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Hi folks, I've had enough of these so called channels and the contradictions within.

Each human is responsible for ones own actions.

The masses, the collective or any other scape goat is not to blame, not even cabal or any other diabolical group.

Each man and woman decide each day what they are going to contribute to in this world.

The truth is, very few are choosing to be the minions of the cabal and their systems, some unknowingly, though most, probably knowingly.

These few are the ones blindly following orders like robots, not taking into account how their actions truly affect all of humanity.

The cabal systems were created specifically to generate these types of human beings.

They were not created out of thin air, so blaming the masses of humanity, is a lie and distraction to encourage us to blame others for our actions or make excuses for our daily behaviour.

I was just reading a channel, supposedly from sananda, it had some good information, though it goes on to completely contradict itself and its message.

Whoever is making some of these channels, it seems as if they want us to know how manipulated and controlled we are, then it tries to blame all of humanity, then it goes on to judge us individually and claim, that if we are not financially secure or our relationships are crappy because of that or anything else, then it is our fault.

Big RED flag folks.

The fact that this world has any sane relationships is a miracle itself, probably a fact the master minds of these insane systems detest.

I really think, that they had hoped, that by now, we would all be killing each other in the streets, but instead, human nature shows that we are not like those that are actively maintaining these systems.

And those beings and their minions i remind you are a very, very,very few in number, relative to the masses of humanity.

Instead, guess what they do, since humans are generally peaceful, they have installed cameras and motion sensors where ever homeless people may migrate and they can easily swoop in and scoop them up, to only god knows what they do with them.

This is 'They Live' stuff to a tee, a movie you should watch.

Listen up you control freaks, your time on this plane of existence is coming to an end, soon all your minions will also be waking up and you will have nobody left to give orders to.

Thought you should know, since i know you watch this forum and it's obvious you have garbage posted here daily.

Why not just come to the light, we can all have fun and share in all the advanced toys you have helped create and hidden from us all.

You can think of your brief play time in the illusion of power as a gift and a curse.

You could have used that gift to create a beautiful world, instead you chose to abuse it, you will have to start over and learn to use your gifts wisely.

Time is up.

peace love light

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Humankind IS in all aspects, in the aspects of peace and genocide, which there has been a few already.

This expressions of consciousness reflect our entirety of expression throughout, and from all the universe. Which is our entity, undefined

We are receptors of our multiple waves, forms of being, we can be one AND the opposite, above and bellow, left and right. Good and evil, both. Our electromagnetism is above and bellow experience's control

Yet this particular experiment forces a reflective reaction upon us, so we can discover ourselves in all things. Even in those which hurt life in all purpose and meaning, as in those of extatic nature.

It has and it holds meaning, even in chaos and destruction. We continue to experiment ourselves for which IS

Cute, because you don't realize this "shadow" defines your very being. I'd like to show you some "control" in the more delightful meaning of the word

Grrrrrrr... you already know what happens once dark meets light

Oh, God, I HATE the 1%!  We are CONTROLLED since we were in school to "accept authority" like they are some type of GODS or something, and we all fell for it.  (Programming).  Well, I've UNPROGRAMMED myself (and I wish that everyone else would do likewise). 

No, I really do not think we are to blame (well, not MOST of us anyway); they keep MANY things secret from us, so how can we decide what to do when we don't know the whole picture?! 

Yes, God only knows what they do with those homeless people (I think that they're trying to GET RID OF THEM somehow). 

In re to the They Live movie, Roddy Piper said that it was a DOCUMENTARY, and shortly after he died. 

Yes, the 1 percenters and ALL THE REST OF THEM are going DOWN!



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