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...And I'm not saying that's a bad thing. Just could be a reason he's so interested in pushing disclosure. Maybe he's one of the good ones. Maybe he's one of the bad ones. I don't know. I see motives for his position on either side of the spectrum.

My reasons for suspecting him are:

1. He has a tall, muscular build. He looks like he is very "thick." Not like fat, but like he is very dense.

2. He often licks his lips.

3. He stresses his "s."

4. His teeth seem to be a little sharp.

5. He carries himself kind of stiffly.

6. If you blend a Reptilian face over his own, it isn't that hard to see.

These are all based on physical observation. I could be completely wrong. However, he strikes my intuition as strange.


In this picture, his pupils appear to be slitted. He had a general "frog-like" appearance.

He is usually taller than everyone else.

His pupils have luminescence and there is an orb near his ear. (This may be a camera artifact. I know that orbs are sometimes just dust or moisture.)

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Steven Greer is a Spiritual Being Having A human Experience. Ive never seen any importance in Outer looks etc, he is just "strong" and hes built that way! (Maybe going to the gym)

For example if someone would take a picture of me on a website, and say "I think Ben-Arion" is this or that because he looks like this and that. I would just laugh, because who you are cannot be 100% reflected in your looks!

This post should belong to "Humour and playground". =)

sure is aidan.
Indeed, that is how I was looking at the pictures
I even have a bit of trouble to see the reptylian face... as if it would matter anyway...

So far I still like what this guy is saying, and I am happy for what he is doing (it 's a job that takes some courage)
I said that being a Reptilian did not mean that one was negative.

Me: "Maybe he's one of the good ones. Maybe he's one of the bad ones."

I like what he is saying as well, although he has, at times and in my opinion, cried wolf.
This is, indeed, an odd post from you, Ben.

Yes, he could just be strong, but I've seen far more outlandish claims on this website that you support fully without much evidence other than intuition.

And where, in my entire post, did I say, "I think Steven Greer is a Reptilian?" No, I posed the question itself. I never made an opinion about it.

In fact I'll quote myself: "These are all based on physical observation. I could be completely wrong. However, he strikes my intuition as strange."

I am actually a little insulted by your remark in regards to placing this in Humor and Playground. I was trying to post a serious observation. By Humanoid-Reptilian standards, according to various sources on the subject, Steven Greer displays some interesting and coincidental characteristics.

In fact, this is the first time I've ever seen a speculative post put-down like this on this website. With all the things we talk about, you're going to laugh at this?

@Ben-Arion , Bless you Ben, I notice more people accuse him again this year 2015. FOLKS STEVEN GREER IS HUMAN not reptilian, this is fact. He connect peaceful, willing to disclosure. People make false statement, is egos........True spirit of person is with in.............Picture are and video for 2015 are much silly, they actually put a lizard head replace him...... People either jealous , they being silly..........


>>>>>>>>too much video since you all post this, false statement, maybe the world is humor...........People can not see truth, they see laughter. 

I know what reptilian imprint is , >>>>>>>reptilian all have unique vibration.

agree with ben this part.....


You may well be right Amelia. I have been thinking lately that I have a reptilian aspect to me, and trying to love my inner reptilian lol!! ; )
You're on a roll today, Merryn. This, and your comment about sheeple made me LOL! Life does get scaley sometimes, and often I've felt like slithering away from things. So you've got a point there -- I gotta learn to love my inner reptilian. lol!
Glad to be of service in the LOL department! ; )
never liked this dude,, the project Camelot interview where they grill him only reaffirmed this feeling i had about him
What was the feeling that you had about him? That he was a liar? Dis-info agent? Crazy? Not-human?

Just curious.
all of the above


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