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H's Unhinged Pshyco Rant 'Why Aren't I 50 Points Ahead' and Right To Work Is Wrong For Workers

wacky!!! you do know she has gotten over 25 million from saudi 'princes'

Hillary Clinton Logo 1

Horror: The moment that hijacked United Airlines Flight 175 from Boston crashes into the World Trade Center

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I guess we are not the only ones seeing double, she has a body double, she may aswell have double vision. One Hillary Squintin' is enough, two is double trouble.

waiting for her head to spin

bwahahaha...too funny.;but her head already did a bobblehead imitation on live tv, that was bad enough..

Well, she's a WACKY woman!

30 years ago this would have been considered sexist woman bashing but today -being in the political spotlight and going for the exec spot to continue obama the criminals attempt to destroy America-she's a duck on a pond

PET ROCK: the word is that Hillary is wearing prism contact lenses to avoid seizures. Check out this photo collection from Jeff Rense:

never heard of prism contacts

Prism contacts are used for various eye problems such as double vision after a brain injury for instance.  Her prism glasses were ugly as hell...

She is equally weird eyed with the glasses as well!

she has brain damage and will never make president.......parkinson's disease[....



I totally agree she has Parkinson's.  I had an Uncle who passed after suffering Parkinsons for 15 years.  It was not pretty.  Toward the end of his demise he started getting seizures and jerks and spasms, and he was choking on his own spit toward the end, just like Hillary's coughing fits...I hope you are right about her not becoming president, I worry because anyone who crosses her or Bill seemed to have ended up mysteriously dead.  She is hell bent on becoming the President, and it is all about money and power for her.  She will continue to sell out the American people in quest for both.

Why can't I just be the QUEEN???!!!

Because you're a human BEING!!!



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