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Do you still read known channeled messages that you know you don't resonate with anymore?

I can see a lot of posters here nowadays complaining about channeled messages that they do not resonate with anymore. They can even enumerate the lies being mentioned by those channelers up to the latest message! I really find it amusing that for someone who doesn't believe anymore in that certain channeler, they keep on reading his messages just for the sake of looking for more messages to attack from that channeler! Can you guys and gals stop reading messages from that channeler instead? It is actually that simple. Why waste your energy reading messages from someone you don't resonate with?

The usual explanation that they give is that they are helping those who are being lied to. Great! They like to think that people cannot see through lies and must be helped. It is the big ego telling them that they have to be the messiah to these "gullible" people who would not know any better if not for them. I think this kind of mentality has to stop. People follow messages from certain channelers because the messages still resonate with them. But there will always be a time when that channeler will not resonate with them anymore and then these people will move on.

No need to spam every thread attacking the channeler. That is like the dark ages where all the witches have to be searched and burned at the stake. We are approaching the Golden Age. Show compassion and let everyone else follow whatever channeled message they want to follow. They will stop once they have enough (either of the lies or of the repeated messages). Just stop the messianic complex. Those channelers purposely spreading lies will also fade soon once people stop following them. Remember, Colleen Thomas? She's gone now or at least back to the fringes.

For the record, I don't read any channeled messages anymore but I don't go around attacking all the channelers. I just let everyone else do what they want to do. That is what we are all supposed to do. Respect each other's free will.

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Yeah and note that you earlier said not to attack channels and leave them be and here you are defending yourself for attacking him

The proof is in the pudding and you have been caught again :)

OK "One," you seem to be confused today...maybe you are tired and unable to focus your thoughts well....?? No matter.....I'll try again....

And repeat what I said above, to remind you that my advice is intended for those for whom erroneous channeling may cause disillusionment and distress...

As I said I am immune from feeling those particular emotions, WITHIN THIS CONTEXT, as I'm largely self-contained here....with my own network and contacts....

My advice was intended for those who would suffer from being let down by false timelines, etc...

"My words above were for those who do not possess their own telepathic links with the galactics and so would feel highly distraught if let down by a channel providing false promises....I do not personally suffer such a condition and will continue to monitor what material they post, yet distancing the GFL from any repercussions that spill over from the falicies that some mediocre "channels" may give out on the net...Yet also giving credit to some individual channels, where credit is due....I have been highly sensitive to Greg Giles and made great efforts to show him compassion...yet also gave aid to those who floundered in angry confusion in his wake..."


Problem is I think that there is a lot of deliberate mis-information being pumped out to confuse people. I don't listen to much channelled information but have done from time to time. After all the info about mass landings and 1st contact for the London 2012 event, I see a lot of people feeling very let down, a lot of people have really lost faith. I for one won't be listening to some of the top name channels any more because some of the information simply can't be trusted. I think it was SaLuSa who afterwards said that "we had to be lied to"...

All I know is that we are not alone in the universe, I believe there will be intervention in a worst case scenario, and in the meantime "we" the people of the earth have to work hard to get us to the place where the ET's can make a global 1st contact. As for disclosure, it's already happened if you know where to look.

But as for listening to channels, I'm taking a break to reassess the situation and to feel out who is who...

when you are authentically channeling your solar plexus chakra is burning and activated and you can feel intense energy. the energy in you head also becomes increased and you can feel pressure their. you don't  just channel out of thin air. but your right usually if i don't resonate with a message ill just not say anything

Maybe inaccuracies and false information could be pointed out with LOVE? Love and Truth go hand in hand, so maybe responses could be something like "I know your intentions are good, (name) and I appreciate the effort you have gone to, however this and this and this aren't true. I'll pray for you to keep your channels clear and free from interference. Love and hugs, (those who care)"




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