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I just saw this sign,in my third eye and I realised it's not an S, but a double spiral. Have anyone seen this before

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I, too, would like to know what it is. I have been doodling this spiral type sign for years.. Mine goes the other way. Bottom spiral on the right and top one on the left. Any ideas?

The spiral is one of the most ancient symbols and represents the unfolding of that which is hidden.
Meaning growth & evolution - returning to the same point on life's journey with new levels of understanding. Guides the seeker to maintain flexibility & trust during change, allowing the release of energy into all areas of life.

Celtic Symbology explaining spirals: “Double Spiral is much like the single spiral, the double spiral is also an important symbol in Celtic mythology. It is represented by two spirals formed by a clockwise movement at the two points of a line, but in opposite directions. Thus, while one spiral opens in an upward direction, the other opens in a downward direction. However, some variations of the symbol can be found.

The double spiral stands for the fact that there are always two completely opposite activities going on in the universe, at any given point in time.

The two opposing spirals emerging from a single line signify that though the two activities have completely contradicting cycles, there is always a balance between them.
Cycles such as birth and death, creation and destruction occur alongside each other and are thus, represented by the double spiral.

Another theory states that the double spiral represents the equinoxes, the days when the day and night are of equal duration.

I agree. Very interesting view

thank you Ara.

My 2 cents .. the spiral is in the heart of everything I think .. study the Fibonacci Sequence in Sacred Geometry and you will find that the spiral pattern in embeded in the root of all life...

I would also aggree with Aras perspective on the double spiral .. thats about the best I can offer you at the moment ..

...No It Is An S...With A Cho Ku Ray Twist........Enjoy...........

looks a bit like something of the nazca lines or ancient cave paintings it does look vaguely familar though

It reminds me of the "Ison" crop circle.

Ison Crop Circle

Either yin yang or a logarithmic spiral x2.

logarithmic spiral mirrored

The first thing I thought of was Pictish Swirl Script, where several of the letters look similar.

Here is an example from my quick search on that:

No I haven't, but it looks very interesting. Keep us posted on what you find.



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