i am going to die

so i guess this is my last letter to you all

i dont know if im going with ashtar or if im not

i guess acceptance adn just being was the last thing i wouldve been able to do

i dont know when im going but i am

i just wanted to say if we are all one of me then i guess seperating finding each other in this world was really fun hard tears laughs thank you for being there and even if you think you werent you were

love is me and i am you i love you

peace bro see you on the side without a voice just an existed whisper


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  • Hey, where is Aquarius?
  • we all pass into the light forever becoming tht wich we have chosen to be. Blessed be your journey dear friend. Ashtar is with you. Sananda loves you and all is well in the heavenly realms. BE WELL, BE as you WILL:) Peace be with you

  • Aquarius.. brother, can you be more specifc about what you are saying? .. I mean are you terminally ill, are you suicidal.. are you in hospital.. is it depression? I mean those questions in the most deeply loving way possible as I think we all do here.. I read your post last night and I didn't reply until now because it kind of threw me for six.. I went home and I asked my higher self to have a chat with your guides.. so that if you are really going to die physically soon.. then may the transition be gentle and painless for you.. my brother, I lost my Mother not long ago, she had severe parkinsons disease and she died while I was holding her in my arms, I know the depth of someone close passing over and the grief it brought... and still brings to me.. perhaps you can share a little more with us (only if you feel right about it, of course) ..because we are all here to support each other with only Love.


    either way, you are our brother.. and you are Loved more than you can imagine..

    Love and peace to you brother.  

    • Actually.. y'know what Aquarius.. you dont have to reply to my question at all my brother.. I re-read your post and I find it to be very touching.. all I can say is.. best wishes to you, may it be painless for you.. see you when it all wraps up, when we are all reunited...and if is in your will.. may you be reunited with the one who is part of you ..or your twin flame if you so will it to be.



      We Love you forever.


  • As the eye of morning to the lark, as the shade of evening to the owl, as the honey to the bee, or as the carcass to the vulture; even such is life unto the heart of man.


    Think Not with the fool that nothing is more valuable; nor believe with the pretended wise, that thou oughtest to condemn it. Love it not for itself, but for the good it may be of to others.

  • peace and love(: see you on the other side.

  • Please don't go; hold on... it won't be long now....

    You are part of us, you are ushering a new age of enlightenment.  This too shall pass, you are changing as are we all...

    You are loved and appreciated :)

  • There is a lot of brothers and sisters meditating on you, now. I mean, nobody knows what is really happening there, but everybody wants the best for you, as you are a living part of us.  so, whatever you have to decide, have a good sleep first, and ask for guidance from your guardian angels.  They will be with you, and we booth, tonight,  hugs.  Maybe you have a long way here with us, if it's what God planes for you.  be my friend...

  • There are very little specifics to this message and I don't really know what impression to come away with. Is it a suicide warning? Have you been diagnosed with some terminal illness? Do you simply know that you are going to die? Do you mean that you are going to die inevitably, someday, as we all must? Are you being metaphorical?

  • You really need help, dude. Go tomorrow to see a psychiatrist.

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