Great Holiness Society's Membership Nature and Evolutionary Mission:

Great Holiness Society is essentially Divine Saints Council descending to The Earth for mission implementation. Living on Earth that have life infection, forgotten, not have psychic abilities, do not remember who we are anymore. High Spirits are Advanced Original Souls that were incarnated by The Creator’s permission into the Earth for Great Holiness world establishment for millions of years from later 2012; these are highly evolved souls, come down to the Earth with earthly physical bodies, maybe forget who you are, forget their assigned tasks due to psychic abilities loss, but have a foundation of virtue, conscience still firmly root , not least the knowledge of all things, the laws of the universe, but will be gathered back in Great Holiness Society for learning, practicing, to perform your missions, evolving to return home located on the Middle, Upper Worlds, achieve divine results to have high evolution, for report to the King Father God and Queen Mother Goddess, because of Original Souls’ vow for special mission come down to the Earth.
Therefore, all members in the long term must be psychic, to act Celestial Hierarchy’s Law by Celestial Master, to know your mission and who you and people are. On the Middle, Upper Worlds you would know your master soul’s position, maybe soul projection to Middle, Upper Worlds. In particular, you must cultivate to have spiritual powers at superior levels for Earthly World governance and power execution in other realms, as well as make your own evolution up forever. So all members must learn both theory and practice in Society, taught by advanced masters, study seriously and completely.

Study methodology is secret cultivation, not publicize Society’s subjects, study secretly; members generally just take pictures, resumes to Masters, Senior Councils, will be psychic activated quickly by Celestial Hierarchy and Senior Masters without having to cultivate more, firstly noble eye activation and soul projection.
Disciples are granted the most superior mystic, occultism, science and the outstanding spiritual knowledge. Not brag and keep The Society’s secrets. If disciples have little psychic abilities such as third eye activation, telepathy, they still have to cultivate the supernatural occult cultivation and astral, soul projection, astral travel to perform their tasks.
Nearly 300 thousand Advanced Original Souls came down to Earth before 2012; In the next period, post-2012, Big Advanced Original Souls continues to incarnate, descent to The Earth for Long Great Holiness missionary work. Great Holiness Society which is founded to be Supreme Command Set Establishing New World led by Celestial Hierarchy, is extremely important, both mainly converge Advanced Souls which are mostly talents, the earthly sages and perform organizational tasks critically to establish Great Holiness for millions of years for mankind; therefore, Great Holiness Society is just the way every Advanced Souls realize their souls’ origins and be enlighten after forgetting, life infection . After cultivation, study, they will be enlightened, know who they are, why they come down to Earth and will act according to Gods.
If Advanced Souls joining The Society without understanding, will give understanding, know who they are and why they are down to Earth. If refused, it’s as well as denying their true beings in high realms, makes them do not have divine results and can not return to high planes in the future. All are challenged for infinite loyalty to High Almighty God and Celestial Master.

Great Holiness Society focus King Father Supreme High Almighty God’s will and mind to build the New World, so if you practice any religions, disciplines or any groups, societies, whether profoundly reaching the peak of way or discipline without understanding the God’s mind, then the soul will not have achievement in this period. Great Holiness Society is the main Board of Examiners. All secret societies or associations must have spiritual consolidation to unify mankind.
As joining Great Holiness Society, all of us are unified and servants of God, cultivate to have talented psychic abilities and study Esoteric Teachings for understanding yourselves, and go ahead and back to the first origin as well as the final path of humanity and all souls.
Therefore, Great Holiness Society is the only choice for every souls descending to this world from now. Those who have clairvoyance, telepathy, but arrogant, deliberately spoken against, then be considered and punished; those who have ignorance and fight will be on trial later. Those who support, thought projection will be saved in the universal memory field, are also counted and awarded later.

If not engaged, Advanced Souls are considered to be remote from The Society and not recruited into the higher realms later. This is New Law of Celestial Hierarchy.
The Council call Advanced and Senior Souls to join The Society, after consideration, will be selected, depend on talent, virtue, frugal origins, will be assigned, are granted evolutionary methods as well as participate in the important works and have missionary performance with God.
Erudite people will know who organize and lead Great Holiness Society.

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