I am trying to find real facts about halloween. I never celbrated it myself because of why I forgot. But it had to do with something about celebration of evil spirits and ghosts. So I'm trying to remember and every website I visit that condemns this holiday is of christian origin. I take what christians say with a grain of salt and was wondering if anyone could give me a few good sources of the real history of halloween.

thanks in advance.

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  • um.. i'm a "weirdo" too but... you know. a different type of weirdo. im talking about weirdos that are weird weirdos. like the counselor i described. halloween is like their favorite activity and its almost as if they feed off of its energy. dont you find that weird? i do.
  • okay, thanks for all replies but... if halloween is all about celebrating the end of summer, the world of spirits, connecting with them, etc etc etc.. then WHY DOES IT BRING OUT ALL THE WEIRDOS??? like one example ill give is back when i was in college i worked with a counselor who was weird for various of reason i wont go into. lets just say he hated a group of people and was prejudiced towards them, but he had them all work for him and hed control them like puppets. so than when halloween came he purchased scary halloween sounds to play over and over on a tape player, bought all the halloween costumes and other stuff. people like this LOVE halloween. so i just wanna know... WHY?????????????????? halloween attracts the biggest weirdos on the planet, which is why i never celebrated it.
    • Calling someone a weirdo is just judging someone else, even if there mind frame is wrong, be compassionate. Realize that there mind frame was something they adopted and learned from someone else, they just didnt have the sense of mind to realize it was wrong.

      That being said, halloween is a time for people to step outside the box, be something outside of there regular image, people who tend to be regularly without love, express themselves more fully during halloween. They do this because it wont affect there self image at all, and people are always looking for an excuse to express that creativity, because essentially creativity is love, even if it is trying to scare other people etc. They feel they can't express it when they are being "themselves" (an image of self rather then self), so halloween is the excuse to do so. It is there inner soul screaming to come out and express instead o being trapped in the image the person holds of themselves in there mind.
      • Absolutely, right, judging others, I believe we are all weird in our own unique way!

        In Australia, there is no holiday, and never was, previously, Halloween was well known as an American tradition and holiday, for me my knowledge came through American movies. We aren't taught about it in schools, and until a few years ago, it didn't exist in Aus.
        Now, we have all the shops bringing in cheap Chinese made costumes, and all the other trimmings, trying to promote it to all the kids, and as far as I'm concerned, it's nothing more than a cash grab by the chain stores who started bringing the costumes out.
        I spent most the day out helping a friend with some plumbing, so apparently I missed the callers, and I'm glad I did, it saved me having to upset kids and offend their parents when I told them to get the heck off my porch and not bother coming back!
        Trick or treat.....I got a trick, next year, paint the top step of my porch with lard and everyone who steps on it will end up on their *ss!

        Sorry, I'm really not trying to offend those who have grown up with the tradition, it sounds like fun, but in Aus, it is nothing more than commercialism, and I see so many parents struggling to provide for their children without having to worry about costumes and stuff.
        • hahahahaha
  • refuse to celebrate this stupid american tradition but attended Samhain gathering today ( 23 participants ) and only one person wore witches hat. But still there has to be that one person in crowd.
  • For a great post on Halloween go to www.lifestudent.com his most recent post is about halloween as it is now in a sense. Great insight from my favourite teacher!
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  • All Samhain is about is the harvest and the Celtic New Year. This is Christmas for the Celtic/Druid Faiths. In Wicca, it is a time to Celebrate the end of a Harvest Year. That's it, but the Catholics Demonized this tradition which was nothing more than this energy of spirit coming closer to the physical. Pretty Damn simple and nothing to fear unless yer an idiot.
    Thanks, it's about having fun and not being ignorant of the flip side of reality.
  • Absolutely sickening isn't it Shelly, it's nothing more than commercialism, none of the school children are taught the meaning associated with Halloween, just shops flooding the markets with cheap crap to capitalise on potential dollars for no reason other than greed.

    If anyone comes to my door, I explain it's an American tradition and not celebrated in Aus, so go away!

    No, I don't try to upset little children, but older teenage groups, I do.
  • I absolutely love Halloween (Samhain) it fills me with an energy of.... the "other" world...

    When the Veil is lifted and we can feel their world a little more, and I believe there are spirits that live between worlds, and we are connected to all levels of that "energy".

    I try and take what my own feelings are about it, and create something good about it. I try and enjoy all things as much as I can.... plus, I do feel a connection to it and feel it is symbolic on a deeper level, like so many other things!


    Happy Halloween (Samhain) Jerod, I hope you feel some good energy from it this season! :)
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