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This topic is for everyone who is on a journey to a happier and healthier lifestyle and tries to find out what type of food or diet works for them. 

Feel free to share your own experiences. Feel free to share food and health tips, interesting articles, educational videos and awesome recipes. 

But please no shaming of people who are too thin/fat/vegan/non-vegan etc. 

🧚 May the Good Food Fairies be with us! 🧚‍♀️


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  • Have you ever taken a root extract called ashwagandha...?? You can get it in pill form and Movella tried it and found it put her on edge...So she stopped taking them and gave me the bottle, asked me to try it out, if I want to and see if it effects men, too...I haven't tried it yet...but am curious about it's benefits, if it has any...

    The definition of this Indian root extract is that it "supports relaxation" and I'm already fairly relaxed, so this is simply an experiment to see the effects...
    Berg mentions it, also....But I wonder if it can make females who are on monthly periods, more relaxed, or the opposite...?? Any experiences with this stuff, yourself..? Cheers, Drekxy
    • I googled it, but never tried it. I’ve used some plant/root/herb based ‘medication’ throughout the years. I always take less than recommended. If it’s a capsule I mixed it in a drink (tea/water/juice) Teas are easier to water down.

      What works for me to calm my nerves is oat/Avena sativa extract. Oatmeal would work too, but carbs…
      • I always check reviews, read other people’s experiences before trying anything new.

        Different body types and levels of health also make a difference.

        Also, hormones after pregnancy can go wobbly. So maybe she should pick less intense roots/herbs/natural meds ☕️🫖
        • Yes, she mentioned that after the pregnancy, she was more sensitive to these products...As soon as she stopped taking the ashwagandha root, she felt OK, again...So maybe she didn't actually need that...She did get a hot flush the other day and I recommended some yeast flakes, which she says, did the trick...I also think that seaweed kelp extract helps, as it has iodine.....
          • What is the benefit of yeast flakes? I know you mentioned it before.

            My current work out: organize the data I collected so far.

            And make a new shopping list for later this week.

            The wildest thing I’m planning to do is not to buy food with refined sugars 😇
            • Well that's a start, dear....When you get into the routine, you'll not even miss the refined sugars...
              And as for yeast flakes, they are a natural food source, comprised of all the B complex vitamins.....I take a couple of teaspoons, every day...Some people like to sprinkle them on other foods...
              They help the nerves and nervous system...
              Actually, anyone suffering from fidgety (restless) legs, should take a spoon and it will clear up very quickly...
              I remember my mum suffering from this, when I was younger....I wish I could have told her the solution, then...It works so well...
              Any problem to do with nerves, can be remedied with one or more of the B vitamins...
              Sympathetic or parasympathetic nervous system..

              And of course, taking all the B-complex, contained within such a good source as yeast flakes, is part of a healthy diet...
              One thing Berg always mentions, is to try to get the 100% natural flakes, without the fortified B12 added...
              • Thanks! I will add yeast flakes to my shopping list and pick an organic brand.

                I’m not planning to add artificial sweeteners to my meals. I like to keep things simple and natural. I’m not so desperate for sugars yet. Unless it’s chocolate cookies 😇

                I have this sirup that contains 68% sugar 😄

                If I would mix a tiny teaspoon of sirup into a low carb meal, maybe I could still use it as a sweetener. Same for sweet fruits, I may still want to eat them occasionally.

                I looked for low carb/Keto friendly bread. I found several recipies with almond and coconut flour. That caught my attention. But instead of bread, I may try pancakes or wraps first, easy to make and it goes with many different meals.

                📝 Recipe for Keto pancakes: Almond and/or coconut flour + eggs or cream cheese. Mix > frying pan > eat 🥞🤗
                • 🥥 Every day a teaspoon of coconut oil already resulted in a softer and more nourished skin, also my hair feels softer.

                  Coconut oil is lightweight and easy to digest. I’m a bit disappointed that it doesn’t taste as coconutty as I expected.

                  Previously I’ve been using it mostly on my skin and hair.
                • Yum, yummy..!! 🥞🤗 I think there are plenty of keto alternatives....Pancakes are nice...I also like the "keto bombs" Berg's wife recommends, which use stevia choc, with nuts....Not that I snack a great deal, but for people who really feel the need to snack, in their "eating window" time period, than these are satisfying...

                  Hey, did I mention that I like to take a spoon of Berg's "Wheat Grass Juice Powder" every day, mixed in half a glass of water....? A couple of years ago, Berg was offering this in it's natural form, which frankly tasted like pond water...Frogs, weeds, tadpoles, the lot...hehe...!!🤢🐸

                  But then he thankfully started adding stevia sweetner, lemon flavour, to the powder.....
                  Now that makes the drinking experience so much better....😄It was always healthy, but tastes better than before...It's palatable, now.
                  If you're thinking of getting some, it's possible to find plenty of sellers on e-Bay....
                  • I will stay with vegs, fruits, oils and nuts for now 🐿

                    When necessary I may add supplements like minerals.

                    I’m planning to order organic nuts online. Maybe 2 kg in total, that would make perfect snacks. The bags are sealed, so these nuts are edible for 2 or 3 months.

                    Raisins are my favorite snack. The jury is still not out on them. Maybe I buy less and mix them with the nuts.

                    Peanut butter, nut butters/spread, do you ever use them? I’m glad I can keep those.

                    I need to see what Dr. Berg has to say about milk. To make my type of wraps, which may be a perfect bread replacement. I occasionally drink milk, but not much.

                    🥯 And check this:
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