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My story!!  Starts as a kid always feeling different like I didn't really belong.  Always had a real love for the source.  Always simply just wanted to be home I guess you could say.  During my meditations I would pray take me out of this life take me home. I wanna go home.  I've always known however that my job is to be here for others.  Help others.  Show love for all those who cross my path.  It wasn't till I stated getting older that everything started coming to the light for me.  The source would send people to me to help me awaken.  Help me to understand what I'm here for.  Even though I had already been doing it all my life without realizing it.  Its simple we chose to come here to help humans ascend.  Help others find their peace.  Home will come to us all again someday when we have finished our jobs here on earth.

Earth name  Alisha Ann

Star name  Sapphirian Jade


Love and Light to you all 

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Hello Alisha!  Can you possibly change the font color cuz I can't read any of your post?  It's glowing blue against blue.  :(

Hey welcome Alisha/Sapphirian Jade. I tilted my computer and easily read your message of

introduction. May the Golden Rainbow overshadow you wherever you go may it blend with your blue

and always provide you with Healing Green which is also Violet. May your Heart Bubble with the

Golden Rainbow 24/7 healing all you come in touch with. Welcome to All That Is. As you walk inhale

and exhale Love. Blessings Love Joy Balance Grace Harmony Kingjeff

PS. It is a sign of Noah and of the Christ Consciousness returned

...Nice :)....Ive Always Felt Similar To Yourself....<3....Good To See You Here......Star Names...Interesting....Apparently Mine Is..... Kinovra.............Nice Orange Rose Wings...:).....Have A Thing About Orange

Welcome Alisha~!~

Welcome Alisha... Good to have you in the mix ~InLight555

* * * Apotheosis Rising 247 * * * 

welcome , im glad to see your realization its truly beauty . and we all wish the best on your beautiful journey.

Hi Alisha, welcome to ACC, hope you enjoy your time here as much as I do! Here's a gift given to me by a star on ACC, I hope you like, love & light sister :)

Hello and Welcome :)

And so I will as well :)



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