I feel that surely by now~ each can TRULY & UN-DENIABLY feel that change is imminent? I also feel how each is interperating this change or in- visioning it~is seeming more & more  to be  the topic of relevance & hot debate in this ~now? WELL~ I see~ the BEAUTIFUL thing about each feeling that there is imminent change in our future NO-MATTER~ how they are currently choosing to view it as...IS~that EACH has whether they have noticed or not~ been introduced to their own~unique Power~ of intuition they may not been aware that they even posessed! EVERYONE~ now is feeling what people prior labeled as "psychics, or Sensitives" HAVE TIL NOW~ been deemed different, special or unique~ for posessing such abilities~ & have even profited~ been persecuted or been people that others felt they needed in their lives for guidance ~ and just a means of re-inforcing their own choices as correct or not ~ As others weren't aware they too posessed the same " ability " all along! MABE~They didn't know they were just as "special" & gifted?~~~~~SO~ what does this mean? ~WELL~ to me it is more validation HOW MUCH alike we all truly are~ & have been all along...& it's SO nice to see people realizing this whether they even are aware they are or not at this time.

  ALL OF OUR~ DIFFERENCES are dissapearing at a MOST rapid rate now~ I SEE IT EACH DAY~ I cannot ignore this fact anymore~ whether people are fighting & debating~ or agreeing it does not matter in this aspect.I DO WISH more would choose to see this~ Whether this ability is a new one or not... I feel it is time for all to recognize & acnowledge they are becoming more aquainted & familiar with it... & IT CAN ALWAYS BE more refined~ at becoming a tool as a  productive/beneficial one to all of "US" as a whole? ONE~ thing we definately all still posess that we ~ALL~ new we always had is "FREE-WILL"... & ALL THOSE limitations we HAVE ALL set for ourselves are also dissolving~ I feel~ and I guess we can either~SET~ NEW ONES~ as what's familiar ~ as the creatures of habit we are~ OR~ We can ALL TAKE OFF~ TOGETHER literally & fly away to a new!

  I'm MOST sure that this feeling can be MOST frightening to any person whom isn't recognizing what this foreign, & strange new feeling they cannot seem to shake is! Or can choose to FINALLY start seeing their glass as HALF~OR~ MORE FULL! I feel either way one chooses to react it is oh-so normal as the primitive fight, flight, or fright~ creatures of habit we have been for so, so very long! As having~ to "label" & always immediately loo for the different in another has been ~  LITERALLY~ BRAINWASHED into us as what we are to do as "human beings"...  as what our reality is~BUT~ IT is NOW~ quickIy & un- deniably NOT~ what is going to be our ~"NEW". As trying to rationalize mentally, Scientifically and with SO MANY LIMITATIONS~ is just NOT going to be beneficial to our mental or physical "best interest" state~ much or  any longer~ I feel? AND~ ME~ YOU~ & YOU~ are MOST UN- DOUBTABLY going to ONLY become more, & more aware of just HOW TRULY~ NON~DIFFERENT~ we each are! & debating, or fighting this is only going to become more, & more exhausting & inevitably pointless~ &~ THE SOONER WE ALL~ learn to justa~ go with-the-flow- OF WHAT FEEL RIGHT FOR US as different~ than just mabe~ the sooner &  & more we will all see, feel, & KNOW~ to our own unique each s' satisfaction~ & NO~ LONGER be able to harbor denial of our divinity as a WHOLE~&~ TRULY~ WILL ALL SEE WE ARE ALL~ ONE!   Just a perspective of a thought I had~ &~ wanted to share with you ALL~ on this MOST beautiful day!!!~SILAS~

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  • So true, everyday I see more brightness in the world...hopefully more people will go with their own senses and do the same. Much love to all.

  • So true Silas...so true.

  • When riding the Multidimensional Wave... the best tactic for success?... 'Go With The Flow!'

  • Thanks for your insight. Silas, Go " WITH the Flow," Yeah!

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