Free Energy Device

Hi Everybody.

I posted this a while ago and got frustratingly few replies.

For all you people talk about wanted to change the world, and ets, and their technology,

here was a sign of it and hardly anyone seemed to notice.

Check it out and see what you think: and if you can, try making one.


I met a guy who had been shown this by ets, and then created this file.


Please, leave a comment.

Thank you

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  • Hello Kadvaga, I have studied the pdf.I am trying to understand it fully.How would you connect a device to this? across the capacitor? after the capacitor? What about the copper clad? How exactly is this set up and connected?

    I  have replicated a similar device but need some more tests.Could you get the creator of this file to elaborate on the finer points I just mentioned?



    • Hi there, He's kinda hard to get a hold of.  What I remember him saying, is that to get electricity out of it,

      you would position some kind of capacitor plate, in the field generated by the machine. I don't know how it works, so I don't know how you would actually make the connection. It sounded like the field would induce a current in the plate, which would be hooked up to...transformer or devices? I don't know, and don't know the power output of these things, or if they can run on pure chi and utilize that to do things.

      How did your replica work?
      You can try contacting Sean @

      Lemme know what'chyou find-


      • Hello Kadvaga,

        You have two @ in the email address and capitals.

        Should it be



      •  Hi Shiloh,

        The one I made does work.Just that I was using minimum parts.I have several variations in schematic form,I have also tested them on the  LT Spice Simulator and they work just fine.No arguments here.The concept is sound.Several patents exists that uses this principle.

        My main aim is to make one that is self sustaining.The rings are not necessary.They are really capacitors,tuned multiple plate capacitors.That is why he said that you could remove the battery and connect the last ring to the core piece to make it self running.The copper clads too I believe are also capacitors.You could forget the rings,and use a good size copper clad to run the device instead.

        The capacitors convert cold (static) electricity to hot electricity via earth ground.

        The site:   is jam packed with experimenters with similar devices.

        Thanks for your help.

        Best  regards,

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  • This is interesting, I remember such a devise from Atlantis.  Im sure my twinflame can work it out. Hes very tech,still,as always. The only trouble is,as you mention, those that dont want it out. but well if all people on this site would come together for a fellow purpose we could rock the boat, and not just technology wise.

    • Btw, how big were they in Atlantis and how much power do they Generate?

      Did they have big central ones, or small personal ones?
      Were there vehicles powered with them, either built around them, or chargin up off of them?

      • Well me and my twinflame,and others were on the bright side of the law so to speak, where I did the healing and crystals and he did the tech,where I was some involved in tech as well,as it had to do with the crystals. Ive had alot of dreams and visions about that life. I saw generators like that together with crystals and laser beams/x rays. I believe there is a way to sharp it further. It could be that the crystals do that. there was a generator like that and in the middle of it a extremely hard crystal harder than diamond,even though it could do,as well. what I see its about frequencies and briging them into balance.  Yes I believe they were used in life generating chambers as well for healing purposes. I remember evil stole some of it,but doesnt have the missing parts so it doesnt work properly for them. I believe the evil has to be get rid of first since they shouldnt get hands on tech they could use for ultimate destruction.  There are artefacts buried here and there that can be combined with it. 

        There were quite big actually those Ive seen. It looked like a telescope in shape. Even though I know its possible to make it small. Everything was powered by it. remember its the life.

        well things got buried when Atlantis fell and we brought some and buried it ourselves, so to speak. Evil stole some and that was it merely. As easy its said,the key to life is balance.

        Its possible to actually use the energy itself that surrounds us as well. Did you know that.

        energi multiplier I say energy director. In all this I cant help think of how universe is created and how The Source communicate and creates with the language of Light(  journal "the sacred universe") - a sidestep though.

        Everything is energy, it only has to be directed. When you are in balance and high enough frequency without stress, you choose to transition yourself. those things are powerful stuff. I talked to my twinflame a bit he was tired from work though but he said something like he surely could bring that one up.

        the flying vehicles had them too it was in everything. This is not new civilisations come and gone and evil suppressed. your SOUL already know the answers.

        when you use a crystal with those you get tremendeous power.

        we had experiements with different rays of light as well all in good purpose or science. my twin had a form of shield with one of those generators built in and it created a plasmic shield of forcefield(again with those things its not mystical). energy,vibrations,etc. all is light. cold light. ponder that one.

        it seems like youre on to something. just be careful,remember what happened with Tesla and likeminded.

        think he was on to something similar.

        evil are not gonna let this energy last if we dont get rid of evil in lawful ways first. they are 3% we are more. By the way those are in all crafts. Its very true its old as I almost say universe,well very old. All the lives outside this planet Ive seen it. Its nothing mystical. Earthbrain is just limited and need the soul to understand. you have the answers in your soul. I think we should get rid of evil,put them out of order,if all in here united we would do alot.

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    • Wow, you REMEBER this? thats so cool. He did say it has been in use in this galaxy for millions of years.

      Agreed about rocking the boat. Hell, we could make the boat fly!

      Also, if it is true, and it seems it, there isn't any time to suppress this stuff, any more. It seems like it HAS to come out. What happened with it in atlantis? How did it work/what did you do with it?
      In the design, he has it showing how to generat electricity, but I'm SURE there are more advanced kinds of raw energy to use. Like life force or orgone. Something with Life in it.

      He also described other kinds of wave articulation matrixes, the one being shown here only and "energy Multiplier".

      Yes, we are coming together.

  • So im going to take this pdf to my high school physics teacher who was a genuine genius and ask him if he would like to start a project and knowing this aged buddist genius hippie he will be down! Lets cut the chains ourselves people! Force ourselves past the PTB with new technologies that are already known and out there like this tauroidle (Taurus) field generator! 

    Love n Light


    • Yes I would be very interested in knowing what an actualy physicist says about this device.

This reply was deleted.

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