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A note of sincerity to all my lovely and beautiful light worker friends here on

Breaking through the veil of secrecy and reveling the multidimensional nature as the rainbow cosmic beings we are with complete and accurate information about your body in finally being given the full spectrum holistic picture of what has been hidden from humanity for as long as we have been allowed access to recorded history.

Primarily through feeling once again, reawakening the numbness of neglecting and abusing the nervous system, but with the broader view of including the entire self at a holistic sense, from infinity above to infinity below, one can then become one with self -one with creation as a fully incarnate cosmic being.

The idea of talking to the highest self becomes irrelevant as the body and soul are then one and the same. We are so close now, my lovely and beautiful friends.

The videos I had posted about the nervous system chakra and the multidimensional charkra map were not being received as I hoped, so I set them to private on my account. I will continue creating new videos on the basis of bringing the highest self fully into the body very soon! :) :) :) 

A note of sincerity to all my lovely and beautiful light worker friends here on

I have not posted new information here in a few months. I know the information I am posting is often a 1st time of hearing these things for many of you, so please practice discerning through "Feeeeling" rather than only with the intellectual mind. Be mindful of the power you have. I feel you when you watch my videos. I feel you when you read this material. This is the power of magnetic resonance.

As you begin to reactivate your nervous system, you will start experiencing "feeeeling" like you never imagined possible before with receptivity from people on the other side of the planet, to the angels and star people in another dimension to such an extent that they could kiss you in their higher vibrational state and you would feel this as if they were right next to you, because that is the thing... they always have been! The idea of there being a barrier between dimensions is yet another "truth" that will be broken away as the veil is removed and all is reveled to us.

I know we are are all feeling restless and asking, "Why is it we must stay here waiting, waiting..?" The answer to this is we are not quite ready to let them in. They say, "So close now!" because this is the state of things -this is the state of us. It is important now to find way to retain and maintain that higher vibratory state of which the culture drains out of us on a regular basis. To do this, one must go inward to self. I suggest spending the vast majority of your time finding things to do that is some form of self expression with anything from drawing doodles on paper to digital artwork, from painting to singing and everything in between! Any way in which you can let your highest self "flow" into the planet and resonate with the rest of the people. This is how we bring the star ships down to us. We must be as they are, live as they live, love as they love -We must bring Heaven to Planet Earth through finding Heaven within! 

So I am asking you all to let all of "you" flow once again, to listen through "feeling" once again rather than solely through the intellectual mind. Give into the faith that all is well and all is as it should be and the information will flow freely -the veil with lift. So I am asking you all to comment the very same way. Ask questions through fulfilling the curiosity of your soul nature rather than letting your intellectual mind surface the vast amounts of programmed information to then pollute your interactions, and then my lovely and beautiful friends, we can begin living and loving as true cosmic beings.

We all have doubts. This has been part of and is completely understood as always being part of the trials of coming to the surface of planet earth to do this mission. Those judgmental thoughts are normal and a part of purging your body into purity and then allowing self to flow freely once again as when you came into the world as a baby. However, when you let these judgmental thoughts come to control your actions and then post these vibrations for all to see, not only does it resonate with all whom read it, but I then come to the site to read it in excitement of providing a response only to find a resonance that then becomes far greater and much more difficult to clear from my own space. So I ask you all to be YOU! Just remember you are made of love and joy and beauty and peace and harmony! There is no room for judgement and and impurities to flow through you other than what you are made of, so please remember that when you feel these thoughts surfacing, that is is not part of "you" and it is coming up as a reminder that you have something to clear. So please look inward before posting. Look to self and feel. 

We truly are so close now! I am taking a huge leap of faith in us, humanity as a collective whole, in potentially subjecting myself again to severe energetic attacks all for the primary purpose of proving to the Angels/Star People that we ARE ready! Let us show them what our reactions are when new information is given to the people!



The Following Video Is Available To All! :)

Guided Meditation of Highest Self - A Message to the Ground Crew - ...

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