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GETTING GNARLY NOW... My Wife Just Asked Me To Leave My Own Home since I AM SCARING HER !!@?%!!


Fellow ACC members, brothers and sisters of the Golden Age,

this weekend turned GNARLY ugly sad car wreck feelings

my wife finally broke down and told me that all the OFF THE WALL  stuff I am into...

books on Arcturians, Syrians, Pleiadians and Jesus,

Archangel Michael, cosmic Websites with Angels, scattered addresses on my desk, one of which is Bill Brockbader's Jail address so I can write to him, video tapes on Alex Jones 

scandalous reports,

and my constant leaking from my mind,

dribbling statements about how the IRS is going to be gone soon or that the Federal Reserve is going down, vanishing along with humanity's need for money. 

oh oh oh,and

and the out of your f****** mind statements about Bush and Blair tried for being War Criminals and going to jail soon...the seminars I sign up for that are SPIRITUAL  Woo woo...she thinks David Wilcock looks like a hero..she calls a lunatic...

.So I have been HEART/slammed like a force against a steel wall,

the force of an enraged VENUS, a terrified female/wife/mother/mate.

She says our 12 year old daughter is also scared and they are both watching me get farther and farther away from them, a vast divide opening wider and wider...

HER SUFFERING, FEAR, ATTACHMENT, CONFUSION AND BEING MOSTLY LOST in a sea of worry of LACK, that if she loses her husband, the bread winner, she loses her security. Her love for me suddenly sits second fiddle to her overwhelming state of terror, as she watches me change before her.

How many others are going through the same sudden family meltdown?

I was told by my spiritual mentor from Santa Fe. not to count on anything like an EVENT  to suddenly happen that would likely let her finally see that I am telling the truth,

no, I was told, EVERYTHING IS AS IT SHOULD BE...... that who am I to Question GOD and his timing?

Does GOD wear a wristwatch? This is GOD"S BUSINESS, not mine, so focus on my own light.

She also said for me to take a FAST from the internet,

and devote myself entirely to the spirit of my 12 yr old daughter, who is torn and confused and also terrified, not so much of what I am alluding to in the skies above us,

but terrified of a break up of her parents.

I am advised to write on paper, letters to the souls of my two girls, and explain what I am becoming,

and how they will soon find peace and bounty, etc etc...whatever I want to say..

....then I am to  ask Jesus to take the messages to their souls when I burn the paper I write the letters on..

burn them,and know that their suffering souls at least got the message I wanted to tell them.

I am advised to DISENTANGLE MYSELF from the Dark, to pay attention only to the light,

and to shine as bright as I can,

and not to become distracted...either by the internet or the suffering of the soul of my wife,

for I am not to water her garden, but to stay on my side of the garden fence.

Tend your own garden, as each soul tends to their side of the road and theirs only.

Her soul never gave me permission to try and change her, or awaken her. 

But in my egoistic, paternal and loving manner, I want her suffering to end NOW,( I also do not want to move out of my home!)

so I pray for an EVENT NOW, please GOD...if she changes Grrrrrrreat! If she looks up and sees a light display of 100 flying saucers over Manhattan, and says...those silly weather balloons again...then I know its time to split.

Dear GOD, I can feel the pressure building up, its causing the water to vibrate around me as

I tred water in this churning Matrix and getting all GNARLY. Its like a the biggest BOMB ever is just about to blow now, like any day, any hour, any minute. Take a deep breathe I know..

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Sylvain, and everyone who KNOWS in their hearts, the TRUTH, lets co-create here, a discussion in a tone of love and respect, as you do automatically Sylvain, for which I send gratitude.

On the subject of whether to believe any of this own many first hand experiences, in the physical realm of 3D spanning into 5D, have convinced me of many "supernatural" truths;

when I was 17, I fell off a mountain in Rio de Janeiro, and during my 60 foot fall, bumping and crashing against the steep mountain side, my soul flew out of my body and beheld, a massive door radiating blinding light, with several giant humanoid figures, also in blurry glowing blinding light, and they had their hands stretched out for me. I could hear very clearly the most enchanting melodious music coming from within the doorway, and I felt a state of bliss unlike anything else in my life. I was suddenly so happy and content. 

But then my body landed, and it was not dead, and my soul whipped back inside me and it was only then that I felt the shock of pain, and realization that I had just witnessed the other side.

From that first hand experience, the rest of my life unfolded, and later, I became a student of SHAMANISM, under the tutelage of Michael Harner, founder of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, still an active organization today.

I began to study SHAMANISM as a way to understand the supernatural occurrences that were happening to me on my land in the wilderness in Abiquiu New Mexico, where I had 650 acres of glorious Sedona like red earth all around me, 600 foot cliffs that fell to the Chama river, and I would watch the sun set on the brick red cliffs of Ghost Ranch, where Georgia O'Keefe lived, across the river. 

Here in this most sacred place, I was repeatedly struck by dustdevils, one day, and I thought how odd in all this space, for a series of these dust devils to be after me, wherever I moved around.

And it was while tracking a giant white owl in a deep canyon, that I was nearly pushed over by what felt like a large strong furry animal, rubbing against me...I lept to my feet with my heart in my mouth, only to spin around like lightening and find nothing there...

But as the Mountain Lion is my power animal, it was introducing himself to me physically for the first time.

Beyond all the dreams of flying in other realms, constantly, and the many LSD trips I took in college where I could look into a mirror and see Jesus Christ staring back at me, and then see the layers of my body peel away to reveal first the entire circulatory system, then the skeleton, then the etheric body through which I could see vast stars and galaxies...through the mirror...and the one very special time I rose in my astral body as a spark of light seeking to melt into the body of GOD, and freaked out just before I made the merging as I knew that if I did it, I would be gone forever...and my parents would have to do a search and legal inquiry etc...LOL

But I RESPECT EVERYONE, AND ALL VIEWPOINTS ON THIS DISCUSSION. I would never be so disconnected to my brothers and sisters to call them cowards or any other negative names, as we are a tribe of our own, and all ONE, so when aggressive males begin the classic war hoop, it seems to be a wound that effects us all.

I say, as Wes does in his discussion to show love and respect to all on these sites, do as Christ says, and love and respect one another and have discussions that are not aimed at hurting or maiming others spiritually.

My own story here at this point, exactly one week later, has been greatly resolved. My wife is now back to her loving self, there is no more talk of my moving out, my daughter is home and brought her blinding light with her. I was really hurting last Saturday night, and I reached out to you all for advice, and while I NEVER SAID I WAS GOING TO LEAVE, many of you twisted my story to mean that I was going to walk out on and abandon my family...its like you made that story up, and then continued to beat me up for what you misunderstood was happening.

My biggest lesson has been how I have managed to stay in my light the whole week, and not lower my vibrations to enter any volatile potentially negative interactions.

Pay no attention to the dark, stay always in the light or we cannot ascend. Ascension is not possible if there is any dark left...this is the lesson I have learned, and I thank all of you, every last one who commented and spend lots of time or just a short one sentence blast of are all ME, AS I AM ALL YOU. 

When Christ tried to spread this message 2000 years ago we were not ready...we are now, and so lets be Christ, in every way, while still in our human 3d forms, whether anything more happens on this planet or not...the least we can do is develop, and live, breathe CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS.

I'll say! What an articulate write Nancy is huh?

I accept the Light of Christ in Truth and Unity!!!




Hi folks, Hi rlmstudios, thanks for sharing more of your story.

Since you've already broke ground on the money thing, maybe you should explain to your wife why money will be a thing of the past eventually and how money has been used to enslave humanity.

If you don't have the information for this, one good simple youtube video is, "money as debt".

This way, she will have a clearer comprehension of why you made that comment.

Of course offer this information when you feel the time is right.

This human journey is not entirely individual, or there would only be one human on the planet.

It is obvious to me, that we are meant to form perspectives on the world and certainly we are meant to form perspectives on the numerous mis-creations of human beings.

Most of humanity wants true peace, love and freedom.

Though we all should comprehend, that human living systems have been thought into existence, that cause results opposite to this.

Do we all really think we are meant to just go along with all of this until the end of time, or maybe the truth is closer to this, that until humans create living systems based on harmonious cooperation, we will be telling gnarly stories such as rlmstudios shared, until the end of time.

After all, lets face it, if all human systems were balanced, then very few would argue about much at all, since nobody would fear for their basic needs not being met, as we would all know, that humanity is one family and all human needs are seen to, unlike the every man or woman for themselves to benefit the few eilte, systems (clever slavery) we have today.

This also means, a large percentage of women are with men and vice versa for survival purposes, which does not lead to happy campers at the end of day.

peace love light

Hello all & much love to you all. Have been following various discussions, intensely. Was taught in ancient history, a long time ago, in a scientific fashion, the most important & undeniable source is first hand evidence. From experience one has concluded so far that this plane of existence is a trans- dimensional training ground. Have had experience with what some may call lower elements, psychic attack, dark magic.... Also experience of light magic, higher elements, telepathy, precognition, other dimensional information & so on. There have been memories & access to akashic records as some may put it. One has also physically walked in & out of lower dimensions - this place but not, totally different, not somewhere one wished to stay (of course one sent out a beacon of assistance to higher realms for this zone before leaving). There may be genetic & so on lineages, yet more importantly one is aware of what might call a soul lineage. Time may appear linear to some yet that does not feel to be the case anymore here. What may be beyond the confines of this dimensional pocket, higher realms, infinity, higher beings, the Galactic Ordering Dynamic, requires some development to begin to assimilate. You can meditate through all you do. It is important to take time in silence, to process many factors of the myths of what one may have believed the world & themselves to be. Reiz, much love to you & appreciate your honesty. We all have our understandings at points of experience. Here is a quote for given to me, regarding what you may be saying here "Power to accept. You are powerful. You honour all contributions, even those that seem at odds or discordant, & let the big picture reveal itself" Have seen unusual beings in different states at different points all my life. Have had items disappear, double & move. Have seen this colours of items change over night. Have seen changes in time. Have seen the scoreboard on a football game suddenly change in a moment & nobody else notice. Some of us step between dimensions & worlds & that is our nature. There is more to this of course. One need not prove anything to anyone. One has their experience as others here do also. All the best to you in your journey & understandings. That is enough for now. Am always learning, unlearning, remembering. The galactic/trans dimensional nature of matters is well beyond the indoctrinated myths that too many have been mislead by for too long, for the benefit of those who do not deserve authority, though serve an educational purpose in pushing us toward truth. All the best to you all & thank you for having me here, again & again & again. Peace be.

I have to say, with all the utterly intense power and energy coming from everyone who has entered this particular discussion, over the past few days, of a full range of personalities, and egos, and lighted comments,

laughs and heartfelt hugs across the cyberspace of our new club house, AC...all together we have exhibited an amazing cross section portrait of the likely variations in the thousands and thousands of galactic brethren that perhaps we are all composed of, in zillions of ways, over the, humans are an amazing intergalactic experiment and look at what we are going through NOW.

MY WIFE KISSED ME GOOD TONIGHT....Im signing off from this discussion for know why!

love you all

Hip Hip Hooray!!!! Hip Hip Hooray, oooooooooo kissy kissy. Goodluck 

You seem brainwashed big time buddy.
Don't believe everything you read. You are spewing crap promises out that probably won't even happen.
You look like a lunatic.

Come back down to reality.
Until change happens, keep what you read as maybes.

I sent my LOVE to you, YOU ARE A STRONG HUMAN, smile , talk to your kid, love her , hug her, tell her dont be afraid,

her daddy is ok, and look in to her eyes, you can see she trusts you and a smile of relief in her eyes,

talk to kid

blessings brother  mmmmmmmmmm  the matrix is is a state of flux 1111 is the number which chaos is coming through

try and centre yourself its hard im going through the eye of the storm too

Yes I am in your boat brother dear

whats up with the timing



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