The following theoretical points orient perceptions/cognition of people:

First:-In the very long history of mankind, there were highly developed culture and social organizations about intellect and spiritual awareness of the universe. In which, the most advantaged type of social organization is communist society. It is the society of Atlantis, Lemuria, etc. And, what so-called Primitive Commune is the remaining segments or pieces of ancient super civilization.

Orientation: Thus, according to the evolutionary ladder, human society in general, and the other extraterrestrial civilizations will inevitably reach the level of awareness of the Universe and transcendent social organization like the Universe, i.e divine and entire communist. This is inevitable and irreversible. Therefore, Communist society is the only way to ensure peace and evolution of a new humanity.

However, previous civilizations were at a lower level of development than the GREAT HOLINESS Time because according to the vortex/spiral, the later step will be higher than the former step so humanity will enter the very developed road of conquering the Space due to high level of science in GREAT HOLINESS Time and social organization will also be at a higher level than previous eras.

Second: -All is materialism. God is also entire matter. Evolving to a high level will be elevated to the different densities of matter. From now on, we remove the concept idealism or materialism and only use the concept Oneness ( which is also God). (Read more Celestial Book – Human Book).

Orientation: So we should not be a stickler for materialism or idealism or Buddhism which does not accept the concept of Self or Soul and science will not struggle against spirituality or religion. We have unified all.

Third: Almost every Original Souls is extraterrestrial souls coming down to earth to establish New Law. They are from the very noble star systems such as in Central cosmic, high evolved stars, etc. to bring light to the future of humanity. We have no other way but fighting other groups of bad aliens. I have fought hundreds of battles in the invisible world against dark souls before 2012, contributing to the success of the port switch. The struggle to build the GREAT HOLINESS Society will be the struggle to compete for influence of forces in the universe including us, the key to lead and have the right according to the Law of Father or Divine Plan in this new stage. Therefore, we will firmly establish this new order pushing back the dark and bring eternal Joy to this earth.

King Father said: He has allowed 12 millions of Original Souls to descend on earth. This number is enough to make the seeds for the GREAT HOLINESS Era. Most of them will become the immortals on earth right on this new establishing time. The Original Souls, together with ME, have sworn in front of Father and Mother to have the same idea before descending on earth; now all must deeply enlighten the Truth and New Ideal. With Wisdom in the Heart, they must self-realize and understand their Ego, who has the right to lead, who they are to together establish the GREAT HOLINESS Great Unity. They also need to be willing to sacrifice and overcome everything to unite and to reach the ultimate goal. Anyone who is against the Divine Plan of Great Unity-The Plan of establishing the law of Celestial Way GREAT HOLINESS Communist is regarded as being against Almighty God. He must remember that he will one day leave his physical body to return to Medium – Higher Plane; therefore he must self-consciously do the services world and cultivate to return; at the same time his next generations will be enjoyed good fortune eternally. Father and I will never forget the merits, then will requite appropriately in this earthly Heaven! As long as we can establish GREAT HOLINESS, we can apply all necessary true methods to establish this true law.

Orientation: Later, our Celestial Way Communist will have no poverty, no barracks, no capital punishment, no prisons, no ruthless beating or defamation and we uphold human dignity taking a man becoming a God himself; everyone is the same and all loves each other, unites and values equality, democracy, autonomy and fully self-possession. Therefore, if anyone misinterprets GREAT HOLINESS especially those who are capitalism-minded, he will then have to gradually adjust else he will waste his current life to evolve. Do not look at current models that misinterpret of the Essence of the Divine society.

If we would like the true Great Unity, we must have Communist society.

Capitalism has the following limitations:

Behind them are negative aliens who want to take control and manipulate our planet in order to occupy, invade and exploit the earth’s resources and the most conniving plot can be destroying the whole humanity occupy our blue planet to establish a global government, but of the gangsters! This is also the power that helped Atlantis people build the pyramids, use spiritual voodoo and associations or esoteric cultivation which controls evolution, the experiences of the soul, the pagan or against true religion.
Of course we never follow them.

Stimulating excessive use of material based on greed and ambition to dominate of the dark forces – money, people are banished to greed-hatred-delusion-ignorance so they can never be transcendent liberating from Samsara or get rid of Karma even praying everyday or going to church…
Wickedness, greed and excessive use of material cause the deadlock spirituality and psychic powers; not practice disciplines cannot attain divine power or become Divine Beings and cannot project the soul and thus can never return to Heaven, which means forever falling in incarnation.
Greed is associated with wickedness; Capitalism is associated with exploitation, injustice, poverty and class polarization; only a few are rich but selfish; society is disastrously degenerated; money does not bring happiness and peace (The number of suicides in Japan, USA annually is the world’s highest).
The nature of the war is due to struggle for interests. Capitalism can never terminate its karma and crimes. Since its creation, it has brought sorrow to mankind more than the achievements of social sciences.
(The Indochinese must remember that the Prophet Nostradamus had prophesied: “Before the Apocalypse, the evil occupied 3 countries in the 27-year war” - It is the Indochina war which France and America and other the capitalist forces caused. Calculating from July 12/1946 France returned to invade Vietnam to 1/1973 when America signed the Paris Agreement to leave Vietnam is 27 years!). Who is Jade Buddha, surely everyone is now clear.

Capitalism is reason causing environmental disasters, resource depletion, global catastrophe and cruel global karma.
Society of capitalism is the society with no real human compassion and it is the worst society in human history. People just trample each other and find ways to fight over benefit; a society with serious class polarization; society of crime, dark violence; religions become drugs for the devil to take advantage to oppose evolution and the true light of God.
There have been evil theocracy, spiritual ignorance and heresy (amulet, enchantment, soothsaying for benefits, spiritual opportunism, etc.).
How? – To show that there is nothing called mystery about the Celestial Methodologies – or considered crude Communist type, we will learn: Yao Shun (or early Communist), Lemurian people – the low level of the divine society but higher psychic power than us now. The lesson of the Atlantean people, a very civilized society but fell into the evil way; they despised God so being destroyed. Learning Moral and Ethical ideals of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Ho Chi Minh about human liberation; without Lenin or Ho Chi Minh, capitalism would have turned humanity into ashes for long ago … (World War I and II, the Vietnam War , etc.)

Now all kinds of social structures or the human society have been greedy and distorted. So how can we envision the new society?
Very easy: Take a look and study the lives of ethnic minorities, which are the remaining primitive communist society but their foundation is wonderful, truly sustainable; ethics, community cohesion, social laws, rituals and reverence to God are really typical to study even with the backward due to historical conditions. KOGI is a simple and primitive model; Our way will be like, but organization will be on a global scale and modern and long-term evolution; the level of civilization, science and evolution of social organization will be higher than current societies in the world today. It will become a civilized society in comparison with the Societies of other planets. How to have a global political institution, cultural institutions and global economy … but without class, richness and poverty, a society of unity, solidarity, entire evolution and exists in thousands of thousands of years? This is the conundrum of true human intellects-it is the Science – Philosophy. Our Celestial Way owns the reasoning of this great Celestial Methodologies, which has been set in the law of GREAT HOLINESS.

Now we may imagine the New Prime Discipline.

We also need to prepare to welcome the MASTERS of the other worlds directly coming to help us in all work- they are Underground Divine Beings, good aliens, etc. I have also preliminarily Underground Divine Beings and ask for help later and they agreed. People underground are taller and bigger than us and their faces look like Asian people with bigger noses. They are at density 5 and 6, so their physical bodies are light bodies and can move through ordinary matter as when we project astral-soul; we call them Underground Divine Beings.


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