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SaLuSa 14-October-2009

Perhaps somewhat sooner than you might have anticipated, the first meaningful contact is soon to be announced. The news is already spreading like wildfire, and it is going to be a moment when history will be made. You have reached a new stage in this cycle that will see you move even further ahead, and all the promise of a new age will begin to unfold before your eyes. Does it not seem appropriate that at a time when you will be preparing to celebrate Christmas and the New Year, you will have another reason that will bring joy to so many of you. Between now and the end of the year the first official announcement of our existence will go ahead, and none other than President Obama will sit at that table. Over a period of time we had been anticipating a more open contact, but in keeping up with your likely re-action it has been decided to take a formal approach.

The message that you are to receive, whether direct or through President Obama will set the stage for a series of announcements. These will reveal the facts about us and our long relationship with you, and put aside the false and distorted stories. You should have reached this point many years ago, but a deliberate plan to conceal the truth has caused much confusion. In the last cycle during the Atlantean and Lemurian times we regularly visited their civilizations. It is quite normal to do so when a civilization reaches a certain level of understanding, and is ready to receive us. In your case it is imperative that we start working together as soon as possible, as there is much to do to ensure the plan for Ascension is carried forward. You must know by now the nature of the preparations for it, and we shall be able to help you speed up the process. The year 2012 will remain a crucial point in your evolution, and from thereon it will continue in the higher dimensions.

Allowing this information out so early is to give those hearing of this news sufficient time to consider what it means to them. It will certainly change the outlook on many matters, not least of all the procuring of world peace which has unceasingly been sought in your prayers and thoughts. It is a signal to face in a different direction that leads you ever onwards towards the Light. There will have to be a great change of attitude amongst your leaders, as our part in your future becomes made known to Humankind. We come not as some marauding aliens that have set their sights on taking over your Earth, but more as your servants upon the orders of the Creator. The plan is in place and it will complete this cycle with Ascension.It is your great opportunity to ascend and leave duality because of your dedication, to uplifting yourselves into the higher dimensions of Light.

After patiently waiting for the signs of change they are now about to come to fruition, and there will be absolutely no going back to the old ways. Naturally the dark forces will make life as difficult as possible for those charged with bringing the disclosures to you. However, one thing we will not allow is interference to the degree that it stops the revelations coming out. It is your time now to show what you can do to support the Light, and those Lightworkers who are at the helm of what is to be broadcast. Send out your love to protect them, and see them enveloped in the Golden White Light.

You can expect some negative reactions to what is coming, but again there is time to deal with them before they can cast a shadow over the event. The final proof of our existence will be undeniable, and put paid to the scaremongers and their false stories about us. We will soon be able to assure you all that we come as your benevolent friends, and that we along with you are one galactic family. Why would we otherwise spend so much time progressing your evolution, and keep our distance so as not to frighten people. It would have been easy enough for us to make a peaceful colonization of your planet, as you could not have prevented it if we had wished to do so. Our mission is as always stated, one to bring you to First Contact and prepare you and the Earth for Ascension. With that comes the fulfillment of all promises to restore your freedom and rights currently denied you. Also, to bring you into a new technological age where all your needs are supplied. Finally and perhaps the most important, is to guide you through the higher dimensions until you reach full consciousness.

The ripples of excitement already move amongst you, and any apprehension will soon be overcome. Nevertheless, please allow time for developments because as fast as we can move towards our open landings, there is much to do to create the conditions we require to go ahead. Everything has to start somewhere, and the announcements about us will clear the way for greater co-operation between us, as we have all of the benefits lined up for you. Although we have previously made contacts with your past Presidents, this will be the first time that our offers to help you have been accepted. Bear in mind that we have a policy of non-interference, and have no desire to influence your freewill beyond carrying out the Will of the Creator.

We shall progressively come more into your lives as the months roll by, and we see co-operation between countries coming at an unprecedented level. However, first there must be changes that result in the more spiritually inspired souls finding their way into government. We cannot entrust our projects to dubious characters, or those who have proven to be corrupt. So you see Dear Ones, you must make allowances for the groundwork to be completed before you expect too much from us. It is all there under our safekeeping and no one person or group will be able to prevent the completion of our tasks. Our security is way beyond your comprehension, but we still need to set the scene so that all proceeds according to plan.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, just one of millions of individuals who are members of the Galactic Federation. Along with our technology that surpasses anything you have at present, we shall speed along at an astonishing rate. It is the sheer numbers of personnel and craft that are available, that will seemingly perform miracles. We send you endless Light and Love to lift you up.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

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Why was my comment removed? Never mind. The question answers itself.
Mr Spock, Captin Kirk Gave you specific orders not to post any comments without his order, you deliberately dissobeyed the the Captins orders,now report to the Captins deck and tell Scotty not to be snotty !
This is the first time I have read SaLuSa,, and he gives a close date of initial first contact.. very interesting...
"Perhaps somewhat sooner than you might have anticipated, the first meaningful contact is soon to be announced. The news is already spreading like wildfire, and it is going to be a moment when history will be made."
Hmmm.... I don´t see that. Perhaps what is happening is indifference and lack of confidence in this message.
Is this a joke or what ? Exactly on October 14, one year after the failed Blossom Goodchild´s prediction for a ship in the skies.
And Diane from Sirius and Ag-Agria from Sirius in that occasion confirmed the apparition, in messages to Mike Quinsey. Actually I counted more than eleven confirmations by several channels in that occasion. Such a fiasco and loss of credibility for the channels.
Moreover, just an official recognizition of Extra Terrestrial life means not much, even the Vatican recognized that already.
Did Mike Quinsey jump on board the whole blossom thing this time last yr?

If that is the case, perhaps he is just hearing info out there and adding it to his channelings. The whole Galatic Federation of Light thing is suss. I've always got weird vibes from them, which is warning bells to me as i really love ufo/offworld family info.

I know one thing, the whole disinformation and confusion agenda is working very well. So much info gets thrown out there its easy to see how ppl get confused. Maybe many of you feel certain of what's going on but it's confused the heck out of me

Thank you for this perfect answer. Reading tons of channelings and then sifting through them all then trying to figure out what is true with one's logical mind is impossible at best. I try not to put any stock in any particular channelings, first because I do not trust the not knowing where they come from really, and do not trust the interpretations of channelers, who are 3D humans.....So going with how something feels at your gut level inner intuition is the best way to go. I have read thousands of channelings because I think it is interesting, but believe very little and would never do anything just on any channelers say so. I do only what my heart and intuition directs me to do.
One wonders why ,after being visited for thousands of years,they still need to channel us.One would think they might of evolved and found a better way of comunication.I hear a voice and therefore i channel does not do it for me.Same thing with other Aliens that only seem to visit at night???Why not for breakfast my mind might be more awaken instead of in the night.If one is to build credibility one should come forward in a credible way not hidding,flashing by,channeling or invading.
Yes, Mike Quinsey was one of the many channels who received messages confirming Blossom Goodchild´s October 14, 2008 prediction of a ship apparition in the skies for three days.
Diane 29-August-2008

You are on your way, as you might say to the Promised Land and it will far exceed your expectations. After all of the turmoil you have experienced with the prospect of Mankind entering a period of collapse, it will be so uplifting to be able to put the past behind you. You have moods of consciousness, and presently there is much despondency at the direction the world is heading. Yet within all of it a bright new dawn is emerging, that speaks of unity and a great coming together of all people. Changes are occurring all of the time, but hope is there that they will lead to new pathway that will put the past behind you.

More people than ever are detaching themselves from the constant bombardment of negative news, and look to the emergence of new directions that will lead to emancipation. They desire a coming together with a common purpose, and in the U.S. the election of a new President is seen as a step in the right direction, but the old influences and control still remain. However, all is in a state of flux, and so many things are happening at the same time it is difficult for you to see the outcome. We know the direction it is heading into, and this is why we repeatedly tell you of your success. How often we have said that victory is yours, and this is why you should detach yourselves from the intentional fear laden messages of your current leaders.

We have an army of people who are working hard to bring the dark forces into the Halls of Justice, and it will be the last time they shall stand in the limelight. The dark deeds that they have perpetrated upon you will be revealed, and they are far more extensive than you can possibly imagine. People will find it hard to believe that they have been duped and misled for so many years, and that their future has not been in their own hands. You have been held back from what should have been a natural advancement out of the Dark Ages into the Light. They have orchestrated the continual ups and downs of life, and they have cared little about leaving you impoverished and in desperation.

Now a different scenario is presenting itself, and many see that we of the Galactic Federation are the answer to your problems. We have contacted you with a view to helping you forward to a peaceful co-existence, and whilst your leaders have refused our help, you have responded positively. That has allowed us into your lives and we represent your best opportunity to change things on Earth. As your consciousness grows and the desire for our intervention becomes stronger, so we can respond and work with you to bring those changes about.

We are the balancing force that offers you peace and happiness, whereas the E.T’s invited to Earth by your government were used to strengthen the hand of the dark forces. Technological advancements have been used to empower your military forces and not for the general good of Mankind. Now we take up the role of bringing into being far ranging world changes, that shall bring you all that has previously been denied you. The waste and misuse of your money and resources has taken place on a massive scale, when it could have been used for the general good of all people. The ever present problems of starvation and need for just the basic tools for survival could have easily been overcome, and these are all areas that we shall address very quickly. However, that cannot commence until we can openly meet with those who are to be appointed to carry you into the New Age. One most important factor will be the need to keep you informed of what is happening, and we are well equipped to do it. You can then participate with us, and in this way we shall soon gain your full approval and confidence.

Michael has been wondering whether we will endorse the prediction of a special sighting that is intended for the 14th October, and we are more than happy to do so. However, always allow for changes where anything of this nature is concerned. Because it has been given to you some weeks in advance, it allows for a careful assessment of your reaction to the news. It also means that we can judge the impact upon your dark forces, and how they intend to respond. We cannot jeopardize the good work that has been done up to now, so we ask you all to accept at this stage the intent to bring our presence into the open. It will open people’s eyes and minds to our mission, and they shall see that we intend no harm to you. It will result in a call for your governments to interact with us, but of course that is not what they wish to do. They would rather ignore us and prevent any discourse with us that would take away their power over you.

The UFO cover-up has gone on for so long, but now fools very few people. The disclosure of mountains of evidence is essential to the acceptance and safety of our craft and personnel, and it needs to be seen that we have interacted with you in a peaceful and non-interfering manner. We would like that to go further, and reveal the many occasions that we have contacted your officials on peaceful missions. There is still a mixed feeling about our intentions, but generally speaking we are accepted as being of no threat to you. The nearer we get to First Contact there will be fear mongering but we visualize that by then we shall have achieved our goal of being accepted. The messages we bring are going to call for a new look at your history, and many false concepts and beliefs will have to be released.

We come to prepare you for Ascension, and come what may we shall ensure that we are successful in carrying out our divine orders. When the might and power of Heaven is placed behind us, you can be sure that there is only one outcome. Our mission is one of love and dedication to you, and we see you as equals and in no way different to us. We may be further down the path of evolution, but soon you will have the opportunity to join us. It is our responsibility to raise your consciousness to much higher levels, and bring the truth to you of your immortality and everlasting immutable link to God. Life is infinite and you are eventually destined to take your place in the Cosmos as time travelers. You will carry the message of God, and Love and Light just as we are now for you.

I am Diane from Sirius, and carry the feminine energy that is now predominant upon Earth, and will bring balance to you as the masculine energy has controlled your past often to your detriment. Great times together are coming closer, and we have so much to do that we will be so pleased when the formalities of getting together have taken place. We have studied Mankind for eons of time, and it is your emotional reactions that are so unpredictable. We do however believe that our approach over many years now, has paved the way for a peaceful and happy re-union. Indeed, it will be an occasion when you can interact with us, and you will know beyond doubt our intentions are honorable. The coming of the Masters to Earth will dispel much doubt regarding your religious beliefs, and the last barriers between people will be removed. You have lived with many drawbacks that have created separate societies, because you have not found a common purpose in your lives that has enabled you to come together.

Dear Ones, everything is about to permanently change for the better, and the basis for it all has gradually been put into place over many years. Our presence has stimulated your minds, and you have understood the potential that was being placed before you. You correctly see yourselves in us, and we are linked from ages past when we were able to come to you in a more openly manner. Your true history will show that we have always traveled with you, and have influenced your progress in ways that have speeded up your evolution. It is no different now and we are ready to enable you to take the greatest step of all onto the path of Ascension. We accompany you with our love and caring to bring you happiness, and release from the thralldom of centuries of darkness and oppression. We love you all with heart felt joy at being with you at such an important time.

Thank you Diane.
Mike Quinsey.

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Ag-agria 01-September-2008

For those of you who are abreast with the news of what is happening in the world, it is no surprise to find that it’s collapse is far reaching. However, what is becoming apparent, is the powerful energy generated by the people who are seeking changes that will move them onto a new level of being. The old ways are suddenly being seen as inadequate and unfulfilling, and unable to deliver what people desire. There is tiredness amongst you from being repeatedly embroiled in issues of war and confrontation. It is no longer acceptable, and your patience with your authorities is running out. You have realized that life should provide you with much satisfaction and would do so, as long as you were not having to consistently fight for acknowledgment of your entitlement to a happy and joyful life.

There is a sense of impending change even with those who are not spiritually aware, and as the new higher energies continue to reach the Earth so it will become more apparent. A stirring is taking place all over the world, and there are powerful movements forming that are determined to remove corrupt and dictatorial governments. For a long time we have told you that the truth is coming out, and today you see this to be true. The arrogance of those who thought they had covered up their crimes and would never be discovered, has changed to one of near panic as they see the walls of truth is approaching them from all sides. There is no escape and as much as they try to stem it, the truth continues to haunt them because of their dastardly deeds. Whilst it is true that they have little in the way of regret and their consciousness is awash with denial, they can still have an awakening Light within. They dare not face it, and will unsuccessfully try to avoid answering to themselves for their crimes against Humanity.

Not a single soul can get away can get away with harming another one, without knowing exactly how that soul felt and the effect on their lives. How else will you learn to accept the right of another soul to live in peace, and in a manner chosen by them as part of their life experiences? You have laws and not always ones that are fair and just, but within your society it is the only means of exerting some measure of Law and Order. In the future when you have turned totally to the Light, you will live in absolute harmony and peace with all life. You will then be subject to Universal Law, and to live otherwise would be quite beyond your thinking or actions.

Some Dear Ones already Endeavour to live up to the higher ways of living, and do so quite successfully. It is in the recognition that All Is One that such steps can be taken, and you radiate your Light and Love wherever you are. Jesus was one such soul who cherished and loved every other soul, and he walked the Earth as an exemplary example in that he could do so even when faced by those who would take his life. You too are destined to become Masters, and the path is not as difficult as you would imagine, and will become progressively easier as the higher vibrations become grounded upon Earth.

Those of pure Light could not exist on Earth, but as you raise your vibrations so you are helping lift up those around. You have to keep your feet on the ground, as you cannot hide away, or indeed would you need to. Others who desire to uplift themselves need your support and guidance, and you must of necessity be amongst them. By your example you too can help many souls without even being aware of it, and it is a matter of walking and talking in the Light and Love that you have discovered. Being at ease when others are worried and in despair helps calm situations, and a kind word or gesture such as a smile can work wonders. The Earth and duality are not your natural home and are far from it, you came from the higher realms and intentionally left your true identity behind. You became separated from your essence for the purpose of experience and your evolution. Now you are lifting up and you are returning to your higher state of being.

The Earth has been your home for a long, long time and you have come to love it. Fortunately Mother Earth is ascending with you, and will again show her true beauty and magnificence as she returns to her pristine condition. Your destiny is absolutely guaranteed and nothing can stop your Ascension. You will understand why regardless of what is yet to happen on Earth, it is not going to prevent the outworking of all that has been planned for you. Go with the flow and adjust as necessary, because you do not have much longer before you will be part of the changes that are so eagerly sought. Allow the old to crumble into disuse as it has served its purpose now, and let those who still cling to it create their own pathway through their freewill choice.

Your hopes have been raised by the announcement of the 14th October sighting. It has caused a ripple of excitement and anticipation that has gone far afield. It is testing many people’s beliefs, but is necessary to bring forward the day when our presence will be officially recognized. The sighting will be an acknowledgement to the many Dear Ones who are ready to welcome us to Earth. A show of peaceful intent, and proof that we are benign and have no desires to enslave you as some think. It will not be the last time that such a demonstration of our presence will be made. It is the start of our plans to speed up events that will be the preliminaries to the greater show that will involve flyovers all around your world. First Contact as such will follow when we shall come and meet you on your Earth, and speedily proceed by attending to the priorities that exist. We talk first of helping the impoverished nations and overcoming starvation, thirst, the need for medical attention, safety against invasion and other natural elements.

I am Ag-agria from Sirius, and on behalf of the Galactic Federation can tell you that we have never been more adequately prepared for the tasks ahead. We have vast resources, and personnel totally aware of their responsibilities to you and the Hierarchy who stand behind them. It is no small task, yet it will be handled extremely efficiently and with minimum inconvenience to you. Simply trust us and know we have your best interest at heart. We come in love and the utmost concern for your wellbeing and welfare.

Thank you Ag-agria.
Mike Quinsey.
Atmos 13-October-2008

The excitement mounts as the prospect of the 14th October Sighting is
upon you. The news of it has spread far and wide, and it has caused
people to take a serious view about the consequences of such an
important event. Some naturally feel uneasy about the possible
outcome, but by far the majority are relieved that some form of help
is coming to Earth. They may not all be aware of the nature of it, but
in your present turmoil they look to any source that can offer a way
out. Those who have followed the various messages coming through many
different channels, have at least an idea as to what may happen. One
fact that is absolutely certain is that you are at a stage in your
evolution where you must prepare to move on. The end of this cycle has
allowed for different options over the course of time, but many have
chosen to ascend and have accordingly raised their vibrations.
Ascension is a process that you have been involved in for quite some
time, and by Divine Decree it must take place.

The stage is set for a grand finale and a glorious time of
enlightenment, and the spreading of much love and harmony. The Light
is reaching into people’s heart centers, and awakening them to greater
possibilities than they have previously considered. Some hide away
from the possible outcome of recent financial turmoil, as it is an
emotional issue for which they have not been prepared. Those of the
Light understand that much of the old has been found wanting, and no
longer able to continue at a time when the new energies are being
grounded upon Earth. We would wish for all to have an opportunity to
be aware of why so many changes are occurring, and when we can come
out openly and talk with you the explanations will be given. Simply
stated, you are in the end times and must be prepared to undertake the
next part of your evolutionary journey.

As you might imagine, we have not come thus far to be thwarted by the
continued actions of the dark forces. They have been allowed to play
out their hand, and it was seen that they would implode of their own
volition. It clearly has resulted in many hardships and continues to
do so, but you have our assurance that in the immediate future all
will be well. The cleansing of the Earth means removing the lower
energies and their manifestations, and as you have already seen, it
cannot occur overnight. Having said that we will instigate the changes
in a series of projects that shall run along side each other. In that
way it shall seem to you that progress is made very quickly. Dear
Ones, we have planned for this particular period for a long time, and
once we have established our presence, shall move on to the next
announcement of open contact. Your governments clearly already know of
our plan, and have been as interested in our intentions as any one
else. Some are reluctant to accept us however there is no choice
involved any longer, as you the people have “invited” us within your

October the 14th will be a monumental day when at last you see
irrefutable evidence of our presence. It will sweep away the
deliberate policy of most governments to hide the facts of our
existence. Not only that but also our contact with their officials
offering to bring peace to Earth, which has repeatedly been rejected.
Our help has been extended to you since you first split the atom, as
it was seen that this would lead to the development of nuclear weapons
with the power to destroy your Earth. We shall eventually prove to you
beyond doubt, that on more than one occasion you were intending to
bring about a nuclear war. We shall also show you proof that your
actions could have destroyed your Earth. We wish you to be aware that
we have acted as your guardians for many thousands of years, and you
would not have been where you are now without our help, indeed you
would not have reached this high point in evolution.

Our help has been on both a physical and mental level, as we have
tried to encourage a more spiritual and loving approach to life. We
talk often of our allies, and be assured that many of our kind have
taken a normal incarnation upon Earth and walk amongst you even now.
They have brought a higher energy to you to help lift up your
consciousness, and often been the very ones who have led the way to a
higher understanding. You do not realize for one moment how much has
been done to help you through this vital period. We along with the
many councils that oversee your evolution, have constantly worked for
your well being. We do not interfere with your freewill but have
always kept a balance between the dark and Light, to give you every
opportunity to lift up out of the lower vibrations. Whilst you have
determined the nature of your experiences, we have ensured that the
Divine Plan works out.

Each and every one of you subconsciously knows why we are here, even
if you are not able to bring that knowledge to the waking mind. Many
will deny this statement, as they have become tightly bound by
different beliefs. We say to you that it is time to bring the truth
into the open, and you should allow for a different approach to your
understanding. The Spiritual Hierarchy that monitor your progress
allow for your freewill choice in all matters, so no pressure or force
is used to make you change. There will however be great Beings coming
to Earth as teachers of the Truth, and no one will move out of duality
without having been presented with it. There is basically one
important message, and it is that “You Are All One” and have immutable
links with the Source of All That Is. Therefore break down the
barriers that separate you from others, and let go of any prejudice or
perceived differences. Allow for a coming together, because it will
happen once the old paradigm is replaced with one that brings you
love, peace and harmony amongst all people.

I am Atmos from Sirius and bring messages of hope and enlightenment,
and would advise you that your material problems will be short lived,
and a fair and just society shall see out the last years of this
cycle. You cannot carry the old vibrations much further, and they must
be transmuted into the Light. As always it is your final choice, but
realize what an opportunity Ascension offers you to once and for all
leave the cycle of Duality behind you. The Golden Age is about to
commence, and you can step onto its pathway if you so wish. Live in
Love and Light and you will achieve a great step up in your evolution.

Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey.
The excuse for the non-event of October 14.

SaLuSa 15-October-2008

Dear Ones a high point has been achieved through the ongoing expectation of the arrival of the Forces of Light, and that is so important to the final outcome of First Contact. Having been presented with a firm announcement connected with the “Sighting” rather than a mere possibility; it has confronted many souls who were not ready for such an enormous event. The result has been a shock to their system, over and above the normal reaction to the many sightings that have been taking place with ever increasing regularity. With all of the confusion and chaos already making people tense and worried, yet another matter of mind wrenching capability has created a degree of tension that was not envisaged. In the interests of those people, the sighting has been curtailed for a short time until a more receptive response is registered.

The Lightworkers will understand that people’s wellbeing has always been first and uppermost in our consideration. As with other proposed major events that have been held back, the whole process of Ascension still moves forward. It will certainly be unaffected in any way by the change of course. Overall the Light has grown, and brought the facts of what is transpiring on and off Earth, to more people’s attention than ever before. In that respect there has been a gain for the Light, however it was never intended that an event planned with so much love and good intentions, should heighten people’s fears and confusion. Our decisions are always for the good of all, and it still remains true that there is a divine decree in place regarding the manner in which the end times are played out.

Now the focus returns for the time being on the next few months, during which many major and extremely important events are drawing to a conclusion. This is in accordance with the long held plan to remove the last cabal. Then, the mass consciousness will be even more receptive to the possibility of First Contact. What has been happening over the last few weeks, is that dear souls who have not previously given much thought to the existence of their Space Family, have felt compelled to wrestle with what it would mean to them. For some it has been extremely unsettling, and they clearly need yet more time to contemplate such an important issue. However, the seeds are sown and as further changes occur on Earth, so the possibility of contact with us will become more acceptable.

There is a fine line between our desire to contact you openly, and the reluctance of some of you to accept our presence and place in your lives, and indeed in your future. Our ways are not to force issues, but to try with immense patience to guide people’s thoughts into a new way of thinking. For quite some time messages of love and great encouragement have been presented to you. Their goal is to awaken you to the truth of your reality that you have created, and lift your consciousness to a much higher level of understanding. In that the messages have been remarkably successful, yet so many of Humankind have remained bogged down by the lower vibrations. Our desire would be to lift every single soul up, but we know that some are not ready to take such a step. That is as always a freewill choice, which will always be honored.

It is not so much as you would say “back to the drawing board” but simply an adjustment to part of the plan to acquaint you with our presence, Bear in mind that at this stage, the “Sighting” was intended to make a final move that proved beyond doubt our existence. Whilst millions of you have seen our craft, and even Extraterrestrials a considerable number of times, these have been the ongoing contacts that have gradually brought a large degree of acceptance of us. To present a sighting such as was planned would leave little way out for those full of fear. Of course there is always going to be a certain degree of opposition to such an event, as the uninformed and dark forces will use every way possible to defeat our intentions. They cannot however achieve but only a temporary respite from our presence, and in the long run the plan for Man will manifest.

Nothing has really changed, and there is always a need to reappraise what we are planning. We do in fact constantly review our input into earthly affairs, and our caution is sometimes seen as inaction on our part. A few more days or weeks are really unimportant after thousands of years in duality. The most important factor above all else is the result of our presence, and our gentle nudging towards the path of Ascension. Our craft will continue to make their way across your skies as before, and that will remain as part of our ongoing plan to familiarize you with them and accept that they offer you no threat.

We would encourage you to look at the positive side of any event that seems on the face of it to be a failure. The “Sighting” has not gone ahead as planned, but because of the intent to prove our presence beyond doubt, it has opened more people’s minds and hearts. It signals the coming together of your civilization and others that are truly your brothers and sisters from the stars. As always we keep tabs on what your dark forces are doing, and they continue to fall down the slippery path to oblivion. Their time is up, although they refuse to recognize it and obstinately hold onto their waning power.

A look at what is happening on your world shows that there have been great advancements for your release from the hold of the dark. Suddenly the plan for the initial changes that will start a whole ream of them is there to see. Allow for matters to play out, and then you will notice that our allies have managed to set the scene for a massive change in the way your financial set up works. Soon the abundance program will be able to commence, and your immediate worries will be short lived. It will be only the start of a whole series of changes that will not be able to be thwarted by the outgoing and defeated cabal.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and the Galactic Federation ask that you try to see what has happened where the “Sighting” has been concerned, and put it into perspective with everything else. Your future is assured, and although it may not be apparent, there has been much gain from the upliftment in people’s consciousness as a result of it. Please accept and feel our love for you all.

Thank you SaLuSa
Mike Quinsey
From the above message:

"Having been presented with a firm announcement connected with the “Sighting” rather than a mere possibility; it has confronted many souls who were not ready for such an enormous event. The result has been a shock to their system, over and above the normal reaction to the many sightings that have been taking place with ever increasing regularity. With all of the confusion and chaos already making people tense and worried, yet another matter of mind wrenching capability has created a degree of tension that was not envisaged. In the interests of those people, the sighting has been curtailed for a short time until a more receptive response is registered."
Then is better to forget this whole thing of " First Contact " since darkness is advancing and as time goes on, less and less people are becoming receptive to the idea of contact with ETs. I see that even in Spiritualist forums, the people who should be the most receptive to the idea.



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