• Are you in the right place? Very interesting indeed.
    • You mean this site? Then yeah.☺
      Once upon a time, this site was more apolitical than US military! The criticism of evil cabal was not partisan. The 'light beings' vs 'dark beings' had not been reduced to 'this party' vs 'that party'. Every party was criticized fairly by almost all members.

      Then came pointing fingures. Specific leaders and parties began to be seen as 'more inclined to the cabal' without enough evidence. The 'war on cabal' and even 'dark beings' was politicised.

      But it happened all over, not just in this site.The so called 'conspiracy theories' began to be more and more baseless. Everything they don't like is 'a conspiracy by the cabal'. Concern with enviroment 'is conspiracy '. Helping refugees 'is a conspiracy'. International cooperaion and free trade agreements 'is a cinspiracy'. Fight of racism 'is a conspiracy'. 'conspiracy theory' got a very bad name.This gave those in power a justification to easily brash aside every criticism as 'a conspiracy theory' and they win!!
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"it's good Albertha, vegetables for dinner sounds much better than bugs ... the value of human life decreasing by minute now. And its done so openly, no more secrets nor hiding makes me speechless a little and wonder what's coming next."
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I really don’t feel like coming here just to give you a “We told you so”, but since no one here is doing it, here it is: WE TOLD YOU SO. It's time to wake up again. They like to toy with your naivety. They've already moved the goalposts to a later…
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"I see a video about ''Yellow Meal Worm here. I used to feed the birds when i worked at a bird center but i never tasted these worms and I have the nerve to eat them. My nephew has eaten them while he was living in Vietnam he says they are much…"
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"All this has to come down and people need to find ways to survive it's going be a long bumpy ride for next few years and it will be a dark period for many."
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"Best start your own permaculture garden!"
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Back to One You and I are One somewhere on a very high layer of consciousnessHere on Earth in compaction have we forgotten that we are One Division reigns Polarization at its best Reflected the tearing apart from Source Apart from you and I are One…
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"To heck with Biden he is bad foreign influence and will be removed- maybe some persons bosses think they can but most of the world knows they cannot."
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