First I would like to say that anyone is free to share this information, Ashtar is however the first place online for this information to get posted.


This is some information that I have been meditating on for quite some time and then it all came together a while back.  I have adjusted the drawings to my current understanding and I believe they are correct.  As I have stated in previous posts I have had access to the Akashic Records since childhood.  I am also quite certain this information is correct as after I developed it and continued thinking about it, I am now aware of a conversation I had with other worldly beings concerning the subject.  I do not know if these beings I was in contact with were angels, ets, or someone incepting my thought process but after reading others interpretations of these types of interactions I do not consider my contact to have been delusional.


I spent about six months studying esoteric teachings under the head of a Masonic lodge.  I learned a lot from him, however we wound up having a falling out over a requirement of freemasonry.  In order to become a Mason you have to admit to believing in God or a power higher then yourself.  I insisted that this is in violation of free will as at the very least the necessity of believing in a higher power should come after you learn the teachings.  I highly doubt even then there is a situation where a Godlike being would demand submission in this way. 


I also explained that this requirement does make sense and that its purpose could be otherwise fulfilled.  Or so to say that rather then requiring submission, this purpose of showing a belief in something larger then yourself could be viewed indirectly as a summary of overall actions.  If it is the need to maintain privacy, surely an interested applicant should be allowed to learn if they simply feel it would not be in the eyes of god to demand submission. 


After breaking away I have since realized that my caution towards the Masons was correct as intuition typically is.  I believe that the Masons are unknowingly putting into practice a long standing plan of domination under a false god.  They say they are for the better meant of humanity and that when the general population is ready they will release their teachings.  I can't see any way humanity could be more ready for the opening of the teachings then we are currently.


This clearly seems to be a false-flag operation of the God variety.  The image I have below clearly shows that it is all about perspective, and that the Masons are locked into a singular perspective.  I think that they are shown a secret teaching of value and taught how to utilize it in a controlled way.  Therefore they feed their power upwards, while maintaining blissful ignorance to the true power of the teaching.  They compare themselves to the general population trapt in illusion and eventually create their own glass ceilings.  It is wrong what they are doing and I do not appreciate the builder burg NWO garbage organizations no matter how much information of value they may hold.


This work shows that the image is represented as being 2-D but it is actually a 3D PYRAMID much like that on the back of the dollar bill.  Time to let the secrets out.


This is the base of the pyramid and how they draw the square.


8110226295?profile=originalNext the full drawing is shown from the angle the image is typically represented as.  I have replaced the G they have inside with another pyramid.  Its apex is offset to the degree of the front facing sloping wall.  Due to this offset the bottom of the secondary pyramid is warped much like space time.  They always show they capstone off of the top of they pyramid.  I believe this is because this hypothetical miniature pyramid represents the top of the Illuminati/Freemasons.  This is then projected as the capstone symbolizing them in the place of god representing themselves with a G.  At the end I have linked my youtube video of a shape I think would be more reminiscent of what gods actual Geometry might look like.


As it typically is:



As you can see by just simply adding some additional lines to the blank space around their typical symbol it ads significant 3D perspective.


Tilted from the back:



From the Bottom:




Direct Bottom:




From the side:




Finally here is a short youtube video of what I believe the center shape should look like.  This shape has just amazing geometry in it and it is a very short video.


Thank you to everyone who checked this out and let me know, as always, what you think.


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  • The more confirmation I get externally like this the more open I feel I can be.  I am in the literal last few steps of finishing my last initiation to lead the ground forces out of this debacle of 3D earth.  I'll try to meet up with you guys in dream in a couple hours.
  • I think were really starting to get some work done in this forum.
  •  Bagheeeeera I can now see why I could not load my image before as you had to

      uplift your hourglass first which is a rudimentary outline of mine.

     Thank you for giving the opportunity of displaying it with your work.

     It has now been working in the Etheric for over 12 months puting

     the Matrix through a springcleaning which has been observed

     by a spiritually gifted friend of mine who can see the DNA in action.

     I am a walk in so I have been told. The Pattern I have uplifted is called


     All the questions you have it answers and more.

     It is of course Holographic which is the Containing Foundation.

     In The Middle you see the Tree of Life which has been cleaned.

    You then notice the Tree is in the middle of four quarter triangles like cake segments.

     That is the Temple of Four Winds and the Open Cross not the Dead Cross of the Christians.

     superimposed over in turn are Three Interlaced Hearts which is The Symbol of Regeneration

     of the Hindus or the Restored Star of David with the addition of the Shekinah Glory. The Divine Mother.

    In turn this was then united by two Boomerangs linking top and bottom energising the Conscious Heart Matrix.

    It is a special healing aid.

    I will share more later. Blessings All Light Love Radiance Peace and Harmony Kingjeff

    • dear brother Kingjeff,i thought you were a walk-in,as my inner higher-self told me,but i did not wont to make it a public comment on AC,as there are many pupils who are still un-awakened as of yet,and it can be to dramatic when one is learning and seeking to find the truths,when there stirrings inside of themselves have prompted them to become a member of AC,to there callings of awakeness,and thankfully there is a thread on walk-ins,maybe it can be up-dated from a AC member with more refinement so the seeker can understand the full concept of it without confusion as to a walk-in,many blessings eve(solaena)
      •  Dear sister  eve(solaena) I admire your work and contribution immensely. I have felt a call

         all my life to pick up the fragments and unite all back to a Cohesive Whole. Hence I

         followed the Rainbow for inspiration. Others have told me what you tell me but from

         where from I know not. I have my thoughts and my everyday battles which are fewer

         and I joined this site to make a statement which I have made and there are those

         who have acknowledged but there is still a lot of work to do although Benjamin Fulford

         has put a lot on the table. In saying that there are many levels as you rightly say.

        If MOL had not put out a call I may not have responded. I also have to put fires out when

         enthusiastic well meaning hearts controlled by egos go to far.

         I have not posted anything as yet as the time is not right and I am sitting here

         amongst boxes of books of my library as I am moving house after 40years and cleaning

         up although a lot I have to take as I have not sifted it properly. Thank you for your being you

         you are far more computer literate than I.

         Blessings Love Light Radiance Peace and Harmony May your Heart pulse Champagne Love Bubbles 24/7 dear Sister Eve Kingjeff

        • dear soul brother,i have great admiration,and high regard for you also,and i send you much love,and light,in your new place of abode,love,light,blessings eve(solaena)8113421475?profile=original
  • 8113896260?profile=original
  • Semantics MOL I thought Germaine recently addressed this.  Whether it is balanced and weightless or the center of a black hole, the purpose is the release of the physical, accepting it as information, as waves not matter.  Therefore it can all be controlled through intention of focus.  As for the pyramid alignment, let me restart the mac and display a lovely drawing I did several months ago.  Hearing everyone else talk about this stuff, that its not just subjective illusion really helps me out.  Thanks all.
    • Maybe its just me, but this seems to look an awful lot like an Hours Glass.

      That weird shape in the video, I think it sits in the middle of the lower section, where the grains of sands would pass from above to below.




  • dear mol,thankyou,have this graph,which i will add to your comment,blessings eve(solaena)8114070480?profile=original
This reply was deleted.

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