Ukraine Crisis

Dear friends and members.


I'm so sorry to have to bring this grim news to your attention, but I must....

A war is planned for the world, by dark vested interests....


And my Master is concerned with the unfoldment of European civillization, as the official Hierarchy appointed; Regent of Europe.... So our concerns to prevent war, while respecting freewill, are legitimate and this a significant matter of utmost importance......


We've no desire to cause needless divisions among ACC members debating this topic, but my singular focus is one that duty demands....And I must provide this data for your earnest consideration, as it is essential for you to comprehend the historical situation, as it now stands.....


The future of human civilisation is at stake, thanks to the dire efforts of the dark cabal, who are intent on provoking a world war....


YET, FEAR NOT......But kindly be informed of the situation...with some detachment from the outcome.


Note that the GFL will prevent a major escalation and will stop any serious attempts to inflame this scenario into an actual thermo-nuclear exchange....That will NOT be permitted....BUT, we must explain who is behind the current conflicts....It should be plain to those with intuitive abilities....


Yet still, many are confused and must be informed of truth...The cabal has muddied the waters so, so very effectively, leaving many innocents,  none the wiser....


We must clarify the scenario....


Consequently, the GFL and Master R approve this RT video debate and can confirm it's veracity, without reservation...Please view it and yet remain fearless, with detachment and be fully informed of TRUTH...


If you can bear with us at this critical juncture, be confident that our victory is assured......


My Master, the Mahachohan,  extends his wisdom to you all, in love and light....


Blessings of peace,


Commander Omega




Our Earth Allies in Russia are fully primed and prepared, to not be provoked into another world war....But will resist evil in Europe and will stand for justice, nevertheless...The dark cabal will's time is short....

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                • Yes, the GFL have sabotaged any possible "bluebeam" scenario, these madmen may try to utilise.....That scenario was originall created for a 1950s mindset audience, of human consciousness.....People today would not fall for such nonsense, that the dark had assumed would win hearts and minds to their cause, of "defending the earth from aliens,"

                  To rally all in the service of uncle sam and "god"....LOL....


                  Using holography and religious iconography, is another aspect that simply would not work on a modern audience......It might work in the mid east, in a limited way, but the cabal want it to work in the west, especially.....


                  How can an image of "Jesus" sway large numbers of secular atheists...?? Bluebeam had several facets, totally unuseable today...

                  Bluebeam is just so much fear...


                  Note that many people are skeptical of the veracity of the new western provoked coldwar with Russia and China.....The anglo-amerikan cabal strategists are losing cards to play...thus they scrape the barrel for nazis in Kiev...and islamists in the east.....It's not going to work...

  • Great info, thank you, Drekx :-)

    • Thanks sweetheart...glad you found this interesting....It's certainly topical and worth our efforts to research.....


      The madness of US foreign policy is increasingly being placed under the spotlight, by a more aware journalism, an informed public and educated global audience.....People everywhere are seeing the naked Amerikan emperor and pointing..... ;-)


      NATO and the EU are exposed as facets of US foreign policy, working for the cabal's interests, exclusively....

  • As someone who used to use this website around two years ago, this is absolute bullshit. Stop kidding yourselves. Also how in Gods name is RT a good news source?? it's literally owned by the Russian state you complete moron. I mean is this some kind of joke I am missing?

    This idiot is trying to make you believe in all this rubbish. Seriously read it back it's like a chapter from Lord of the Rings. Stop listening to it..

    • I see you are living up to your namesake....of "howling....??"

      Maybe "barking dog" would be more apt.....?? Lots of abuse in that post...most unsavoury language you use...Don't come back...

  • More like Eons since that particular Blame Game is as old as the Inner Earth separation event. :)

  • Another good article about the geo-political situation, from EIR....



    Future of Europe's Nations
    Is with the New Silk Road

    by Helga Zepp-LaRouche



    May 30—The Earth-shattering successes of opponents of the European Union in the European Parliamentary elections on May 22-25 (in France, Great Britain, Greece, and Ireland), and the considerable success of anti-EU parties in Denmark, Italy, Hungary, Austria, and Poland, signify a turning point: the beginning of the end of the EU empire. Voters held the EU bureaucracy in Brussels accountable for the failed experiment of the European Monetary Union, for the violation of human rights by the Troika's austerity policies in Greece, Italy, Spain, and Portugal, and for the French government's Brussels-inspired austerity program. The subsequent haggling over who will be president of the EU Commission is a sign of the illness that afflicts the EU: the virus of discord is spreading.

    In many world capitals, speculation is rife about what the EU's future holds and what effect this revolt will have on the strategic situation overall. And here opinions are divided. For those both inside and outside the EU who believed the Brussels propaganda—that the EU is the guarantor of peace both internally and externally, that it defends Europe's interests against other power blocs, and that therefore it benefits everyone—this election was a cold shower, which will hopefully lead them to a better recognition of reality.

    The election was a very positive development, however, for those who have seen the EU, ever since the signing of the Maastricht Treaty in 1992, as a continually expanding empire; along with the eastern expansion of NATO, it has been part of the strategic encirclement of Russia, and has become more and more a monster, representing only the interests of the banks at the expense of the common good, while the gap between rich and poor becomes intolerably wide.

    The Strategic Danger

    No thinking person can now doubt that there are parallels to the outbreak of World War I, one hundred years ago, in 1914. But because of the thermonuclear arsenals today that could wipe out the human race a dozen times over, and, given the consequences that a civil war in Ukraine could have, the world situation now is much more dangerous. After all, in a third world war, mankind could cease to exist.

    Despite the so-called "narratives" being circulated by political think-tanks and the mass media, the danger of war does not emanate from Russian President Vladimir Putin, nor from China. It is exclusively the result of both deliberate decisions and errors on the part of the West:

    1. the refusal to include Russia in new alliances after the collapse of the Soviet Union;

    2. the broken promises to Russia after the disbanding of the Soviet Union, that NATO would not expand toward Russia's borders;

    3. the ultimatum included in the EU Association Agreement for Ukraine, which would have made Russia indefensible and would force Ukraine to split in two, because of the country's internal composition;

    4. the policy of regime change at any price, which, along with the long-term Western financing of 2,200 NGOs in Ukraine, unleashed a well-known Nazi Frankenstein monster; and then,

    5. the unbelievable audacity of covering up who was actually responsible for the atrocities in Odessa, for example, while preaching democracy and human rights.

    The fact is, the people in the nations of Europe do not believe these "narratives." The last time there was a comparable discrepancy between the official party/media line, and what the people actually thought, was in October 1989 in the German Democratic Republic [East Germany]. The people of Europe experienced world war twice on their territory in the 20th Century, and even if they don't know all the facts and historical background, they recognize the demonization of Putin as war-mongering, and voted against the parties that are promoting it.

    A Bankers' Dictatorship

    The second main reason for the election result was, of course, what the EU has become, from the Maastricht Treaty to the Lisbon Treaty (2009): a supranational dictatorship in the interest of the banks and speculators. Instead of taking up the historic opportunity presented by the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989—which could have been one of humanity's most shining moments, to establish an order of peace for the 21st Century—the same old geopolitics went into effect which had led to the First World War. Germany was forced, as the price for reunification, to give up its sovereignty over its own currency, the deutschemark; to vote (against its better judgment) for the European Monetary Union; and to allow itself to be squeezed into the corset of the EU's Maastricht Treaty. With the introduction of the euro, the Eurozone and implicitly the entire EU became the regional representation of "globalization"—which was nothing but a synonym for a world empire based on the Anglo-American special relationship.

    The EU of the Lisbon Treaty, which the oligarchical circles want to replace as soon as possible with a European Super-State, is nothing more than a new version of the empires that ruled Europe for millennia: the Greek Empire described by Thucydides, which destroyed ancient Greece; the Roman Empire; the Venetian Empire; the Dutch-English Empire; and finally the British Empire, which has by no means disappeared, but continues to exist in the form of globalization.

    There is a deeper truth in the legend that Zeus, the human-hating god of Olympus, turned into a bull in order to seduce Europa. If we look at the main conflict of in European history of the last 3,000 years from the standpoint of Greek mythology, we see the clash between the oligarchical system of Zeus and the progressive system of Prometheus, who brought mankind fire and thus scientific and technological progress; or from the point of view of Christianity, the equivalent is the contrast between Satan and the goodness of God. The Europe of the EU today has undoubtedly succumbed to the blandishments of Zeus. And how could the system of globalization be described, if it accepts the death of millions of people? Certainly not as Christian.

    The fact is that the EU is a European Empire, and that there is no such thing as a single European people. At least some of the 28 nations that have been brought together under the yoke of the Brussels dictatorship have expressed this. And because the trans-Atlantic financial system is hopelessly bankrupt, and the Troika has nothing to offer except lethal formulas in the interest of the banks and speculators, this oligarchical construct will come to an end in an extremely short time. If Europe's nations are to survive, the imperial character of Europe must be overcome as soon as possible!

    The New Silk Road

    Fortunately, an alternative is coming together: a grouping of nations that are instead committed to the Promethean principle of development of their populations and cooperation among sovereign republics. China has made its program of a New Silk Road between Asia and Europe a priority, while the May 20 Shanghai agreement between Russia and China, for strategic cooperation and 46 individual accords for fundamental collaboration, including in high-technology areas, has created a new pole, which is also oriented toward India and most other Asian states. Everything will now depend on a group of Eurasian nations coming together as fast as possible in an alliance of sovereign republics, which renounces once and for all the idea of war as a means of conflict resolution, and works together for the common aims of mankind.

    The New Silk Road—i.e., the launch of many infrastructure projects on the highest technical level, which is the prerequisite for the development of land-locked regions of the Eurasian continent, but also of Africa—has now been placed on the agenda because of this new alliance between China and Russia. This begins to make a new economic geometry become a reality: long-term development of the real economy and the common good, replacing the old geometry of "let the select few get rich quick."

    Even if supposedly practical politicians have still not fully understood it, the vote in the European elections signifies the end of an era. Humanity has the prospect of a future again."

  • Thanks Peekay.....


    I will also add this article about the Eurasian Union's challenge to what Nancy Spannaus describes as the "British Empire," which is a type of euphemism for the Anglo-Amerikan neo-liberal model for modern globalisation...


    "June 2—"The British Empire is in deep trouble," concluded American statesman Lyndon LaRouche in his May 31 webcast. Look at the situation globally, he said. We have a burgeoning revolt in continental Europe, involving opposition to the Empire's agenda of war and economic dictatorship in France, Germany, and potentially Italy.

    "We have the development of the relationship of China, Russia, and India, now," LaRouche continued. "Now these are three nations in Eurasia, which now are the leading powers in Eurasia. Now you have three nations which are striking out against Britain—not explicitly, but implicitly. And implicitly is sometimes better than explicitly, implicitly lets you have some maneuvers to manipulate the fears of your enemies. That's sometimes useful.

    "What this all means is, that we are now in a situation strategically, where what is clear, with one exception, is that the British Empire is now in a difficult situation. Because we have two parts of the Eurasian world which are now in question, and resistance against the British Empire is piling in. At the same time, we are on the verge of an imminent bail-in crisis which sweeps across from western Europe, across into the United States and areas beyond—the trans-Atlantic region. We're coming to a crisis point, because an actual bail-in explosion in the trans-Atlantic region would be absolutely chaotic in its effect on the planet as a whole."

    What's missing, LaRouche went on to explain, is the United States, which remains politically, through its President, in particular, under the control of the British Empire. That's the nut that has to be cracked in the United States, by the removal of Obama by multiply-justified impeachment and the re-institution of FDR's Glass-Steagall law.

    Until Obama is removed, the world remains in imminent danger of a British-instigated thermonuclear war; and until Glass-Steagall is in place, the City of London/Wall Street crowd threatens to bring on the same genocidal result through economic means.


    It was 1998 when Lyndon LaRouche first put forward his concept of the Strategic Triangle of Russia, China, and India, as a coalition of powerful Asian powers, which should join with the United States as a counter to the British Imperial domination of the planet. The idea was that these four powers would form the basis for a new financial architecture based on credit for high-technology economic development.

    Lyndon and Helga LaRouche had also promoted a "Eurasian Union," or "Eurasian Land-Bridge," as a broader concept, during several visits to Russia and Ukraine in the mid-1990s.

    The trilateral development concept was pursued in Russia during the short premiership of Yevgeni Primakov in 1998-99, but progress has been slow, despite the powerful message sent by the 2007-08 financial blowout that the Western monetary system was dead. The October 2009 summit between Russia and China in Beijing, produced a major step forward in terms of a nexus of agreements that went beyond deals on raw materials, and the entry of Chinese President Xi Jinping into office in November 2012 has seen accelerated diplomatic and economic contacts.

    The biggest breakthrough, however, came with the summit between the two giants last month, when the problems which had been holding up the 30-year gas deal between the two nations, which had been under negotiation for a decade, were finally resolved, in the context of a broad swath of economic agreements, which will involve significant investment in transport infrastructure, as well as pipelines.

    Interestingly, this meeting is being followed up June 3 with a meeting between the Chinese and Russian finance ministers, scheduled to discuss investment projects involving Russia's sovereign wealth fund, the Russian National Welfare Fund, and the smaller Russian Direct Investment Fund. Also on the agenda, Russian agencies reported June 4, are bilateral currency and credit swap arrangements, as well as moves toward China's joining the Eurasian Development bank, an institution set up by Russia and Kazakstan in 2006, and later joined by Armenia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan.

    India's participation in this process, as an Asian superpower with enormous technological capabilities, has now also come on line, with the election of its new President, Narendra Modi. India was a long-standing economic partner with Russia in the Soviet period, but their ties experienced a relative setback under the radical free-trade policies of 1990s Russia. Over the last years, moreover, the United States has sought to woo India into its "anti-China" alliance with promises of economic gains. More importantly, India was weakened by a government dominated by a Congress Party which failed to address the crying need to make economic development for all Indians its raison d'être.

    Now, as we elaborated in our article on the recent presidential election, and in a followup in this issue, India has a new orientation, summed up in Modi's electoral slogan "Development, Development, Development." The Indian prime minister has expressed his desire to maintain India's historically close ties to Russia, and to press forward for good relations with China, overcoming the legacy of tensions from the past. It is a good sign that the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Li will visit Delhi on June 8—one of the first foreign visits to the new government, outside the inauguration itself.

    Strategic Depth

    Overall, all three of these Asian giants are primed to create an economic superpower alliance based on collaboration around the crucial projects required to bring the planet out of its current disastrous state—especially, nuclear fission and fusion, and exploration of space, as dramatized by the Chinese landing on the Moon. To be successful, however, such an orientation also requires a world without war—meaning, a world without the evil British Empire.

    To accomplish this, will require a global political shift beyond Asia, some of which is already underway: first, as noted by LaRouche, the shift against the Empire's economic policy in continental Europe; second, a decisive shift within the Empire's current enforcer, the United States.

    The role of the LaRouche movement is critical on all of these fronts. As our coverage of a high-level Moscow conference on "Problems of the Sustained Development of Mankind in the System "Nature-Society-Man" in this issue demonstrates, Lyndon LaRouche is continuing to provide the scientific leadership internationally which is necessary to successfully shifting to a post-imperialist era internationally. "


  • well in slawyansk there are allready fights for over a month now, will it stay regional or will it be allowed to became a greater conflict with russia and nato involved?

    Why don't we just get on with NESARA and mass arrests, because there are a lot more people looking for peace, beside the western propaganda?

    • In germany and austria for instance there are mondays rallies (solemn vigil for peace) again, like in the time of the cold war.

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