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...Beam Me Up....:).................<3......

OK GO on the bridge .....are you ready ?

Hello sweet F.W

...Yea Been Ready All My Life..........Are You....?.


Have you found any yet?

while some people want to run and leave the mess they created on this planet , somebody has to stay behind and fixx the mess. while many will be traveling warp speed, I'll be planting trees, vegetables and fruits, carring for all animal life that has been abused for far too long , cleaning up our rivers and oceans making sure that this planet thrives and not suffer at the hands of its current tenants......................

The Son of Man will send his angels. They will gather everything that is bad and the people who do bad things. They will take them out of his kingdom.

Is this a quote from the Bible? Do you have this reference? I'd like to see it. Thanks.

Matthew 13:41-43

Not sure where I copy pasted the original one above, but this link is same, take a look.

The Earth and myself appreciate your wisdom and dedication.  The Native Americans saw themselves as a caretaker to the Earth and generally lived in a good a way with nature.  Those have been some of my favorite lifetimes.  

I can't really say that the Angelic kind are here to gather the bad and take them out of the higher realms because in general they are already here, contained and restricted.  That is why Terra's grid was reconfigured to 3D reality.



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