• I think something major is going to happen on the Solstice (which is what date?). I had a dream night before last that was super detailed. 1000 Mother ships are going to appear over 1000 cities at the same time with smaller ships en masse showing themselves over all cities so everyone, everywhere all at once will realize we have contact. No weapons will work. None. If you want to kill someone you'll have to stab, stone or strangle them. Then it's super personal.

    All the pyramids will engage their grid and power will be restored to the planet. No more nuclear power anywhere. It's too dangerous.

    War is illegal, same with non-consensual genital mutilation. No clothing requirements (like burkas, head covering). Jails are converted to rehab centers for all. Victimless criminals are free and go to rehab instead.

    Food, water, clothes, shelter, education, all are free for everyone. Basic needs are met for everyone immediately. Since no money's being spent on war, there's more than enough to give everyone a basic home, at least a bedroom of some kind in a shared home. Housing will be rethought so all have homes.

    Space travel is open and all are invited to participate (if they so desire).

    Earth is restored. All pollution including Fukashima and radiation is neutralized and removed. Equal rights for all, men, women, child alike. No one owns another, not even a child. All have civil, equal, human rights.

    There's more.
  • I've often thought that evil persons would be taken away and quarantined from the good. I wonder where they are taken? Is there a "Botony Bay" type penal colony somewhere in space on another planet, perhaps? I would hope they go through some kind of rehabilitation, for I think if the focus was on healing and getting to the core of what's happened that those beings became so corrupt, that some of these beings could perhaps return and become viable contributors to society.

    I remember a Star Trek episode from the very first series that focused on healing all criminal behavior which was treated as if it was a mental illness.
  • Very well said! Thank you... I love you
  • You know, friend John I long for the day when we peoples of earth, may habitually speak of our space bretheren, our extraterrestrial beings, as if we were discussing our fellows in Africa, Asia or anywhere else on earth....

    A person from China, may be spoken of in much the same way as a person from planet Kudra, Njsan system......Or a person from India, may be described in a similar way to a person from planet Luseta, Tayget star system, Plejares star cluster...


    The truth is....we are all linked in cosmos, offworld or on....


    In the 5th century, Europeans had yet to discover the world....By the 21st we have found the world, yet prepare to discover cosmos....

    • .....Me Too Drekx.....<3 ....Hugz........:).......xx.....

  • Anunnaki_Female_Extraterrestrial_Alien_PART_4__Some_clarificationsflv__115862.jpg?v=1372565705

  • AsAbove


  • If countries won't institute birth control policies then there is no choice but depopulation programs to protect this Earth from being destroyed to the point where it won't feed anyone!

    Are GMOs God's plan to get rid of the people dumb enough to fall for it and eat the poisoned food?

    We can't put our faith in governments, religions and corporations, can we trust aliens to have our best interests on their agenda? Well, so far they seem less harmful than anyone else.

    Maybe you think I'm crazy, and you may be right, but take a look at the 3 groups above that I mentioned and calculate how many humans have been killed by them in the last couple of thousand years.

    Then maybe you will want to find out more about the aliens and even build a UFO landing pad in your back yard

    Blue Planet Project: 29 Blue Planet Project Books on Aliens, UFOs, Conspiracies, Reincarnation
    Blue Planet Project Books: Jefferson Souza's Blue Planet Mandate, Yellow Book, Alien Races, Dulce Base, Montauk, Nibiru, UFO Crashes, Remote Viewing,…
  • Well, here's my UFO video. You get to hear me curse at the end when my lawn sprinkler hits me while filming it.

    Click for my 10-second video; it's been posted before.

    • LOL I love it, Malcolm!

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