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People on Planet Earth should no longer listen or apply the term racialist ...AS THE MAJORITY OF THE TIME YOU ARE PROVOKED and the real guilty ones are mostly the ones who claim that the other people are racialist.

Also by using the term racialist the real guilty ones have got their own ways.

Black, white, brown, yellow or blue doesn't matter at all but Karma's of the people matter.

No longer buy the term longer listen or believe in it as it's VALUE HAS SUNK TO THE VERY LOW. 

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Have you heard of this before was on the papers recently ...Some of the black people when applying for a job interview by phone deliberately put up a more English ascent so they are invited for an interview...this was in the local press  

Have you heard of the team ...BLACK LIVES MATTER.. they should be counter attacked by those who believe in that ALL LIVES MATTER ..most black people are meat eaters so they DON'T EVEN KNOW THAT YOU WHAT YOU EAT ..PLUS THIS ALSO SHOWS THAT SOME OF THE SCREWS IN THEIR BRAINS ARE MISSING AS THEY DON'T EVEN KNOW THAT ALL LIVES MATTER 



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