Fuck life.

Fuck all that is untrue,

Fuck everything that is pretending.

Fuck addictions,

Fuck lies.

Fuck all shallowness

And prejudice.

Fuck it all, all that you have done

To be someone that you’re not.

Fuck those people who are trying to push you down,

Fuck their shit

Because it’s not yours,

And stop believing that it is.


Fuck all self pity

That you let destroy yourself.

Fuck the tears that has been running down your cheeks

For nothing

Because you thought that it really was something.

Fuck all your expectations

That makes you fall hard

Down to the ground

When things don't turn out to be the way you thought they would be.

Fuck the mind that makes you think you’re worthless,

Fuck words that says “You can’t do it"

Because you fucking can

and I fucking know it,

And I don’t care if you don’t because


Fuck doubt.

I have ripped apart every last cigarette,

I have smashed my last bottle of vodka against the wall

And thrown away the entire bag of weed that I had left.

Because I know that I can enjoy life and make it without it

And fuck you if you tell me that I can’t,

Because I just said that I could,

Fuck you!

Let it all float away in the river of worthlessness

Let it moulder at the dump

Let it rot in the past.

Let your wounds bleed,

And stop panicking already

Because they will heal,

And don’t give me that fucking sad face as you look down on your scars.

It’s gone now.

And don’t you take it back

By ripping it up again.

I will never laugh at your jokes again that I don’t think are funny,

I will never kiss your ass again.

I will never kneel down

In desperation

Asking for your forgiveness because I didn't,

Because that’s a fucking childish game.


Never again.


I will not try to be you

Or your friends.

I will not agree to your opinions

Because mine are not okay

Or because they are inappropriate.

I will not shut up

Because what I say is taboo.


If taboo is truth and saying what you're really thinking,

Then fuck taboo!

I don't want to have any more secrets.

I will not hold anything back anymore

That hurts when I keep it inside.

I will not hold myself down no more.

And I will never bring back the past to life

Or wish upon the future

Because what is present isn’t fun or easy.

You say that I live in a dream world

And run from reality.


What is reality?

Let me fucking decide mine

For myself.

You can keep yours

Because I know what’s yours is not always mine

Even though you think so

Because you’re a clever one.


Don’t you ever look down on people ever again,

The dysfunctional or disabled,

The naive, inexperienced or the "stupid"

Because they will teach you much.

"Oh holy life guru"…

You don’t know it all

Even though you think so

While holding your head high above the others

Sneering and judging,

Like a fucking moron.

Don’t you place me in a file

Or write me a prescription

For pills that I should take

To make everything “alright",

So that I’ll never need to be sad or “too absentminded",

Confused or mad.

Don’t you help me close my eyes

Because I want them to be open.

And I’ll be glad to see some ugly truth

For once.


In my head are exuberant ideas

And collected inspiration

That I want to spread out

All over the empty pale walls

To make a masterpiece.


Don’t look if you can’t fucking take it,

But I will jump up and down by joy to finally have made it.

So don’t you drug me to make me fit in,

Don’t you starve me to make me thin,

Don't you tell me what to wear,

Don't you tell me how I should have  my hair.


Don’t you tell me what to do.


I hate when you prevent me from trusting myself,

Because you try to fix everything

Before I even get to try to fix myself.


Don’t protect me

Or adjust the truth

So that I won’t suffer

Or conquer untruth.

Don’t tell me it’s natural or common

For me to hurt myself

So that I will take every opportunity

Or encouragement

To make me feel like I can stay that way

As long as I can,

Till it feels like I have nothing left to hurt.

Don’t you make me slow down because you’re afraid of running.

I will run my own race,

And don’t fucking tell me to slow down in respect to others because they can’t accept to see it,

Me running free and laughing just the way I want to,

That’s just fucking bullshit!

And if that is how life is "meant" to be…

Then fuck life!


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  • I've read many beautiful poems, about love and life and everything - someone who made me cry, others laugh etc. But this one is my absolute favourite. I'll never forget it :-) It's so true. Makes me want to yell and just ARRHGHHH..... Yeah truth hurts but I want it!!


    So thanks for posting it. I really, really love it.

  • great poem Sunny , (=

    Now, If Capt needs instruction as to what *FUCK* means,

    Watch this, lol


    (= much love all!


    • fuckadoodledooo!
    • haha thanks, I loved that video by the way!
  • Sunny- Keep on keeping on with your inspiring words of truth and telling it just like it is!
  • infuckingcredible poem!
  • thats a great poem

    love and light






    • You're warming my heart ´<3 <3 <3

      FUCK YOU! No, kidding, hahaa :-D

      No, don't close your eyes... <3


      Love you


  • ♥ This is just what I need!!!! Thank you for sharing!!! This truly is awesome!! :-)
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