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I am sure I have posted this before, but before you all go into melt down over disclosure which seems rampant on here tonight I will give you a refresher course.


The dream I had would have been less than a year ago , and the sky was full of space craft and everyone was running towards the craft and I was shouting no don't go they are the wrong lot, so I ran in the opposite direction and hid in a barn on a farm, the dream ended. Be careful.

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I remember you posting it. Sounds like War of the Worlds to me, with Tom Cruise. I am not verry into dreams, for we are brainwashed all the time and dreams can be tricky as wel on the acuracy depending on the dreamer. If i would of dreamt this i would not be surprised because ever sinds i saw the first war of the worlds in the late '70 i have been hooked on Sci-fi. But then my first book ever was at the age of 7, voyage to the moon by Jules Verne...
Your dream is similar to a dream i had a few years back.

I had a dream years ago before the October 14th deal. I was hanging out at a friends house at night and huge spacecraft filled the sky but it was large and metal looking and creaked and moaned like and old ship as it floated through the sky. Suddenly everyone fell to the ground and was paralyzed. I remember knowing that these were not good visitors. maybe just fear creating illusions in my head, maybe the real deal. Pay attention to your dreams.
A few months ago, I dreamed that Obama announced to the whole world that space beings are real and that they are here. In an instant the sky is filled with spaceships of all sizes. They were finally able to decloak and I was very happy watching them.

Two nights ago, I dreamed that a space brother took me to his home planet (which looks like my home planet also). There was even a parade that I joined but I was thinking that it is not a parade for me because I am with the Avatar (lol). Then I was shown how the spacecrafts and robots of the dark beings are being destroyed. I pretended to belong to the group of the dark beings and I met some people there who were there just because they needed work. They are the main reason why the machinery of the dark is not totally destroyed until now. They were taken into consideration. But they are definitely going down.

I was very happy when I woke up and still thinking of that experience.
woh that's kind of weird i had a dream in 2007 about the same thing, i was under a house under the floor boards for the exaxct same thing, i saw the sky turning grey, which was full of crafts, but theses crafts i knew were the wrong ones, this was at night, and for some reason i knew to hide from the negative ones.
At the time of first contact, I have been guided that discernment will be of most importance.
That there will be waves of different vibrational beings, and only through discernment and going
within shall we be able to distinguish the difference. Meditate daily, connect to your divine teams
and follow your inner guidance and truths.
Do not be so attached or excited in regards to First Contact & the decloakings, that you ignore
your inner guidance.
This is of the most important discernment you will need to feel your way through. Trust within
yourself .... make your choice by asking continiously if this serves your highest good and the
highest good of all.
Then suround yourself with love.
Blessings ...
Well, the dream i had took place at work.....some strange customers arrived who was about 2,10 m tall with blonde long hair. And their eyes had extreme energy in them. I remember four of them, 3 men and a woman. I asked them this-------you are not from around here are you? They said -----no we are not from this place. And i looked at the woman and she had some purple energy field between her hands. Thats the first alien encounter dream i had. I often have ufo dreams. I see ships all over the sky. I wish i had those dreams every night lol. They are so cool.



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