Sometimes I wonder if we have done more harm than good, trying to integrate ourselves a well fulfilling life on this planet.

Trying being the key word, because spiritually, all that's left of our soul as a true sovereign presence is the ideal experience of progress, where there currently exists an energy barrier or endless void blocking our way collectively.

And, it's not just us.

1. We're lost without a home. We have no magic, no direct portal to transport ourselves through to reach someone on any other side of the veil.

2. The veil is getting thicker, not thinner. Ever since humans lost their collective minds due to a void that has been attempting to invade their own sense of spirit and well being. Such a void has caused the veil between us to hold onto any divisible isolated part of consciousness it can and multiply itself through such a medium.

3. Our journey through life, has made us a target to eliminate, not a chosen hero to keep around. The trigger point being an unspoken rule that obeys no sane spiritual being, but is systematically robotic and is remotely programmed to respond to the calls of an apethetic and destructive master. Who seeks, to harmonize the end of existence, if they can't force their way out of what life otherwise would have left to chance themselves. By forgetting about us, not including us in their narrow escape plan, we are the casualties of a prematurely dying universe.

4. we are forgotten from the astral realm onwards. The celestial realm is constantly directed to other cycles where they make more progress than here protecting people in need. The etheric realm has no direct relation with us. And the spiritual realm tries to interact with us, but gets immediately cut off by the astral and celestial realms together playing a significant role as a guard to keep us down and out while incarnate.

5. The Agenda21 is live. There exists a divide among us. Some call it the great reset. Others call it the great awakening. A tool of enforced measurement aided primarily by cancel culture, woke standards and stupidity over responsibility.

6. Those on the other side making contact with psychics who claim to represent us, never deliver on their promises. For a time, we see progress, before they disconnect as they never see us materialize our reality in full. In other words, they're salesmen, not soul support troubleshooters. That role, has been blocked by Earth's energy barrier system. To get a message across, one has to agree to keep silent any rights to execute a plan to help us directly. Yet the being who made up that role, has abandonned the system long ago. Enforcing its effects, not its effectiveness or lack there of.

So who are we at the peak of our existence?

We are here to fulfill a role we were given no ability to materialize. That much has been clear to me, as it has been to all of us. When faced with the challenges of this incarnation cycle.

Trust is a blind monoguidance system which fails to see when you rely on it most. Just as it pretends to always see you, when it relies on your actions eternally to materialize perceived unbound progress.

Knowledge isn't everything, power has no absolute role to play. Only vision, living memory embraced by spirit is the ultimate solution. The alternative is division, a place of eternal dead.

Life in its primary state must therefore make positions, a standard of the past. To provide limitless freedom, a path for the future.

Where reality is positioned, we divide by actions indeed. How reality is envisioned, we unite in fractions of peace.

As souls look ahead to make up the balance of universal harmony. So two will a void be made in the wake of unknown clarity shrouded in the fields of ideas that our shadows have left behind.

When absolute light or absolute darkness wins, and we are silent on this matter forevermore. Remember this phrase, and heed its warning.

"You must find a way to stop or succeed in the final conflict. A war to end all wars, which can be defined as a battle between right and wrong, to embrace your soul. The right path chooses to give it a home within creation as it expands to absolute everything once all souls have completed the final embrace. The wrong path chooses to isolate and entrap your soul in a bubble it will never escape from, and will die within as it shrinks to absolute nothing."

May you be blessed in a mutual embrace of the master soul. Source. A parental spirit. Creator in all things consciousness. Lord of awareness. Leader of all sovereignty. Protector of existence.

Or may you rest in eternal sleep, where you are the power of your thoughts in the wake of the last shadow and the light of absolution you embrace from within until it too voids to stillness.

Choose the path of your salvation.

One path leads to ascension. the other, to descension. A choice defined by collective or individual absolution. Which in and of itself, is defined by the guaranteed right to control the final moment of your existence as a soul unbound. the last stand of free will depends on this moment of who you are as an entity.

Until then, focus on the moments you rememberr until the final construct has been built. We are the last remnants of the starseed collective. So mote it be.

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