I have been connected to other humans through a Telepathic Link since Sept-2006. They all play games with me. They are attempting to make me stupid and fail test. They try and slow me down..Any Advise

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  • Asking for help is not weakness it is strength. I am happy if you are either my friend or my enemy. I accept such things instead of ignoring them. God bless and I hope you find your path. It is inevitable.
  • Be yourself and realize what power is within.  Do what you can when you can.  I know nothing of this "test", I only know what is.  It is inevitable that we eventually meet and I really do not like taking no for an answer.  I sent my letter to you to verify my existance.  I also made attempts to have someone else warn you of me Sir Galahad to see if you could realize who I am and that my only want is you, a friend.  My brain is not like everyone elses, I remember everything since I was six, and I know that rewriting oneself is not possible for ascension.  I am who I am.  It is inevitable, Mr. Anderson.  I appear as the bad guy when I am not.  In this venture I hold all the risks, if it flops, I alone will have to pay for it.  It explains my nature.

    • Dave, this may be the last message that you get from me on this subject...

      I don't know, and I don't care.

      Because of the sensitive nature of my transition at this time, I am ultra defensive.


      All I know is I can manifest anything I want, whether I have powers or not, and that includes finding a safe haven. Ill find somewhere else to go, with my loved ones.

      It may or may not be true that you and we end up working together in the future, but that doesn't mean I have to live with you. Besides I would probably be often gone, traveling, and my home would only be a place to come home to - so its not like I would be there all the time anyway.

      And if you and your place end up disappearing before the end of 2012, or afterwards, then I guess those are just the cards that fate plays. If so, I wish you happy journeys.


      For now, I am assuming that you do not even exist, just to be safe.

      In fact I would see it as a test of my own Decisiveness to not change my mind also, since caving in under pressure is a weakness, so for that reason alone Im Not Game for whatever it is you're sellin'

      And that's all I have to say, about that (in the words of forrest gump).

      ~ ~ Its not personal ~ ~

  • Violet Flame of Transmutation, to cut cords and connections.

  • Well do you feel like your ability to discern is getting any stronger, are you learning how to recognize a lie, and getting tired of the lies, are you able to associate a feeling of the content to it being a lie instead of your own desire, has it prompted you to search what you know for the truth and the ethers for more truth that both logic and the truth you know support.  Are you looking for confidence and strength, the power to know truth from false is a great strength useful in any relationship.  Are you sure they arent the test.  Are moments of confusion or the lack of access to you knowledges and memories occurring?  You do know your brain adapts what it learns in order to be more resilient and sure of itself and that means rewiring itself which could leave some things temporarily inaccessible, or if useless completely thrown out.

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