I just find this so ironic. It feels like "they" are telling the truth right in our faces today, and people still think it's a joke.

He starts with "Greetings humans, we know you love TV so much" and the rest speaks for itself.. In the end he drinks a human brain that has been exposed to too much dumbing down and a snake reaches out from his jacket in a split-second.

David Icke may not be wrong after all that reptilians are in the control, a lot of it is depicted in the movie "They Live" - I reccomend to check it out, it's mind blowing how that is accurate with today and that was in the end of the 80's when that movie was made.

Anyway here is the commercial, enjoy!

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  • That snake at the end... haha

  • this is hilarious, like it is meant to be.  what are you people so uptight for, havent you been told that the war is over and the reptiles changes sides and we are only dealing with the leftovers running the show on earth. so what are you so worried about.

    • But nothing to prove it, just words of happenings "behind the curtain".

      "Your brains turn into a cottage-cheese like mush and we scoop it out of your skull. Yummy"

      The reptilians aka Orion empire went over to work for the light in, what was it 1995, right?

      I think we are being trolled big time, especially when so obvious things show up on events like Olympics and Superbowl.

  • what a weird advert lol,,,,

    very disturbing

    • Yeah, and it was aired during supowerbowl 2012. Don't think the majority could see anything suspicious, they maybe thought it was a "funny" way of presenting this Hulu, because Aliens do not excist hahahahaha etc ;)..

      I found this really discusting to view after reading David Ickes book, I feel mocked by it in some way.

  • Holy crapballs...I was actually thinking of getting Hulu plus for my android tablet to watch reruns when I sit on my lanai being lazy and getting some sun.  I did not get it because it cost more money a month than I was willing to pay.....glad I did not get it now, those commercials are downright bizarre.  I do not watch tv much so had not seen those ads....creepy indeed and as I do know that non-benevolent aliens DO exist, now I will have nightmares about reptilians, which I had never had before....wonderful...viewer disgression is adviced lol. Thanks for sharing these (I think, lol). 

    • Heh, yeah they are indeed creepy, hope they didn't scare you in any way ^^. But you really see their true motive when they speak so openly about their agenda, knowing that no one will believe them who is sleeping allready.

  • It is like they are mocking those that would expose the truth, while assuring the sleeping people that this is all a joke and something laughable! I'll give an example:

    A person tries to explain that our planet is run by off-world entities, reptilians maybe. The response would be "Haha, like that Hulu commercial that was broadcast on supowerbowl 2012?! (Billions of viewers, coincidence they broadcast it there?) You must be NUTS!!"

    So all this is just coincidences? There is no ruling power over our socities in almost every part of our lives?

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