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I wanted to make a post where we can share some of the things that we have notice that have changed in us, our environment and surroundings. There are some obvious changes that have taken place since we started receiving these extra energies. Most changes have happened slowly and many people may not have even noticed. I figured this is an easy way of proving that things are indeed changing. Everyone can post things that they have noticed in their areas, things that may help to give another and themselves validation as to what is taking place across Gaia.

A few things that I have noticed are:

1) You can now hear birds chirping and singing during the night hours,  when they have normally been quiet in times past.

2) The sun has went from a yellowish color to its current white color over the past few years. As the frequency rises the color has gotten lighter. Finally others have taken notice of this fact.

3) Our Pear Trees grew fruit twice during one season last year, this has never happened before. They did not grow to maturity the second time, as the frost finally got them. The pears did grow to the size of golf balls though. Every year we cut our Rose bushes back in January here in SC. When they grew back this year they grew back differently. Instead of a branch here and there as they grew back, they popped out all over the place. They are just more vibrant now.

4) I don't know what to make of our Persimmon Trees. They are so many Persimmons growing that the tree can't support all of them and tons have fallen off? There are still more Persimmons left on it than in any other year in the past.

5) I have never seen our garden and grass so green either.

6) My diet has changed dramatically! I no longer want to eat as much meat. I am 6'4" tall and went from 270 lbs to my current 217 lbs. I just had my yearly physical at the VA Hospital and am general great health (except for previous injuries).

7) My sleep patterns are crazy! Sometimes I sleep only 3 or 4 hours and once in awhile I can sleep for 12 hours straight? Don't know what is going on here.

8) Mood swings, my wife says that I have (at times) been worse than a woman with PMS....lol. Not a good thing and am not sure if this is connected with these energies or not

I would love to hear what changes you have noticed within yourself and your environment. Maybe in sharing we can learn a little, or open or eyes and start to notice the changes that are taking place.

Much Love & Light

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  • Have been seeing the surroundings much brighter like a kind of twilight white, and been only sleeping 3 to 4 hours and have REM sleep within those hours. amazing for us all.

  • i thought that birds are singing nowadays 24/7 because of too much background light from cities and all that, thought that it confuses them as it does with bugs, flyes, and all the insects. They think that's thesun.

  • oh, forgot to mention one more thing. I noticed that things which have smallest percentage of possibility to happen, they are most likely to happen and mostly this is with smallest details of our lives. This whole thing is still fascinates me so much :)))

    Harmony, Lukas.

  • i noticed when going out to eat that when i placed my order i was a self contained polite friendly unit with no story or preconcieved notions directed to who i was speaking with. i was aligned and had no shyness or insecurity. it was nice. i also notice that that is becoming the norm for me. i was at the store today just watching people interact with each other and seeing good people at work.

  • Hello everyone!

    We noticed quite a few too. Feels like everything is on the right path. It all started at the beginning of this year, start seeing ufo's in the so did a lot of my friends, i used to eat some chicken or fish but one day my tummy simply said no it :) said no to milk and soya too. colours became more bright, aswell as nature, sky, clouds. Last month had a lot of deja vu's, very real an bright dreams, some of them became true. Feeling really strong connection with nature and all the people but not much people around me feelin it, trying to guide em in right way :) my heart and root chakras get really active sometimes. It's too much put them all there.
    Stoped supporting banks,
    • Pharmacy, stopped buying anything what's made from oil or other completely not recyclable material just because I felt dat I need to do so.

      Peace n love everyone!

      I am really joyfull to read your experiences.
      Have to sleep :)
  • I talk to the trees in my copse, and they answer me, at least I believe it's them.

    My son, who is a medium, was 'hugging' one of the trees and said it was talking to him, but he couldn't understand what it was saying, he had to 'tune in' to it.

    Then he understood it.

    I also encourage my plants and flowers to grow, saying how ell they are doing etc.

  • My sleeping habits are way out of whack, very erratic, some nights I sleep right through to morning, other nights I just cannot sleep at all I never used to be like that before.  My eating habits have changed, more interested in fresh raw vegetables and fruit, I don"t eat meat.   I see changes in my garden of late. I heard recently that the sun has moved position. Some people are losing it and others are becoming more loving and kind..... I believe it's all to do with energy change, I"m not worried about it though in fact I embrace it and go with the flow everything is happening for a divine purpose and I'm wrapped about that we are living in a time of intense duality.  Love and Light

  • one thing more seems people gets slow down..not so arrogant anymore and becoming cool being..yet somes still trying to be toughed but i knew they will only get what they want to..do good u'll gain twice as good as u do.

  • I've been struggling with acne lately as well! Crazy stuff...

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