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Hello :)

So, I have decided to quit my four year habit. I really liked smoking. It was fun but I guess I'm ready to move on. I'm on my second day without it and I'm already noticing changes. I'm more sensitive. I cried yesterday, because of something I would normally never cry about.

This caused me to look back. I see all the covering up that I used to do with it. Any big emotion and I turned to my cigarettes for company and now I have to face everything head on. It's like relearning everything. So, I was wondering if any other people have gone through this kinda thang or have an opinion?

Gratitude and Respect


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nicotine medicates anxiety strongly

and like every medicationit acheives its result by suppressing said anxiety

the anxiety pushed down will come out!

typically it means you feel more anxiety ( or perhaps better put you will feel the constancy of it in the back of your mind)

so you keep smoking to escape ...yet feeling incrementally worse

then when you stop the whole thing comes crushing back in a large hit( so we may give up on letting go)

( tearyness is not the fundamental emotion and wont help you escape)

also the presence of anxiety ( ciggies) will make you really exhausted at an emotional rest and yawn



Smoking is extremely bad is like committing slow suicide plus getting curses from non smokers if you smoke near them

Hi Emmy it's the one addiction I struggled with and have had to quit a few times. I am still free but it's a very evil drug that has killed two of my family members and may well take more. Thankfully we all seem to be fighting it and winning. It should never have been made legal and when it was realised it is as bad and dangerous as it is, it should have then been banned but wasn't. Speaks volumes about the powers that be that keep it on our shelves ey, they probably knew all along how bad it really was/is! Anyway yeah freeing ourselves from stinking matrix's like this are essential to our growth and the eventual death of the industry. Good for you girl and good for all of us that jump off that ship :)

yea in my view,

i think smoking can cause blockages,,,, and not smoking anymore, can clear out the body of toxins,

and clears out the aura too,,, which means the blockages are less dense, and easier to get rid/throw off ;)

Go on Gailene loving your honesty here. It really is a b**** smoking and it's had me a few times. Good luck to you we all have our personal battles of some kind but knowing and admitting them is over half way to overcoming them <3

I assume your talking about cigs?? However, I do not think that it causes emotional blockages. Maybe a host of physical blockages, but not emotional. smoking is the AFTER AFFECT.

We all know cigarettes are no good for us , so i am glad you did stop like i did a while ago
it affect our inner and physical being but also we buy those weekly and feed big corporations to
slowly kill us . I can make cigarettes made of arsenic and sell them with pictures showing how it can kill you
or all kind of deseases , those cigarettes are a non-sense .

I smoke and it helps reduce my stress :-D

Hehe...Thanks :-)

Everything is bad for your health anyway in this world so why not just enjoy it and have fun whit it :-D

Wow, glad you brought up this topic.  I am greatly struggling trying also to kick the butts.  Not doing at all well.  I was in the hospital and then a physical therapy rehab center for the whole month of July and while I was there I was on the nicotine patch the whole time and did not have a single urge to smoke.  Granted a lot of that had to do with not being able to walk due to a knee replacement, and no place to go to that was near the hospital or rehab in which to smoke if I could have wheel chaired there, lol. 


But the day I got home from the hospital the first thing I did was to head for the fridge where I knew I had a pack left over from before the surgery.  That was a crying shame....I should have stayed "quit" but my old habits came right back to me.  The cig with the morning cup of coffee, the cig after each meal....the cig when I took a break from housework, the cig just because I was stressing about something, anything.  Two days ago I decided to get the patch and slapped one on again and made it a lousy day and I was so dam bitchy and whiny and irrasible because I was feeling like I was depriving myself of my very best friend.  My roommate was willing to drive me to a store at midnight to get myself some cigarettes....I was a horror to be around the day without the butts.....but I realize that I do not want them in my life, I stink of butts, I can smell it on my pillowcase from my hair smelling like a dirty ovewrloaded ashtray...And I am going to try again and again until I can STAY quit.  I so understand where you are coming from.  I keep thinking I have been through so very much adversity in my life and survived despite.  So I am not going to let something like this defeat me..I am just a lightweigh I many others have just up and quit in my life and I feel like a big whiny baby, lol.  I have to stop finding reasons to reward myself with a cig, or excuses why I can't quit quite yet....

Thank you Shama-an for the link.  I will be checking it out tonight (right after I go out on my lanai and have my pm coffee and a butt, lol).  I really do want to quit, I just have to put my mind into it....the cost alone should make a motivation...there is so much I can do to get healthy with the money I save, like joining a gym or anything at all..maybe give what I would spend each month on cigarettes to a charity....I think that is a great idea that might motivate me.  That way I could think about what a donation could do for someone needy...maybe that would help.

I believe when our vibrations are high enough we can ingest alcohol and have that not even affect us, but most of us are not there yet. Smoking reeks a lot of havoc on the body, so I would have to say yes. The breathing in deeply and the stepping outside for a break is grounding for a lot of people, especially the breathing in dee



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