Hello my lovely and beautiful friends, I wanted to share some more information I received a while back along with a technique that I began using along my evolving path to mastery of Soul Travel. This is a very simple technique, but I have absolutely proven its effectiveness through my own experiences. And with the ever-increasing updates and improvements we are receiving within our bodies, this process of unlocking our awareness to our multidimensional nature truly becomes an accelerated process! 

Time to put the angel into Change!

This process will ABSOLUTELY help accelerate your path to:

  • Learning your true soul nature
  • Learning your Akashic Records(at least those associated with Planet Earth)
  • Opening communication with your Higher Self
  • Opening communication with your Guides/Angels
  • Developing your Telepathic abilities
  • Understanding the structures/layers of the 4th dimension
  • Knowing the difference between:
    Astral experience 
    Causal/Mental experience 
    Soul Travel to other places; other worlds, star ships, Inner Earth

This process helps you to begin opening your awareness up to ALL THAT YOU ARE, beginning with being aware in your sleep state as well as remembering the entire experience rather than the final moments of each experience. You will begin to unlock and discover the different aspects of falling asleep or consciousness, from physical awareness, to thinking, to meditating, to causal/mental remote visual and inter-dimensional experiences, to astral experiences about emotional analysis and/or karmic lessons and to soul travelling to other places while interacting with other people and guides and angels.

I am more than happy to answer questions here, but I would prefer to email through my website: jacob at divinewillpower.com

..in love and adoration and gratitude for all that you are and all that you do,


Video Description Copied from my YouTube Channel:

I created this simple technique several months ago and have been using it just about every night since. I speak from experience of this technique absolutely working! Beyond the instructions in the video, I would like to fill in some specific information about how this technique works.

The key is to intentionally raise your vibrations in loving embrace of oneself as well as setting your deliberate intent to rise above the Astral, Causal and Mental Layers of the 4th dimension. With the ever increasing cosmic energies and the changes being implemented to our DNA every day, so long as you retain the intent to ascend, you will be well on your way to expanding into your multidimensional awareness.

In absolute loving acceptance of all that you are and all that is, you will indeed rise above the old astral prison system and begin interacting with your Star Family. Tell them you are coming! Be specific about your deliberate intent, always ask for assistance and know that while shifting into the higher dimensions, if only temporarily during your sleep cycle, you will be among loved ones as that is your guarantee of falling asleep in loving embrace of your Heart Center! Please also read about FAITH below as it is only your own doubts and fears that will hold you back.

ABOUT FAITH -The Key To Ascension:
As infinitely powerful Creator Beings, it is our responsibility to ourselves, to Gaia and to all of humanity alike to monitor and master our thoughts and emotions. True bravery is transmuting our Fears to Faith. When we are in Fear, this stems from all that is unknown or misunderstood to us. It is when we surrender our Fears to Faith that all these unknowns, concerns, doubts and all that we do not understand simply falls away. Faith is retaining this knowing within that all our desires will be fulfilled through the power of Nature and/or the Laws of the Universe. Faith cannot be learned, or taught. It can only be experienced, or chosen through your connection to your Divine Will, your Deliberate Intent and your connection to God.

Faith is not something that can be given to you or ever will be provided to you as proof. It IS however and always will be rewarded and so far beyond your wildest imagination. Do not ask creator for proof my friends and instead, BE that proof. This is Faith. Just as with Happiness, Faith is as simple as a choice, but much more than simply choosing to be Happy. Happiness is the absolute loving acceptance of ALL THAT IS in the "Now Moment" A step beyond Happiness, Faith is surrendering to the knowing that your Happiness will indeed continue beyond the "Now Moment" allowing us to truly become ALL THAT WE ARE; from God to our atoms and everything in between! By this, I mean from Creator to the light of our souls, through our Multidimensional Nature, to our more subtle bodies, to the very atoms that manifest our entire illusory experience!

Have Faith, my lovely and beautiful friends, and together WE will BE the change! This is how we WIN! This is the path to the awareness of ALL THAT WE ARE in Unity, together as ONE. WE are the CO-CREATORS manifesting the New Earth Sun, our emerging Little Blue Star!

For FREE Guidance, Support and Healing Tools, Email anytime through my website at:


I also do Remote Magnetic Resonance healing for only $35 per Hour! I am not in this for the money. It is my goal to empower you so that you can become ALL THAT YOU ARE!

Please also check out my I AM THAT I AM Affirmation Tool/video:


I embrace ALL THAT I AM… in Loving acceptance

I AM ALL THAT I AM, Free to be who…

I AM ALL THAT I AM In Harmony with divine will.

I AM ALL THAT I AM at Peace with who…

I AM ALL THAT I AM in my most Joyous experiences.

I AM ALL THAT I AM in unconditional Love.

I AM ALL THAT I AM in my highest light.

I AM ALL THAT I AM giving Praise wherever  light shines.

I AM ALL THAT I AM as I practice Forgiveness.

I AM ALL THAT I AM with Compassion for all alike.

I AM ALL THAT I AM while trusting in my heart.

I AM ALL THAT I AM as I act in Kindness.

I AM ALL THAT I AM a Teacher of the light.

I AM ALL THAT I AM learning gracefully through humility.

I AM ALL THAT I AM gracious of every lesson learned.

I AM ALL THAT I AM in Unity with all…

I AM ALL THAT I AM one with Creator.

I AM ALL THAT I AM as I give faith to ever greaterness.

I surrender to ALL THAT I AM... a celebration of life

I AM ALL THAT I AM one with Gaia

I AM ALL THAT I AM one with her soil   (Root Chakra)

I AM ALL THAT I AM one with her Waters  (Sacral Chakra)

I AM ALL THAT I AM one with our Sun   (Solar Plexus Chakra)

I AM ALL THAT I AM one with the Air   (Heart Chakra)

I AM ALL THAT I AM one with the Ethers   (Throat Chakra)

I AM ALL THAT I AM one with the Static Electrical Fields   (Ascension Chakra)

I AM ALL THAT I AM one with the divine blueprint   (DNA/3rd Eye Chakra)

I AM ALL THAT I AM one with the rainbow of life   (Crown Gateway)

I AM ALL THAT I AM, consciously aware

I AM ALL THAT I AM as my emotions show me…

I AM ALL THAT I AM in my Feelings.

I AM ALL THAT I AM as my feelings show me…

I AM ALL THAT I AM in my knowing.

I AM ALL THAT I AM with my multidimensional nature.

I AM ALL THAT I AM Complete.

I AM ALL THAT I AM an ever expanding container of love.

Please consider "Sharing" or "Like"ing this page or my Video! 


Why is it FREE?

I am receiving several emails asking me about this and I figure I should explain. Essentially, it comes down to choosing to fully live in the New Earth Frequencies rather than supporting a failing system on the verge of collapse. This is how we manifest the new, by being the changes we want for our dear Gaia. This information is also available in greater depth on my website here:

It is my humble nature and personal progression or level of mastery that I have reached the comprehension that such things should never have a price put on them; spiritual teachings must be free. There must never be put a price on "Truth" as it is found within YOU(r own heart)! 

Beyond my FREE email support of which I do spend a great deal of my time with, I do also offer Remote Healing Sessions at only $35 per hour. However these powerful and individual healing sessions are the only thing I charge for and these sessions are not required to interact with me. In fact, it is my goal to answer all your initial email questions as well as to point all my dear friends to your own hearts, as I know through personal experience that Only Through The Open Heart Can You Find The Door That Leads To Eternity. Do we not ALL have hearts? ;)
Why does Jacob offer so much for so little?! Whether your questions come in our live sessions or in my FREE email mentoring and guidance, I too am greatly rewarded in each intensive healing session I provide just as with each and every email I send to another dear heart. Each question or topic we discuss during our calls or through email contact allows me to interact with both your Higher Self and your personal crew of Angels and so I am also an equally privileged student to all the incoming wisdom as I share this with you. It is my belief that All Healing Should Be Free! My minimal fee is only in place so that I do not get taken advantage of. <3
I am NOT in this to make money! :) I am offering my personal healing gifts to directly empower and to kick start as many of my fellow ground crew friends and family as I can! Each of us are at a different place spiritually, and I am overjoyed to be in a position that I can help others! And being in this position makes it my responsibility to do so! 
Ask and you shall receive, dear hearts. That is spiritual law, okay?! Is it affordable? Yes. Is it real? Yes! Ask your own heart and you will find this knowing within. I hope that helps clear up this question,
Jacob <3


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  • Oh! I'm so very happy to hear that this was a help to you! :) Thanks for sharing. :) So close now! :) (((HUGS))) Jacob

  • YAYS!!! :) :) :) 

    "knock, knock, knock..." hehe ;) 

  • I like this,am a new member of this group and I love what is written,wish I could afford a consultation but am unemployed and have to budget yet I get by sites and posts like this are very helpful.Thanks for this,From Thundering Buffalo/Eagle aka Philip Shearer.

    • Dear Philip, the way I look at it, it is my responsibility and obligation to help those asking for assistance, so long as they are doing so from their hearts. Our Star Brothers and Sisters don't ask for anything in return, do they? That is the role I chose to play in manifesting the world I want to participate in. : ) You don't need to purchase a session. Email me anytime through my site. I'd be glad to help you with any questions or concerns you're struggling with. jacob at divinewillpower.com 

      • Thank-you for this and it is really helpful to me I like what you do and it really feels right in my heart.I love this group and what is here with thanks I shall email you take care Philip

  • Dear Divine will power,

    Your Knowledge is Good and You want to heal the people rather your friends,...for that you have to spend some time and for that time you have to take some energy exchange....

    To ask for return is not bad ....the person should have good intention....and greed is no good ...

    You are right.....my teacher at Chennai says that of course we should take some thing what we do some expenses ....

    People may say ...Spiritual Business....some will say Energy Exchange.....

    I think Nothing in this world is free.....Even to get rid of this body one should pay for the poison even....joking....

    When we are working on internet if you do not take any thing but Net bills one has to pay....including electricity....

    I AM That I Am.....


    • Thank you for your kind words dear heart, but I strongly disagree with you about what you say about "Nothing in this world is free" I suppose it depends on what you are interested in perhaps, but I have little to no interest in those things that require money to obtain and anything that requires money to obtain, is essentially worthless to the soul! The only things that truly have any worth are those things that are free according to spiritual law; love, light, truth and very the manifestation one chooses to experience; their Incarnate Being. 

      About truth, there is only one truth and it is meant to be found within us all, felt and known through the heart. And there must never be put a price on truth -EVER. For those paying for "truths" that they could otherwise obtain within their own hearts, it is their loss for looking in the wrong places. That is free will and they have every right to stay in that system. For those charging to provide truth, one should surely question the validity of this truth. I'm not saying one shouldn't charge or have some sort of exchange for healing gifts offered, as I do myself. 

      Yes it costs money to sustain the physical body here, but I am choosing to live according the the laws of the New Earth Sun as that is how I will best play my part in manifesting it. My whole point, dear heart, is that everything that is of any real value most certainly IS free. 

      I want to express as well that being in service and offering to help empower another soul is the most fulfilling thing one can experience. Our Star Brothers and Sisters don't ask for anything in return, do they? That is the role I chose to play in manifesting the world I want to participate in. When I assist others through email support, I am also being rewarded with wisdom and love and light from their higher selves and their group of guides and angels. What would Jesus do; ask for a sum of gold coins, or would he share the wisdom and love and light those dear souls are asking for from their hearts? 

      I hope that helps.. in love and adoration of all that you are and all that you do,


      EDIT: I wanted to add that I make the suggestion to send donations both in my emails responses and on my website. However it is NOT mandatory. I choose to have Faith that all my website costs will be balanced out so long as I retain the integrity of my gifts and services. So far, all is well and I am at peace.

      I had a long period as a general contractor, owned my own business and had great abundance and toys and material things. None of it ever brought me closer to source or made me happy like being in service to the Divine Plan. This is my experience and my preference. I know what I am manifesting; more of the same love and joy and bliss that I embrace within myself each and every day! 

  • I love this and the video,must get more of your videos truly beautiful and insightful and thanks for them.

  • Thank you so much for your guidance.

  • I am humbled and grateful Minerva thank you - Love and Light

This reply was deleted.

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