Hi everyone,

Things seem to be cornering me right now...

Can you send me your light and love.

I try not to concentrate on the annoying, desperate times I am living in and keep triving forwards but it gets heavy on my shoulders sometimes, and I need some help lightening the load.


Yes I start something then I try to tend to another thing, and another and another.. where does it end.

Its money and children, and money again =(


I love being here, but its tough at times keeping things afloat and its getting me down.. I know there is light in the end, but I need a little now..

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  • Hi Dear,


    Just relax..........


    Everybody has to have hard times some time or other .... just relax....


    See how many friends you have here who really wish good things for you from their heart......


    Try this for few days .... It will help trust me ....


    When you get up in the morning in the bed only sit straight and just relax .... Chant "OM" for few minutes... and say to your self "Today my day is going to be very happy as I have many friends who love me, who care for me and I have full faith in Almighty that HE will make me happy today."


    Say it 3 or 5 times and start your daily routine.


    If possible also do it before sleeping...


    I will wait for response from you...


    AND I am sending you lots and lots of LOVE and LIGHT and DIVINITY for you ... as I am writing this to you...


    BE HAPPY....


    Let Love, Light and Divinity fill us all......................................


  • Just go with the flow, I too have and am experiencing difficult and odd times, also try not too live in the past, and do NOT worry about money, focus on your happiness, love, and daily routines, then focus on others. try that and maybe it will help, it seems to work for me :D..







    You are already free, now use your freedom and manifest the golden life thats supposed to be there! :D


  • Hi Soulz83

    .. we're all fed up sister..and the more sensitive you are.. the more fed up you feel..

    all I can say is hang in there.. with the will to change your view of things.. continue visualising positive outcomes..

    .. and remember.. we are pretty much all in the same boat... you want to see great change in your life ?.. it starts with you.



  • hi ya darling,hope you are feeling better.we are so lucky to all have each other on this site a? All the love and help that has been sent, please accept some from me also. When i read your plea it occurred to me that you might have been picking up some of the energies which were abound in Queensland from the flood. Wow so much water, affecting so many people and so many intense emotions, sure i saw the QL. premier shed tears on the news more than once that week. Think its part of caring?  Lots of love Shelley.
    • Ha ha D'tewa, loved the goat joke (I love sick jokes, lol) and point well taken about taking time to laugh.  If we did more laughing and seeing the comical side to life and less time wallowing in despair over the obviously negative things (or what we label as negative) then maybe life would be more exciting and fresh.  Higher vibrations bring better experiences.  It is the most difficult thing to do. I am sending love and light to all my precious friends here.  The responses here are wonderful.  It is so nice to have so many light shining souls come together to uplift each other.
  • Behind every cloud there is always light :)



  • Long ago I learned that if I can find a quiet room for just 2 minutes and then:  Close your eyes, take 4-5 deep breaths, to calm yourself, visualize your angel, archangel and spirit guide in front of you, and then ask for their help with your problems.  Thank them for being there for you.  They are there to help you.  Just ask.  I will be 74 next week and it works.  Also a short prayer that has helped many times is as follows:


    Dear Lord, Please put a white cloud of love and protection around me,

    Know that I am a child of God and let no harm come to me.


    Visualize that white cloud surrounding you with its love, warmth and protection.  Then thank God, take another couple of deep breaths and get on with your life - knowning that your angels and God are there for you.  Listen to your inner voice(intuition).  They are talking to you.   You will conqueor each day with a little help and love from above.


    That short prayer has protected me on multiple occassions.  I hope it also works for you.



    Ed in Indiana

  • Hey you. I pray to God and the Goddess, that they will work the matrix, to send you several blessings. One being a job, or cash flow, or help in that area. To your kids, for safety and peace and health. And about your mother, for resolution and closure with that. You didnt say if she died or what, doesnt matter. Remember to follow the golden rule, stay nuturing, kind, and caring, be sober and vigilent. May your personal matrix be blessed with positive light streams, from the Fathers throne, in Jesus name -amen...peace kiddo
  • Hello Soulz83,

    I am send you much love and light. Hope you are feeling much better today.

  • Hello Soulz 83,

    I read and understand your frustration very well,maybe because Im so down myself now too,

    BUT I have always some love, light, kindness, smiles, hugs and blessings to send to people

    so now Im sending it all to you too :-) Maybe you will get a smile on your face too as Im getting

    now ;-) Its strange but when someone will have help from me, it makes me happy and sad, sad

    because your tired and confused, happy to be able to help so hope you smile and have a good

    week ahead with less confusion and more light and happiness :-)

    If you want to have more contact with me, just send me a message,

    I will try to help :-) Take care and be good to yourself now :-)

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