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Do you still read known channeled messages that you know you don't resonate with anymore?

I can see a lot of posters here nowadays complaining about channeled messages that they do not resonate with anymore. They can even enumerate the lies being mentioned by those channelers up to the latest message! I really find it amusing that for someone who doesn't believe anymore in that certain channeler, they keep on reading his messages just for the sake of looking for more messages to attack from that channeler! Can you guys and gals stop reading messages from that channeler instead? It is actually that simple. Why waste your energy reading messages from someone you don't resonate with?

The usual explanation that they give is that they are helping those who are being lied to. Great! They like to think that people cannot see through lies and must be helped. It is the big ego telling them that they have to be the messiah to these "gullible" people who would not know any better if not for them. I think this kind of mentality has to stop. People follow messages from certain channelers because the messages still resonate with them. But there will always be a time when that channeler will not resonate with them anymore and then these people will move on.

No need to spam every thread attacking the channeler. That is like the dark ages where all the witches have to be searched and burned at the stake. We are approaching the Golden Age. Show compassion and let everyone else follow whatever channeled message they want to follow. They will stop once they have enough (either of the lies or of the repeated messages). Just stop the messianic complex. Those channelers purposely spreading lies will also fade soon once people stop following them. Remember, Colleen Thomas? She's gone now or at least back to the fringes.

For the record, I don't read any channeled messages anymore but I don't go around attacking all the channelers. I just let everyone else do what they want to do. That is what we are all supposed to do. Respect each other's free will.

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Or give this a try :)

CSETI Iphone ET contact tool

i read them sometimes

some of them are well written cool stories ..entertainment

i sometimes even read the messages of violence that argue and decry these posts...they can be more interesting than the post sometimes

i find the power of delusion fascinating to observe

i have also been known to enjoy the occaisional zombie movie

but they arent true.....only the nameless thing is true

Tao...anything that can be argued with isnt worth arguing about

so thats entertainment




@Warrior of Light - You are trolling. At least tell us what you are disagreeing with instead of just being a troll.

@Route2Reality - If these channeled messages are just giving false hopes, then stop believing in their messages. I understand the disappointment of many people here but maybe it's time not to put too much hope on some galactics coming down and make everything better. We might have to do everything on our own. A little change in mindset is needed here. Have a mindset that no one is going to help us in our problems and that we have to solve all our problems ourselves. Then we won't be so disappointed when some predictions do not happen.

If I feel the draw to read something then I will ~

I do not fear the information that comes into my consciousness because I take responsibility for what I believe in and why!

All things, even things we don't totally resonate with, can have truths in them that light our path.  

Synchronicity works in strange ways!! :) :)

Thanks for this Exo xxx

Although I agree in general, I have to say that I hadn't noticed how many grave errors were in one channeling until it was pointed out, and I was grateful to be made aware that something was seriously wrong... I don't read them anymore thanks to those who cared enough to say something.

Yes their reaction is sometimes excessive... I certainly did not expect to see a photo of a person vomiting into another person's mouth. That was equally disturbing!!! and I can't delete it! lol :-p but I forgive it...

Sometimes I think these dubious sources that are being channeled just love attention, any attention, and I wonder if the intention is to waste our time as well as distract us from having our own connection to our own I AM God/Goddess presence. Even writing this has taken my focus off my own meditations. So don't take the bait... instead,   

Meditate! It is Great!

Change your focus, and your fate!

Talk to Jesus! He's your mate!

Forgive the past, yourself, don't wait!

Feel your soul and heart inflate!

Make Love and Light your normal state! 

Raise the vibe, and co-create!







Well you need to understand, it's not just about you. It's not just about....well if I resonate, I'll listen, if I don't, I won't. If there are beings out there, putting out false messages to confuse people....they need to be held accountable. If someone says something that's not true...they have to be held accountable by the people they're lying to. And I don't see anyone doing that, barely anyone. Me and a small handful of others, and that's it. The rest of you don't seem to care that there are beings out there trying to manipulate're just content to focus on yourself and your own life and that's it. Well not everyone thinks that way.

If I was just thinking about me, I'd just ignore it, and that's it. But I'm not just thinking about me, I'm thinking about a whole slew of people out there, who are being effected by it. I look at it from a collective there are people out there....lying to us, and using us, and fooling us into believing things that aren't true, and people get disappointed by it. There needs to be some justice for that, some responsibility and accountability. So that's why I do it, on behalf of all of humanity...because most of you guys sure don't do it yourselves.

-headnod- lol Thanks Stewart. And I'm not saying the real GF or real light beings are lying to us and putting out false messages....but clearly, there are beings out there who are. And...we can't just tolerate that. Or forgive and turn the other cheek. We need to bring accountability to these guys. And I think it's our responsibility to do that, we have to confront them, and challenge them, and let them know they're not going to manipulate us. Like you said, evil thrives when good people do nothing.

It really is very, very simple.....If you don't resonate with what the channel is saying, than DON'T READ IT....!!

Problem solved....!!  ;-)

In my particular case I'm fortunate to possess my own links to the galactics and so know in advance if a channel is actually channeling them, or not...

Sometimes channels are mediocre, sometimes 80% accurate, sometimes 20%, and sometimes zilch....

Each must develop THEIR OWN discernment skills and not blame the messenger always....Some messengers are under stress from CIA psyops, some are outright frauds with agendas of self interest, taking money from the gullible....

BUT, each is responsibe for "not fooling for it," and avoiding material that does not ring true....So stop seeking to make the channels accountable, when WE ARE ALL accountable.....

And finally, remember that nobody has to read (follow) channeled material....It is not a must....It is not something that we are each compelled to do, for fear of sanction.....It is not a tax, nor a rule....We have freewill to stop reading what we don't find inspirational and enjoyable....


Also, glad you mentioned Colleen Thomas, whom I exposed at the time of her wild claims, which were supported by Mike Q.

But, that was primarily to lessen any negative impact on the GFL, who were being misrepresented by her and Mike Q...(If you want to know who, why and what those missiles really were doing, let me know.)

Once a lesson is learned, move on.....So no need to hate or fear false prophets....Just ignore them...

yeah says the guy who goes around telling people to only follow the "official GFL channel" you have attacked several channels over the time i have been here.  so dont try to sugar coat your agenda with these fake words.

Not precisely correct, "One." Recently I praised the article that Suzanne Ward had posted, for it's accuracy, yet on occasions prior to that I had pointed out her many errors....As with Mike Q and the multitude of erratic channels that raised an "Olympics landings," fiasco......


My words above were for those who do not possess their own telepathic links with the galactics and so would feel highly distraught if let down by a channel providing false promises....I do not personally suffer such a condition and will continue to monitor what material they post, yet distancing the GFL from any repercussions that spill over from the falicies that some mediocre "channels" may give out on the net...Yet also giving credit to some individual channels, where credit is due....I have been highly sensitive to Greg Giles and made great efforts to show him compassion...yet also gave aid to those who floundered in angry confusion in his wake...

yeah conveniently dont mentin how you attack salusa, micah and raheem in the last couple weeks.  so what if you praised some other, who YOU ADIMITTED was only getting that praise because she said stuff you agree with.

:)  Again nice try but your agenda is quite plain to see.

Raheem was a member of ACC and thus not immune from challenge.....His agenda was highly unsavoury and we had to speak out....

I noted that you supported his highly dubious agenda, when he was active here, "One."


And the "Micah" channel was exposed for his disruption agenda of causing distress to lightworkers, by creating distrust of the GFL, when the "Olympic landings" failed to happen...SO WE HAD TO WARN YOU BEFORE THE 4th AUG....

See link:


If some people could use their own discernment and simply ignore these fake channels, we would not have to step in like this....



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