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I wanted to make a post where we can share some of the things that we have notice that have changed in us, our environment and surroundings. There are some obvious changes that have taken place since we started receiving these extra energies. Most changes have happened slowly and many people may not have even noticed. I figured this is an easy way of proving that things are indeed changing. Everyone can post things that they have noticed in their areas, things that may help to give another and themselves validation as to what is taking place across Gaia.

A few things that I have noticed are:

1) You can now hear birds chirping and singing during the night hours,  when they have normally been quiet in times past.

2) The sun has went from a yellowish color to its current white color over the past few years. As the frequency rises the color has gotten lighter. Finally others have taken notice of this fact.

3) Our Pear Trees grew fruit twice during one season last year, this has never happened before. They did not grow to maturity the second time, as the frost finally got them. The pears did grow to the size of golf balls though. Every year we cut our Rose bushes back in January here in SC. When they grew back this year they grew back differently. Instead of a branch here and there as they grew back, they popped out all over the place. They are just more vibrant now.

4) I don't know what to make of our Persimmon Trees. They are so many Persimmons growing that the tree can't support all of them and tons have fallen off? There are still more Persimmons left on it than in any other year in the past.

5) I have never seen our garden and grass so green either.

6) My diet has changed dramatically! I no longer want to eat as much meat. I am 6'4" tall and went from 270 lbs to my current 217 lbs. I just had my yearly physical at the VA Hospital and am general great health (except for previous injuries).

7) My sleep patterns are crazy! Sometimes I sleep only 3 or 4 hours and once in awhile I can sleep for 12 hours straight? Don't know what is going on here.

8) Mood swings, my wife says that I have (at times) been worse than a woman with PMS....lol. Not a good thing and am not sure if this is connected with these energies or not

I would love to hear what changes you have noticed within yourself and your environment. Maybe in sharing we can learn a little, or open or eyes and start to notice the changes that are taking place.

Much Love & Light

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  • Another thing.

    I keep finding articles, quotes, information, etc on whatever it is I need to know at the time.

    It's like the universe is helping me.

  • This sort of explains the sun: http://www.todayifoundout.com/index.php/2010/03/the-sun-is-white-no...

    and this explains the birds: http://www.thegeminigeek.com/why-do-birds-sing-at-night/

    The Sun is White Not Yellow
    Today I found out the Sun is white, not yellow. For you graphics people or web developers out there, the exact color of the sun is #fff5f2.  The reas…
  • i noticed spring 2 years ago is when everything looked greener and more vibrant. and even still to this day the colours in nature are so vivid its like someone put an affect on everything.

    my diet has changed as well... eating lighter foods more vegitarian.. organic.. also, ive taken up a huge intrest in growing my own veggies. theres something that is so rewarding and just feels right getting my own food from the soil i put my hands in!

    people really are becoming friendlier.

    • algso, im noticing sincronicities over and over and over again!!! every day small things to big things... its crazy.

  • Hello everyone. This is a good post!

    I myself find I am learing about myself, my bad bits and recognising the good bits.

    I too notice folk are being friendlier to each other and more lenient.

    I am ashamed to say I have started eating meat again after 7years :(

    And drinking coffee again too.

    I find many more are recognising their spiritual sides.

    I have at present 3 of my friends asking questions and telling me of experiences they have never spoken about.

    Sadly none I know of here at home want to talk about or laugh at my beliefs of life on other planets though .... one day ...

  • wow.the sleeping pattern even i already have 8 hours sleeps which is the normal sleeping..omg..i keeps yawning everyday ..the whole day..everytime i try to taste meat ..my tummy is rumbling and feeling want to vomit..yet my body is expanding..grea thing to know more meditation...

  • I did two deployments to OIF. I think a lot of the news stories of people doing crazy things are because they were already unstable and the CME's are pushing them over the edge. The voice experience only happened once, usually I will get images of other beings and images of scenes that are meant to give me guidance. It has increased a lot recently and sometimes when I wake up and keep my eyes closed I will receive quite a few messages.

  • Yes, I can relate. Physically all kinds of things happening. I feel like I'm vibrating all the time. Sometimes it feels like I'm not quite in my body, and if I move too fast, it feels like I'm stepping out of it. Maybe it's just all 'stress,' since we're undergoing major shifts in residential moves, job changes, etc., etc., OR it's really something else. I take Xanax to help tone it down, but try not to do that a lot. My husband has noticed the same things. I think we just thought it was us and our personal changes, but maybe not? IDK. I do notice the birds, but figured it's just staying lighter longer (Summer) and birds stay up later. The trees here in Bend, OR, do seem particularly vibrate this Spring/Summer; everything is so green and lush. I'm sure there's some logical explanation for that, like more rain in the winter, but can't say for sure. Right now my husband and I are in the Marriott until Thursday (after selling our house and business quicker than realtor history around here) and getting on a plane on Friday heading to Salinas, Ecuador. We were led there, went for a visit, bought a condo, and are moving there. We've gotten rid of boat loads of household 'stuff' in the last 6 weeks, and found homes for all our animals b/c we couldn't take them with us (old dog and flat nose cats the airlines wouldn't ship.) Now it's just us and we're heading off on a big adventure. Where it's going, no idea.

    Anyone else wish to share??

  • i put little video of it just up from this comment, all sorts, 2012 210 mp4, its very short but you can hear the little chirp, its so cute !

  • one of the blue tit chicks from my garden box, this one got out of box but wasnt strong enough, so 8 hours later after parents keep feeding it, it managed to fly off !!  but it was very painful watching it, hoping it would survive etc, i keep goin out then coming back home and creeping around the garden, i could heard the chirp and had to keep my dog indoors that day lol, until the little thing flew off,

    so yes, a happy ending xxxxxxxx i think there were 6 chicks this year  ............

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