It's a very simple yes or no question, not whether someone else told you that you are one, but do you personally consider yourself to be a Lightworker. Explain why and such, and if you don't, why you visit ACC. [I want to know why people visit ACC, not that you shouldn't be here if you're not a "lightworker".]


Edit: Honestly the intention for this is just like a survey. I've been accused by people who also don't consider themselves lightworkers as to not belonging or that I shouldn't be allowed here because I don't recognize any kind of "lightworker status" in myself - which frustrates me to no end because I know the most lightworkerish people I come across here are the ones who don't elevate themselves to any kind of "holier than thou" title/ status. So I decided to make a discussion for everyone to put their own views on it, it's not an attack or anything. I have a major headache today so I'll come back and reply and stuff later.

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  • I am not a lightworker. The Light Works Me. I AM of the Light, through expression, channel, Genetic make up, on All plains of my existence Am I of the Light. Through Mind, Body & Spirit, the Light Guides Me.

    Those who are attracted to this site may not be Lightworkers but they are attracted to the Light, therefore they have an awareness of what may be missing from their lives and wish to rise up.

    Tell me about You.

  • I don't think there's a label for what I am.

    All I know is that the world is not the best it could be, but that for whatever reason no-one I know can see this / wants to take steps to change it.

    I am lonely, angry and tired.

    I'd like to believe that I'm different for a reason, that I have some kind of grand mission, but I can't bring myself to. My rational mind won't let me, it keeps telling me that I'm just insane. I would love to kill myself, but won't give in to this temptation because I know how much it would hurt the people I love.

    I first joined this site because I believed in ascension and the benevolence of ETs, and wanted to meet people who shared my views. I've since lost all faith. I'd love to be proven wrong, but I think it's slightly suspect how we keep being told the revolution is just around the corner. And a bit further. And a bit further. As soon as one avenue of news dries up and nothing has come of it, channelings skip onto something else, with yet more promises go unfulfilled.

    Perhaps I am just too impatient for my own good. Time will tell.

    I'm also getting sick of how judgemental some people on this forum are. I don't care if you're a vegan, it does not make you better than anyone else. Get off your high horse. So many preach love and tolerance and then fail spectacularly to practise it. I suppose you could call me a hypocrite; by writing this I am clearly casting judgement on other people with different attitudes. I would counter this argument by stating that my impatience is directed at those who seek to belittle others. This is never my intention; I just want everyone to be kind to each other.

    I still read people's posts, but I have no real hope of ascension happening. None of my friends give a damn about my point of view, and I've had enough of trying to engage them. I deleted my facebook account today. I've run out of patience with too many people.

    I'm ill, and I despair.

    I hope no-one else feels the same way.

    Love and light

  • I think people are at varying degrees of...enlightenment. Or being of the light. So, what does it mean to be a light worker anyways. It's a blanket term, that like most other labels, has no real meaning in reality. There's alot of light workers who don't even identify themselves as a light worker, or who don't know anything about esoteric or galactic stuff. Those are real light workers, because they're of love and light, without really trying to be, or thinking they are. People like my girlfriend. And there's alot of people...who claim to be light workers...or claim to be working for the light....and yet clearly are more dark than light. And others who use it as a status symbol, and feel more special or more enlightened or more better than others. And that's a perversion.

    So, I don't identify myself as one really, not anymore. It's not a real term, in real reality. Unless you want to start really dividing and start making a dozen different categories of light workers, but that's not smart. In reality, we're all varying levels of development and enlightenment. I feel the real true lightworkers are those who already achieved their enlightenment and ascension. The rest are just sort of lightworkers..they're half way. Everyone is moving forward...and everyone, to some degree, is doing what they think is everyone, to some degree, is a light worker. Some are purer light workers than others, some are truly of the light, for the most part. While others, still have a lot of light work to do on themselves.

  • I do not label myself as a lightworker, I want no titles and am not ever sure what that means to me.  I am just myself, and like to make others feel good about themselves as much as possible and try to be uplifting to my fellow humans, and kind and to share and to listen when someone wants to share..  I often fall short of the mark as humans do, but I keep on trying to be the best I can be.  I also have a tendencies to fight for the underdogs or people who are treated badly.  Don't know if that falls under lightworker or just a good and caring friend.  I think the term lightworker is used in many different ways and is looked at in very different ways.  To some it means that one must never talk about or react to anyting negative in nature but to me that does not resonate as being a lightworker by my definition. To me the term means to be as loving and caring a person as is possible and to help people when they need help and to uplift people and make them feel appeciated and special.  If lightworker means to not acknowledge the negative in life and to not need any proof of things and accept everything at face value on faith alone,  I guess I am not a lightworker.  If lightworker implies that one must believe in and support the GLF and think that benevolent aliens are coming to the rescue of humanity and that one should bow down and revere them and sing praise and pay homage to them then I guess I am  not a lightworker.  But I am a loving and caring person and that to me is a good start at being someone who shares the light with his/her fellow humans.  A lightworker to me is someone who can forgive and not monger for revenge or vengience, or condemns anyone with a viewpoint other than theirs I guess I am not a lightworker. Guess at the end of the day I am just one flawed human who accepts her humaness and tries to do the best I can to be tolerant and loving and forgiving.  I may fight back when attacked which is far too often, but I try to present my point of view as respectfully as I can because my fellow humans deserve respect as much as I do.  Being a mere human with no label such as lightworker, starseed, indigo, or any other title is not that easy, but I am just ME. 


    The reason I visit Ashtar is because there are so many wonderful people here and I feel I have friends here and I am never alone.  Love and sharing and friendship is just a keystroke away.  I do not get out much due to my living situation and my disabilities, but here I feel a connection to so many loving and kind people who truly care about others, and it makes me feel less alone and isolated.  Sure there are squabbles like any family and there are differences of opinion and ideology but that is to be expected.  I also come here because I want to hear how other people feel about things, whether I agree with them or not.  To me it is not important if we all have the same viewpoints, I find the diversity helps me to grow and to open my eyes to new possibilites that I may never have thought on or imagined on my own.  I think if everyone thought exactly as I do that it would be very boring and would not help me to grow.  I realize there are many who do not like me being here because I do not believe all the same things as some others do and that makes me sad when I am told I should leave, but I stay because this is the first web group I belonged to and to me it is home.  I am too old to run away from home, lol.

    • I am sad to hear you say that you are told perhaps you should leave here.  I don't know who would say that but believe me, most here would not be so opinionated as to take that attitude.  I am sorry you had to hear that from anyone.  I am not going to say that 'oh, so and so shouldn't be here because they are so negative. ' I do make those observations and it puzzles me as to why anyone would want to be here if they have a dark or negative soul. But, you Dear, are sounding as a very bright, happy and caring person.  You are always welcome with me and many others here who are accepting of our differences and love you unconditionally.   Bless you and may I say 'Welcome!'     Yvonne8114260693?profile=original8114207090?profile=original

    • Yea...I think the term light worker is all about enlightenment and has almost nothing to do with ETs or the GF lol It has very little to do with what you know or believe...and almost everything to do with how you are, as a being, how you're being. Alot of people have cosmic knowledge, or knowledge of the the elites, and they use it for dark purposes. They are very darkly inclined beings. So they're not light workers, not really. Even though they know much more advanced knowledge than most other people. Being a lightworker is about being of the light...being...being...

      And I think by that, most of us are...half light workers. Because we all have a shadow, a dark side...there's no real true pure light worker on this world. On the surface at least lol But...we're all at varying levels of enlightenment...even the dark ones. So...either we're all light workers...or none of us are.

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