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April 21

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(Please see the above comments about ETs and UFOs.) Since age 21 I have been meditating, practicing yoga, martial arts, and was a strict - and I do mean strict - vegetarian for at least 25 years. I do not practice any organized religion as I consider myself to be a spiritual being. Altho, I do like the tenets of Zen Buddhism and Taoism, and the Native American spiritual concepts. I have distinct memories of various past-lives, have had a near-death experience where I saw my grandma approaching before a bright light, and most recently I have been able to see angels, too.

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

Buddhism, Taoism, Jesus, Edgar Cayce, Carlos Castaneda & Don Juan Matus, and since I turned 50 my own intuitive perceptions. During the 1970s, I was greatly inspired by the TV series, "Kung Fu" with David Carradine.

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  • Dear Ron,

    Yep, there is a lot of stuff there, but only 3 or 4 groups that are interesting for me were chosen, Since a week the groups were discovered and I've learned 2 things important for my personal growth and in the discussions nothing so far since 4 years, a lot of interesting global things but nothing so far for personal growth. I do not have all day either.

    This is a very tough time a fifteen year old relation is going down the drain which is very hard to let go for both. Besides that it is easy to have friends here because we are all on the same wave length. 

    I do have good friends here but very little time for them because I'm always very buzy.

    Ron, I wish you light in these difficult times and we'll meet in one of our meditations.


    ps; reading your profile it seems we have a lot in common. traumatic event at three, mediating Kriya yoga, near death experience, vegan, past lives on a distant planet, atlantis, aztecs, england during Arthur, Germany during 2nd world war, Jesus, Edgar Cayce,  Carlos castaneda,  Pramahamsa Yoganada, Paramahamsa Hariharananda, books (if I can get them here (Cayce, Castaneda, Joganandaji, Eckhardt Tolle, bible, Thora), music sacred spirit, Enya, Vangelis. And Kung Fu ( David Carradine) touched me deeply.

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"Hi, Rianne.  Thanks for your suggestion, but in going to the groups tab, I see there are several groups.  OMG!  It just seems like so much stuff.  I just want to get on here, read some good stuff, and get on with my life.  I seriously don't have all…"
Nov 11, 2012
Ron Laswell replied to Rianne's discussion If you do not agree with someone at least respect their beliefs, views or opinions.
"Well said, Rianne!  Personally, I get really frustrated with many of the negative comments that people post.  I've been tempted to unsubscribe from this AC webpage just for the reasons you mentioned. "
Oct 23, 2012
Ron Laswell replied to Ben-Arion's discussion Dolores Cannon - Three Waves of Volunteer Souls & Ascension (Starseeds, Indigos, Crystals, etc.)
"In our mega-ancient past, there were planets that were destroyed.  The current asteroid belt is the remnants of Maldek.  So if Earth is not allowed to be destroyed because it would disrupt the energies of both the universe and other dimensions, then…"
Oct 23, 2012
Ron Laswell replied to 36ryu0vb4f4n0's discussion Do you think smoking causes emotional blockages?
"Only when we distance ourselves from a destructive habit can we look back and see what impact it had on us.  Right now we have less than 3 months to 12-21-2012, if I was you, I would get right on any personal cleansing.  Once you stop smoking…"
Sep 28, 2012

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She is probably right and giving us a warning against fraudulent messages check @ https://youtu.be/Y44W5GeDtoM
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The cows are not looked after properly with care so the milk they produce has low vibes, energy and taste.Those who have to have cows milk then Organic milk is a better then non organic milk..better then organic milk is ahimsa milk…
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"Sigh. Ok :)"
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"I'll speak to you some other time....Must go for now...See you...Drekx"
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"The truth is mighty and will prevail. I like it. I have a tattoo that says "esse quam vidiri""
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"Id just love the opportunity to talk to some other entity inside my head. Will i ever be able to?

Also im a massive Trekkie, so is my daughter. I have made the committment and watched every episode every series. Love them. All of them. :)"
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"Well, truth is truth and if you speak it clearly and with confidence, you are being true to yourself...and more importantly, your higher self.....With love, your daughter will understand you well....

Be free with your thoughts and feelings and…"
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"Cool. That make sense.

Well, Im addicted to the telling the truth. Even if it hurts someones feeling. And i dont mean that in a mean way. I just state thing how things are and most people cannot handle this. I read something once that said, you can…"
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