Galactic Lightship Dreamflights Invitation – 30 June 2012

List of Ships to choose from:


This will be my first attempt at this.... look forward to seeing some of my friends off here up there :D

I have asked to be on GLS Aurora and it is confirmed! fingers crossed i will be there tonight. 


lots of love.



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  • Thanks for the info ambereyes! kissing2.gif
  • It would be awesome to join in flight but how?:O :-) Please help..
  • Folks there is a NEW Dream flight invitation 7 July!

    Happy travels everyone...

    . here is to success this time on the GLS Aurora for me :D

  • I, from Philippines to North Carolina, dearest. And I did not know it was I. . .WOW I'm in awe of not just myself, but humanity. I don't recall being on-board any ships in the past, though I am sure I had, and once I found myself with Jesus. I traveled the railroad tracks to see him and his cousin. that was a strange dream :3


    Last night I did have another strange dream of myself in this facility where people all new eachother. So many people. My companions were two men and one other lady, all about my age. I don't remember their faces, but in my dream I have known them for ages. One of boys, I found myself involved with, the other girl with the other boy o.O  (I wish my sex life was as active as my dreams).

  • I smoke. . .lots of things ;D haha but Im quitting it all together very soon because I am getting closer to the point where I will no longer need them. Probably in September...

    And Dawn, how would I know if my guide is Wolf. Because I know they can come in many shapes/forms. In real life (this happened almost 2 weeks ago), I was in emotional distress and ran away for a few hours. Not actually, as I hid and slept inside a pick-up truck in the front yard hidden from view. Before slumbering off into sleep I watched the sky and ask all of Sirius and Salusa (odd because I feel like I have a more close connection to Ashtar Command) to help guide me in what I needed to do (I was in North Carolina at that time). My friends then claim to have seen a feline creature with an abnormal long tail guide them from the side of the house to the front and jump into the bed of the pick-up truck. They looked in there and found me, but without the feline creature. After that I moved to Kentucky and I have been here for a week. So far my answers keep coming and coming of what I need to do next. I lived in North Carolina for fourteen years (the rest in the Philippines) so it was a very big decision.

    • Aaaah, wolves and felines...

      Did you know the Sirians are feline race? Unfortunately, many humans misunderstand cats- and wolves.

      I have a cat who has taught me SO much, and I also have a husky, who everyone thinks is a wolf.

      I miss them both so much, as I have had to place them both in "foster care" (both well taken care of and in optimal settings), while I am myself displaced.

      It is no co-incidence that pets are claimed to be healing to people, as they are teachers to us about unconditional Love They do not carry the burden of negative memories in their dna, as we humans have for eons


  • Try holding a crystal in your receiving (non-dominant) hand when you sleep/meditate. I have found this helpful and really works ^^ Namaste~

  • The GFL has warned us of those like them who come bearing the illusion of peace and harmony, offering us things desire, all that we should have by the time we ascend to our true nature: TEMPTATION. I can almost control my actions in my dreams so well, but I can't control the setting/scene of it. . .And the ETs ships have been showing up in them about every night for the past week.

  • Nancy you are lovely from the top to the bottom... thank you for your inspirational words of wisdom :D

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