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NOTE: PAO's motto: Peace and Inner Strength through UNITY

The realization of what befalls your planet is becoming greatly understood by the people of the Earth. You are seeing that there are countries whose citizens are retaliating against the established orders of governments.

Throughout the months to come, this will continue to surge across numerous countries from the East moving slower into the west. As the people retaliate to the agendas against the controllers, this will lead to breakthroughs affecting your landscape in the political, sociological and financial arenas. The more that each of you reading this message can come together and stand united regarding peaceful non-violent resistance, the greater your voices will carry forward as further timelines of corruptions collapse and new timelines of community and cooperation flourish.

There are agendas that exist within the deep shadows of the planet where hostility attempts to assuage political and organizational operations. These hostilities relate to nature’s destruction in specific areas of your planet in order to bring forward the opportunities of corporate developments fueled by the greedy. It is important that every person on your planet is to stand up against these onslaughts where corporate control attempts to overshadow indigenous territory and ways of life. The strength comes in numbers. It is through your collective decisions that will lead the Earth past these insinuations of stability cloaked with corruption and greed. The more of you that become united to fend off from these plans, the greater the people will realize that their thoughts, feelings and intentions are the true collective power that governs this world.

Further solar activity will continue to take place not only through upcoming CMEs, but also through celestial passing. There are greater celestial energies that are ahead that will work energetically to shift a greater focus on wrongdoings and concealed agendas attempting to flourish corrupt monetary and governmental power. There will be interventions to take place that will cancel out any attempts to seize political movement that would harm people’s free will as well as harm that would could cause further environmental destruction. Such activities share themselves like a game of chess where those who protect and preserve the Earth must be a step ahead to those who wish to harm it. Through the passing of asteroids as well as astrological momentum, expect further exposure and foiling of plans to create corrupt political control to come near the end of this year.

In the times ahead, you will reach a greater collective intention to ensure that any action to harm nature, animals, lands and the people upon it will never see the light of day. But such a world can only be born through organic intentions, not political ones. Working through your online forums and technologies, you come together, and you strategize to ensure that gatherings, prayers, meditations, and good deeds overshadow any attempt to disassociate your efforts with one another. Not through single leadership nor through the actions of a few will this be done, but through the cooperation of the many. Unity brings prosperity and change that will align your civilization to greater heights. But this cooperation must be established by those willing to make changes. Remember the light that exists within each of you. The compassion you hold will gather those that also see transformation through the times that will come and you will become a powerful unit to overthrow corruption wherever it hides. Those are your allies, your friends, your family.

Work to understand yourselves and each other and you will transcend the shadows of your planet that have been upon the Earth for thousands of years that work to sabotage unity at any cost. Be strong and stay together for the common goal of community, cooperation and equality.

This concludes the Earth Intelligence Report.

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RV/Intelligence Alert: "Falter" -- September 19, 2019

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.)

The Earth Alliance's plan to expose Deep State corruption has been in the works since the founding of the NSA.

American's were upset at the time about the government spying on us and invading our privacy.

However, it also allowed the Earth Alliance to spy on the Deep State Cabal.

The Deep State Cabal are now being ripped apart from the inside out as they are exposed of their crimes.

Tom Fitton from Judicial Watch confirms that new DOJ, State Department documents prove there was a coup against Trump.

IG Horowitz confirmed today that Comey did commit crimes and many other individuals are involved.

The nation's largest bank JPMorgan has been exposed of manipulating gold and silver.

JPMorgan will soon be charged with crimes under the RICO Act.

President Trump has ordered declassification [DECLAS] to commence.

President Trump is also preparing America to receive emergency notice when the time comes.

Meanwhile, Netanyahu has lost the election in Israel which signifies a major geopolitical shift.

The Deep State Cabal have lost their puppet in the Middle East.Also, the US and China are expected to reach consensus on the "greatest deal ever"

.The US and China coming to an agreement will signify another major geopolitical shift that will affect the global economy.

In other news, the Federal Reserve is struggling to maintain itself as the fiat money system begins to falter.

Sources remain expectant to see Iraq become the first country (out of many) to revalue their currency this year.

RV/Intelligence Alert: "Gradual" -- September 22, 2019

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.)

The Republic is being gradually restored.

Once DECLAS is complete and the government has been purged of Deep State Cabal corruption; various acts that have already been introduced are expected to be passed.

These acts are under the Earth Alliance's GESARA agenda.

HR25 -Fair Tax Act
HR193 -Sovereignty Act
HR24 -Act to Audit the Federal Reserve
HR10 -Act to repeal the Dodd Frank act and end bank bailouts
S2155 -Solution to Economic Recovery, Banking Changes, and Consumer Protection

In other news, ElSalvador is expected to convert an unfinished nuclear power plant with Tesla technology and introduce free energy.

This will create new investment opportunities in free energy technology.

Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve is now lending billions of dollarsto major banks to keep them afloat.

This signifies that central banking is failing and the fiat money system is imploding.

A new type of asset-backed money system is the only solution.

According to sources, several indicators suggest Iraq will soon revalue their currency.

Other currencies are expected to revalue as well once each country either adopts the gold standard or a type of asset-backed money system.

RV/Intelligence Alert: "Implication" -- September 23, 2019

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.)

Only a little over a month remains for the chaos with Deep State Cabal corruption to settle before the holidays.

The FISA abuse investigation is expected to be blown wide open before the holidays which will implicate many high profile individuals.

HRC is expected to be implicated for crimes against the nation in October.

The very first Q drop on October 28, 2017 stated that Hillary would be arrested "tomorrow".

Future proves past.In other news, China will be celebrating their independence day on October 1st which gives Xi Jinping a week to make a "great deal" with Trump to increase his approval rating.

Meanwhile, the redemption of Zim bonds is expected to occur before the holidays.

The redemption funds from the Zim bonds will be deposited into the Quantum Financial System (QFS) currently operating independently in the background.

The QFS will be disclosed after all countries have adopted the gold standard or an asset-backed system via a Global Treaty.

The purpose of the QFS is to phase out physicalmoney and create a cashless society once various self-sustaining technologies (free energy, med-beds, etc.) have been disclosed.

whats going on with brexit? unless im seeing things wrong its not looking good at the moment they voted they want out so let them out seriously its never ending bs everyday on this planet this is why i dont see things changing at all i thought things would have happened already but i really dont think so anymore unless the people take it into their own hands it will be same old same old everyday, this is fun to read, about Trump impeachment proceedings ;)

the deep state is very stupid if they think they can impeach trump right now though im concerned with whats going on with brexit 

That guy is funny to read :)
Let's get popcorn ready 
for the impeachment of the elite. 

ditto that Ivy...;-] There is nothing they [globalists] can DO to stop what is coming...

can't wait :)

RV/Intelligence Alert: "Landscape" -- September 26, 2019

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.)

Ukraine is expected to admit to fundingHillary Clinton's presidential campaign with stolen IMF funds.

Hillary Clinton (HRC) will be exposed of committing treason come October.

Joe Biden will also be implicated in this scandal.

President Trump stated "the future does not belong to globalists" and"Wise leaders always put the good of their own people and their own country first"during his speech at the UN General Assembly.

This is a clear indicator that the geopolitical landscape is changing for the betterment of humanity.

It also means that the Deep State Cabal have lost control over the geopolitical landscape.

Meanwhile, no new money is being printed to bail out banks.

The Federal Reserve has begun monetizing government debt to stay afloat for the first time since World War II.

We are nearing the end of the fiat financial system.

The return of the gold standard and asset-backed economies will cause the fiat financial system to collapse entirely.

Multiple Central Banks have already joined the Central Bank Gold Agreement (CBGA).

The US is expected to return to the gold standard next month (October).

Once the US returns to the gold standard; all nations are expected to sign a Global Gold Treaty thus triggering a Global Currency Reset (GCR).

Various nations will adopt the gold standard or transition to an asset-backed economy depending on each nation's total physical assets and natural resources.

The transition to a New Financial System is expected to be completed by the end of this year.

The Quantum Financial System (QFS) will be operating in the background during the transition.

None of the terminology contained in this report is expected to be mentioned in the mainstream media.

Ever since the 2012 time-splice, we have had to absorb/accomodate/transmute some dire catastrophy time lines, with many peaceful ones, all leading to golden age mass ascension...It is a necessary harmony through conflict process which governs Humanity [4th ray----4th kingdom] : The spiritual law of correspondences. Victory has already happened. Physical catchup playing out for actors present....

Banking crisis 'getting worse' as Fed loses control



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