stay awake at night when the neighborhood is asleep.  Although I realize that you have a small child and are not able to time your life that way.  I've screamed alone in my car until I can't stand it any more.  " Why don't they all respect the quietness of nature?" I keep asking?  Now I finally feel there will be a relief from all of this manmade commotion..I have asked the Agarthians to allow me to visit them and join with them when the time is ready.  I look forward to resonating with other souls who understand the importance of respecting the beauty around us without resorting to man made noises every second.   I am relating to you in your delemna, Dear.  Contact me please at my email.  We can talk more...Yvonne in Sonora foothills, California

    • Dear Yvonne, your email soothed me and helped me to feel not so all alone.  I feel exactly the same way you do.  Recently the oil field moved all around my house out in the country where I live, and over these past 19 months, I have suffered a complete mental, emotionnal and physical breakdown.  I pray daily for peace and quiet and yes, I too find myself closing off the curtains during the day just to shut out the commotion.  So sad not to be able to enjoy the day anymore.  Trucks, heavy equipment all up and down my road.  Yes, sometimes I think I have already died and gone to hell.  Even the loud voices of the drillers and those machines drilling in the ground sound like demons to me. 

      • Dear Kathy, I am so very happy that you have written to me!   Please know that I am always here for you.  It is wonderful to find so many kind and loving souls who will hear our cries and comfort us.   I have sent you a friend request.  Many Blessings and Love, Yvonne8116154085?profile=originalCALIFORNIA POPPIES

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